The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Electricians

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to think about unique and thoughtful gifts for your sparky family member or friend. While a screwdriver set or warm socks might seem like the obvious choices, we’ve delved into the world of electrical wizardry to bring you a list of exceptional secret santa and Christmas gift ideas. From innovative tools to practical gadgets, these gifts are sure to brighten up any electrician’s holiday season.

Gekko Gripper:

The Gekko Gripper is a must-have tool for any electrician. Designed to route cables seamlessly over ceilings, behind walls, and under floorboards, this tool consists of a 6m long cord and two powerful magnets. Priced at £24.99 on Screwfix, it’s a versatile and handy addition to any electrician’s toolkit.

Electrician T-Shirt:

Give your electrician friend a stylish twist with an Electrician-themed T-shirt from Etsy, priced at just £13.12. With a range of designs to choose from, this is a fun and affordable way to show appreciation for their profession.

Wrap Around Scratch Resistant Safety Glasses:

Ensure your sparky mates stay safe on the job with these stylish wrap-around safety glasses from RS Components, priced at £7.90. Protection doesn’t have to be dull, and these glasses combine safety with a touch of fashion.

Electricians Pouch/Strap:

For the organized electrician, the TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-114 Journeyman Electricians Pouch/Strap is a game-changer. With 21 pockets and loops designed specifically for electrician tools, it’s available on Amazon for £39.42.

WIFI Inspection Camera, Hook, and Magnet Set:

A gadget lover’s dream, this WIFI Wireless Endoscope Camera from Amazon, priced at £19.99, is perfect for peering into hard-to-reach spaces. The hook and magnet attachments make it an invaluable tool for retrieving dropped screws.

Dual-Purpose Lunch Cooler and Bench

The Klein Tools is a reliable cooler with a cooling capability of up to 30 hours, perfect for sunny days at the work site. Primarily, it serves as an exceptionally insulated and roomy compartment for storing an electrician’s lunch. However, with seating areas at sites being minimal, it’s fantastic that it transforms into a sturdy bench the moment it’s closed, providing support for up to 300lbs. All that for just £93.00!

Insulated Electrician Screwdriver Set

Electricians occasionally find themselves inserting metal into sockets, exactly how their mothers told them not to. With the protection of this £25.00 BOCHAMTEC 8-Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set, their safety is significantly enhanced. The 8-piece set is VDE tested to withstand up to 10,000 volts, features a triangular grip for improved torque, and incorporates heat-treated alloy blades that resist easy stripping.

Stud Finder Electric Stud Detector:

The Intey Stud finder, available on Amazon for £19.99, is a time-saving tool that accurately locates studs, live wires, and more behind walls, floors, and ceilings. A practical addition to any electrician’s toolkit.

Electrician’s Watch

Everyone loves a sparkie that’s on time, yet finding the perfect watch can be a challenge. When working with electricity, you need a watch that is shock-resistant, possesses low conductivity, boasts clear readability, and offers some additional features without being too fussy. G-Shock watches are a great option and range in price from £99 up. 

Milwaukee M18PRCDAB+ PACKOUT Radio/Charger:

Beyond merely serving as an FM/AM radio, this gadget offers a spectrum of connectivity options. Whether it’s linking up with your phone through Bluetooth, plugging in via USB, or connecting through AUX, you can effortlessly play your favourite playlists. Encased in a robust hard shell, it stands as virtually indestructible – a crucial attribute for the dynamic environments of a worksite. Plus, it boasts the flexibility of being powered either through the mains or battery, adding convenience to its impressive list of features. It’s a splurge at £370.80, but they’ll love it!

Magnetic Wristband:

Cut down on trips to the toolbox with this Magnetic Wristband, available on Amazon for £15.99. With powerful magnets, it’s perfect for holding screws, nails, bolts, and small tools, keeping hands free for the task at hand.

Insulated Travel Mug:

Keep your on-the-move electrician caffeinated with an Insulated Travel Mug from Cafe Press, priced at £15.00. The spill-resistant design and convenient carry handle make it a practical and smile-inducing gift.

Rechargeable Head Torch:

A lifesaver for hands-free work, the rechargeable head torch from Electricians Direct is available at a discounted price of £47.87 with the code ED52017. Ensure your electrician friend never works in their own shadow again.

Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit:

If you’re looking to splurge, the 19-piece Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit from Edwardes at £186.00 is a comprehensive gift for any electrician starting out in the field.

Extendable Magnet:

Perfect for retrieving the inevitable dropped screws and tools from narrow spaces, an extendable magnet is a small but invaluable gift for any electrician. It’s a practical addition to any toolbox and an inexpensive gift at around £7-20.00.

Cable Stripper (Cyclops Cable Stripper):

While not essential, a cable stripper can make the job easier and reduce the risk of damaging cables. The Cyclops Cable Stripper is a thoughtful and practical gift for any electrician and costs around £14.00.

Pocket Light:

Illuminate tight spaces with a pocket light that goes beyond the capabilities of a phone torch (and much less heart-breaking when you accidentally drop it). With a magnetic base, the NEBO Big Larry 3 Work Light, provides hands-free lighting for just £20.00, making it a handy tool for various tasks.

Drill Bit and Tap Set:

A practical gift for any electrician, a drill bit and tap set allows for efficient drilling and threading. It’s a versatile toolset that can save the day in various work situations, and they tend to cost anywhere around £12-20.00.

Flexible Grabber:

Similar to the extendable magnet, a flexible grabber helps retrieve lost items from tight spaces. Its non-magnetic design adds versatility to its functionality, making it a handy tool for any electrician that costs about £14.

This Christmas, surprise the electrician in your life with a thoughtful and practical gift that adds value to their work. Whether it’s a high-tech gadget, a safety essential, or a versatile tool, these gifts show appreciation for their expertise and dedication. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas to all the sparkies out there!

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