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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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The 18th Edition went live on the 1st July 2018. It is the very latest update to the wiring regulations and is an essential qualification for anyone working in the electrical industry.

£470Inc VAT & Fees
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The brand new 18th Edition course went live in July 2018. The design of new electrical installations will be required to comply to the 18th Edition from January of 2019. We assume that from January 2019 scheme providers will be asking members to hold the 18th edition, however we expect there to be some flexibility with existing members. Please note that for those who have passed their 17th edition with the 3rd amendment (usually since 01/01/2015) we can offer a 1 day update course option. All others will need to take a full 3 day 18th edition training course. We now offer this course nationwide from a variety of locations:

Gatwick - Great for South London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Warrington - Great for Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and the North West

Leeds - Great for North East, Sheffield, Harrogate and York

Central London - Right next to Euston Station

Coventry - Great for Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton & Midlands

Hertfordshire - Great for North London, Herts, Bucks and Essex

Cardiff - Great for Wales and South West

Durham CCC (North East) - Great for Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East

If you can't see the location you need please contact us and register your interest and we will be able confirm where and when we will be delivering in your area. 

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Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. As a general rule candidates should have knowledge of electrical installation and electrical science. If you have no previous installation experience you may want to attend our City & Guilds 4141 Installation Workshop and 5 day building regs course before taking this 18th Edition course.

The course is primarily aimed at practicing electricians and domestic installers, however it is also very popular with allied professionals such as contracts managers, designers, electrical engineers, consultants, surveyors, and other related trades needing to update and enhance their understanding of the IEE Wiring Regulations. All candidates must be over 16 years old.

Why take this course?

Essentially you will want to make sure if you are working in electrical installation that you are designing and installing to the latest regulations. In fact every installation from January 2019 will need to be designed in line with the 18th Edition wiring regulations. Anyone looking to register with a competent persons scheme will need to prove they are up to date even if they have already completed a Level 3 NVQ. Also anyone looking to register with the new ECS Check system will need the latest qualification.

Other reasons to train with us include:

100% Money Back Guarantee on our Wiring Regulations Courses

A wide range of locations across the UK (More coming soon)

We have been delivering wiring regs courses for many years

Online access to course materials and future updates

This course forms part of the IET Centre of Excellence due to the quality of training

Although it is mainly theory based you can not beat real training in a real classroom. By training with other people in your class you will benefit from being able to ask relevant questions as well as finding the answers to many questions from your fellow students that you may not even thought of.

All students on this course will gain access to our online learning portal. If any amendments to the 18th edition are published we will update the the details in the learning portal giving you direct access to the most up to date information. There is no need to re-take or update your qualification for new amendments.

18th Edition Course Content:

Many people assume that the 18th Edition course will contain lots of extra content, however in reality it will still remain very similar to the current 17th Edition courses with some changes. We still expect the course will be delivered over 3 days. The key thing about wiring regulations courses is that they are not designed to teach you every regulation in the book but are more focussed on how to reference the latest regulations as you would on the job. As such key topics currently covered on the course will still be included:

Scope, object and fundamental principles


Assessment of general characteristics

Protection for safety

Selection and erection of equipment

Inspection and testing

Special installations or locations


What are the key changes in the 18th Edition?

At present rumoured changes are suggested to be as follows:

Protection against overvoltages - Clause 443 is likely to be overhauled.

Protection against fire - Chapter 42 will be updated with extra information on arc fault detection

Electrical Embedded heating - Section 753 will be extended to include embedded electrical heating systems for surface heating, and will include de-icing and frost prevention systems.

Energy efficiency - There will be a brand new section covering energy efficiency

We will update this list as we have more information, however please note none of this content is finalised and will definitely appear in the 18th Edition Course. 




Classroom lesson on wiring regs

18th Edition Exams & Assessments

You will take a 2 hour online multiple choice exam on the third day of this course. You will be able to take your blue 18th Edition Regulations book (BS 7671) into the exam with you and refer to it if need be. The timing of the exam means that you will have on average 2 minutes per question so a good overall knowledge of the 18th Edition regs plus a thorough understanding  of the book is a must.

Please note that you must bring photographic ID such as passport or driving license with you in order to sit the assessment on this course


Reviews will be published once the courses have been delivered. However you can easily check trust pilot for reviews of our 17th Edition course and other courses.

18th Edition Text Books Required

You will need the following book for your course:

We stock some books in our main centres in Gatwick, Warrington and Leeds, however we can not guarantee stock availability unless you call us in advance to purchase the books. They can then be put aside for you to collect on the first day of your course. To buy books please call 01293 529777 or 0800 856 4448. 

