We have been working very hard to ensure when we do open our doors that we will be able to provide a safe environment for our customers and our staff. We have bought PPE and prepared our centres to open with social distancing measures in place. We are very fortunate to be blessed with some fantastic modern, light, airy and above all large training rooms which can easily accommodate 8 students spread out.

The video above covers some of the key measures we expect to be in place as of the 8th of May but this may change. We will be sending a full list of what customers can expect from us and what we will expect of customers when they come in for lessons and exams. Whilst we can do as much as possible we will also be reliant on customers using their common sense and following the rules when in the centre much as like many of the big supermarkets or DIY stores are doing at present.

When you book or make an enquiry with us we will issue a set of guidelines that allows you to make sure you arrive prepared, with the right kit and with realistic expectations of how your course will be delivered. As with everything at the moment things do change daily and we will be updating our advice as the Government guidelines evolve.

Above all, if you do feel unwell please do not attend our centres. We will happily re-arrange your dates at no added cost to you.