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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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This electrical course is designed to give electricians the confidence to take and pass their C&G 2391-52 course and assessments. If you need to brush up on your practical inspection & testing skills then this course is ideal.

£315Inc VAT & Fees
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This course is designed to prepare you for an advanced inspection and testing course such as the C&G 2391-52. Many practicing electricians who have experience of inspection and testing will benefit from the chance to reinforce and practice the practical aspects of this skill before embarking on the main course and assessments.

Simply put if you are a bit rusty then this course will give you the chance to hone your skills that you should have previously learnt.  We limit student numbers to just 8 on this course in order to give you the maximum time to practice and learn on the training rigs.



Who is it for?

This course is intended for anyone who needs to practice or improve their inspection and testing skills before taking an advanced inspection and testing course or assessment. This course is not an introduction to inspection and testing. For that you will require our C&G 2392 course or cover it as part of your Level 3 diploma.

Why take this course?

Every electrician has to learn how to inspect and test, however some sparkies find that they haven't used this skill for some time meaning the thought of a practical assessment or advanced inspection and testing course can be daunting. We teach this course to make sure that our customers feel confident and competent when carrying out inspection and testing. It will give you the best chance of understanding the key aspects of the C&G 2391-52 course and the best chance of passing your practical assessments first time. 

Inspection and Testing Practical Refresher Course Content:

This course is predominantly practical. It will entail demonstration and practice of:

Safe isolation procedures and equipment (single and 3 phase)

Continuity of Protective Conductors

Continuity of Ring final circuit conductors

Insulation Resistance

Polarity (single and 3 phase)

Earth fault loop impedance (single and 3 phase)

RCD testing

Prospective fault current (single and 3 phase)

Inspection & testing documentation will be completed mainly as testing is carried out

Exams and Assessments

Please note this course does not include the City & Guilds 2391-52 course or exam itself. These must be booked independently.

Text Books Required:

We stock books in our Gatwick & Warrington centres. We can also supply books for central London courses if you call us in advance to purchase them. To buy books please call 01293 529777 or 0800 856 4448 or alternatively you can visit the links below and purchase directly from Amazon:

Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-08-15GatwickBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-08-29WarringtonBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-08-29LeedsBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-09-19GatwickBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-10-10WarringtonBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-10-10LeedsBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-10-17GatwickBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-10-17CoventryBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-10-31LeedsBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-11-07CoventryBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-11-14WarringtonBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2019-11-21GatwickBook
Inspection & Testing Practical Refresher Course2100-01-01UKBook
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