We regret that do not supply books from our Short Course Centres, therefore please ensure that you buy your books before you start your course.


When will I need to take this course?

This will depend on your situation. The main thing is that all installations designed from January 2019 onwards must comply with the new regs. As such if you are happy with your understanding of the new Blue book then there is no need to take a course. However if you belong to scheme such as the NICEIC, ELECSA, STROMA, Napit or others then they will tell you when you need to complete the qualification by. If you are registered with the JIB ECS check system then you will also need to achieve the latest qualification by a date which they will confirm to you.

How different will the new course be?

The new 18th edition course will be very similar to the existing 17th edition course. As such we expect those who have completed the 17th edition course with the 3rd amendment to complete this course in a much shorter time with our 2 day 18th edition update course. Despite this being a new regs book many of the existing regulations and the format of the book will remain the same.

Who needs the 18th edition?

Virtually everyone working in electrical installation needs to be up to date with the latest wiring regulation. It is essentially the industry bible. Installers and employers require it as do governing bodies.

What is the pass rate?

We have a proven track record with exceptionally high pass rates of 98%. That is why we offer our 100% money back guarantee.

Do I need any experience?

There are no formal entry requirements, however we recommended that you understand the basic of electrical installation before undertaking this course.

Is there any homework?

It is not mandatory, however students looking to pass first time may wish to set aside a couple of hours each evening to review course notes and revise.


London Gatwick, South East

Our head office centres redefine standards in training provision with 7,500 square metres of bright and spacious teaching areas. It’s a world away from the drafty warehouses that some competitors use! It is perfectly placed to deliver electrical course to students from Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and all over the South East.

Leeds, Yorkshire

Our brand new state of the art centre on the outskirts of Leeds is really quite special. It boasts huge classrooms and workshops and some great communal areas for break times. The facility is just East of Leeds. It offers a full range of courses for those based in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and all over Yorkshire.

M62 / M6 Warrington

Our Northern training facility is based just off the M62 at Birchwood Park. This facility is brand new for 2016. As such it offers brand new classrooms and state of the art technology in order to deliver the best possible training experience. As per our other training centres we offer bright airy classrooms with comfortable seating and even a lake across the road. This new centre means we now offer a full range of electrical courses for students from Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and all over the North West.

Central London, Euston House

Our Euston training facility in central London is easily accessible by train. Located at directly opposite Euston station surrounded by numerous cafes, bars, banks and much more.

Midlands (Coventry The MTC)

The Coventry Centre is based at the MTC which is a dedicated training facility for manufacturing and technology. It is right on the junction of the M6 and M69 meaning it is easily commutable from Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Northampton and all over the Midlands. The facility boats lots of free parking and brand new training rooms.

Hatfield (Hertfordshire Uni)

Our Herts based facility is within the University of Hertfordshire Campus located just of the A1 (M) in Hatfield. The facility has ample free parking and great on site facilities including food outlets and great training rooms.

North East, Durham CCC

Durham County Cricket Ground is located within easy reach of Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Gateshead and all over the North East. Durham CCC is not just a great location, it offers fantastic large spaces from which we deliver our short electrical courses. It also has food outlets on site plus lots and lots of free parking for those attending our courses.

Cardiff, Wales

The Wales centre is based with the university of Cardiff with excellent access from the M4 and the A48. It is very easy to access from Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and even the south west of England.

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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-09-26GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-09-26CoventryBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-01WarringtonBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-03GatwickBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-03HertsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-03LeedsBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-08LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-08WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-10GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-10CoventryBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-10LeedsBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-16WarringtonBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-22Central London EustonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-22WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-22LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-23CoventryBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-23Durham CCCBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-24GatwickBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-29WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-10-31HertsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-05LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-05Central London EustonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-05WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-05GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-07GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-07CoventryBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-07LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-07CardiffBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-12GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-12WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-14LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-14HertsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-14Durham CCCBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-14GatwickBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-19WarringtonBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-21Durham CCCBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-21GatwickBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-26GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-26LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-11-26WarringtonBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-04WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-05LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-05CoventryBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-05GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-05Durham CCCBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-05WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-10WarringtonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-10Central London EustonBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-10GatwickBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-12LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-12CardiffBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-12HertsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-12Durham CCCBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-17LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-17WarringtonBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2018-12-19GatwickBook
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C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2019-01-02LeedsBook
C&G 2382-18 18th Edition Course2019-01-02GatwickBook
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