Why take the Inspection and Testing Online Refresher Course (eLearning)?

This course is designed to prepare you for an advanced inspection and testing course such as the C&G 2391-52. Many practising electricians who have experience of inspection and testing will benefit from the chance to refresh their knowledge of the key tests before embarking on the main course and assessments. This eLearning course is designed to refresh your knowledge of the initial testing procedures for electrical installations and covers testing procedures and theory of single phase (SP) and three phase (TP) installations. 

Simply put if you are a bit rusty then this course will give you the chance to hone the skills previously learnt that you may have forgotten. The course is delivered online and is mobile friendly meaning you learn almost anywhere, anytime. It also means wherever you go you will be able to double check any of these tests if unsure. This course can also be bought in conjunction with our C&G 2391-52 Inspection and Testing programme.

This course includes

Inspection & Testing
Single phase
Three phase
Fault findings

Course overview

Who is it for?

This course is intended for anyone who needs to improve their inspection and testing skills before taking an advanced inspection and testing course or assessment. This course is not an introduction to inspection and testing. For that you will require our C&G 2392 course or cover it as part of your Level 3 diploma. The course if very useful for the following groups:

  • Students who are preparing for AM2 assessment.
  • Corporate CPD for standardisation.
  • Existing electricians who want to refresh their testing knowledge.
  • Existing electricians about to undertake a CPS (competent person scheme) assessment.
  • Students who are preparing for C&G 2391 course and would like to refresh their knowledge of testing. (There are no practical demonstrations in 2391)

Why take this course?

Every electrician has to learn how to inspect and test, however some electricians find that they haven't used this skill for some time, meaning the thought of a practical assessment or advanced inspection and testing course can be daunting. This course will refresh and improve on your existing knowledge giving you the confidence and skills required when carrying out inspection and testing on Single Phase and Three phase installations. It will give you the best chance of understanding the key aspects of the C&G 2391-52 course and the best chance of passing your practical assessments first time. Other reasons to take this course include:

  • eLearning can be done at any time
  • eLearning can be repeated again and again
  • eLearning / videos can be referenced in the real world (designed to work on all devices and screen sizes).

Inspection and Testing Refresher Course Content:

10 individual eLearning modules covering single and three phase testing including:

1. Continuity of circuit protective conductors (including main and supplementary bonding) (SP/TP)
2. Continuity of ring final circuit conductors (SP)
3. Insulation resistance (SP/TP)
4. Earth electrode resistance (including theory on test method E1, E2, E3 and practical demonstration on test method E1 – Fall of potential method.)
5. Polarity and phase sequencing (SP/TP)
6. Earth fault loop impedance (Ze and Zs at DB) (SP/TP)
7. Prospective fault current
8. Earth faut loop impedance (Zs)
9. Residual current device (RCD)
10. Knowledge checks (2 x 50 question online quizzes)

These modules are each broken down into individual sections including:

  • Procedure (theory) – Including plenty of images & voice overs. This is to talk students through the procedure including setting up the instrument and what the inspector is looking for in terms of results.
  • Practical demonstrations single and three phase. These are videos which show the tests in full.
  • Recording the tests. This section shows how to record the results following the demonstrations.
  • Verification of results. This section shows how to verify that the results comply with BS 7671 and are satisfactory.
  • Scientific principles. Where relevant, scientific principles are introduced to help learners better understand the science behind the test.
  • Knowledge check after each test around 10 questions after each section
  • 2 x full length exam simulators designed to test full range of knowledge once course is complete.

How is it structured?

Each eLearning unit is individually packaged and can be accessed on most devices (laptop/desktop, tablet, smartphone). The units are open navigation, meaning you can go straight to the part you need without having to fully re-do the unit each time; you can also pick up where you left off!
There is a good mixture of video demonstrations, with our own electrical tutor, Andy Summers, infographics and voice overs. It’s like having a tutor guiding you through each section. There is also a short knowledge check at the end of each unit.

Each individual unit is broken down into individual lessons including:

• Video introduction with Andy
• Theory covering the procedure, showing you how to set your meter, what the test is for and what you should be looking for.
• Video demonstrations showing you the entire procedure for single and three phase installations (where applicable)
• Recording and verifying your results.
• Scientific principles, to help you better understand the test.
• Knowledge check, around 10 questions for each unit, with feedback.
Once you have completed all units there are 2 x 50 question quizzes, with feedback at the end to really test your understanding.

That’s around 190 questions, with feedback, in the whole package!

Exams and Assessments

Please note this course does not include the City & Guilds 2391-52 course or exam itself. These must be booked independently.

Course Books Required

We stock some books in our main centres, however we can not guarantee stock availability unless you call us in advance to purchase the books. To buy books please call 01293 529777. You will need the following books for this course:

  • Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing, 8th Edition - ISBN 978-1785614521
  • IET On-Site Guide (BS7671:2018, 7th Edition) - ISBN 978-1785614422
We recommend that you re-read and refresh your knowledge of guidance note 3 before attending the course. We also recommend reading the electrical safety first document which can be downloaded here: 

Quick enquiry

If enquiring about a course , please let us know your preferred start dates.