Why take the C&G 2346 / 2356 Mature Candidate NVQ Level 3 Electrical?

If you have been working in industry for over 5 years and have already passed Level 2 and 3 technical certificates such as 2330 or 2360 then this route is for you. The great thing is you can use existing work towards completing this route meaning most mature candidates completing this route can do so in a relatively shorter timescale. We can offer both the installation and maintenance variants of this qualification at your request.

We will pair you with an assessor who will guide you through the overall process, cover your induction and hep you gather and record all the required evidence. From the 1st of December 2020 candidates will be registered for the latest C&G 2346-03 NVQ which has replaced the C&G 2356 NVQ.

Please note we offer 2 types of NVQ:

  1. C&G 2346-03 NVQ - For those who have more than 5 years industry experience (this qualification)
  2. C&G 2357 NVQ - For those who have less than 5 years experience

If you have less than 5 years experience in industry please see this page covering the C&G 2357 NVQ. If you are unsure please call a course advisor on 01293 529777.

Course snapshot: NVQ only for electricians with over 5 years experience. Not for beginners.

Course overview

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Entry Requirements / Who’s it for?

The NVQ is specifically designed for those who have been working in industry and want to gain their JIB grading as a gold card registered electrician. Please note that you must have the latest wiring regulations if you want to complete this NVQ and it advisable you have it before starting. 

Why are there 2 prices?

We offer two routes on the C&G 2346 Qualification. Once you have completed your application we will suggest Route A or Route B. The two routes are priced differently as Route B Requires more assessments. We will confirm your route once you have complete the full skill scan document.

How long does it take?

With our assessors support we estimate a very realistic timescale of 6-12 months to complete the NVQ. That's because we expect most mature candidates taking this NVQ to already have a lot of historic work they can reference and use for evidence . You can even book your AM2 assessment whilst doing the NVQ and use that as evidence for some of the criteria. Please note you must hold the latest 18th edition wiring regulations in order to complete this qualification.

How is the 2356 NVQ structured?

Before you start we will carry out initial assessment to ensure you you have the ability to complete the NVQ. We will then assign you an assessor who will support you through the whole process with a focus on how to gather the evidence quickly and effectively. They will support you right up until your final assessment. They will help you understand:

  • How to build your portfolio
  • Different types of assessment methods include:
  • Witness testimony
  • Reflective accounts
  • Photographic evidence
  • Direct observation
  • Work products
  • In depth probing professional discussion
  • Online assessment

We will mainly assess you online to measure your competence against the national standards. We will use video technology to meet with you at short notice, during the working day or even out of hours to carry out observations. You can join the meeting via phone, tablet or even PC. This is a cost effective way for us to deliver your electrical NVQ.

Electricians NVQ units

The units covered will vary based on the NVQ option you choose (installation or maintenance) but as guide you can expect to cover the following:

  • Ensure safe site working
  • Diagnose and correct faults in electrotechnical systems and equipment
  • Provide technical and functional information to relevant people about electrotechnical systems and equipment
  • Maintain a safe and healthy working environment
  • Prepare to install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment
  • Install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment
  • Connect wiring systems and equipment using safe and approved methods
  • Inspect, test and commission an electrical installation

Course Cost

With this mature candidate NVQ we have to assess your current skills and also how many assessments are required in order to give you a final price for your package. This does vary from candidate to candidate as some people will need more support and assessments than others. We will be able to provide you this cost once you have completed the skillscan document.

Exams & Qualifications

As stated above the Electrician NVQ covers assessments of your portfolio and observations.

On completion you will receive a formal C&G Level 3 2356 NVQ certificate.

AM2 Assessment

The cost of this NVQ does not include the cost of the AM2 assessment which is required as your end point assessment. You can book this when you are ready directly with numerous AM2 test centres throughout the UK. Visit this page for more details:

You are able to take your AM2 whilst you complete your NVQ and even use the assessment as evidence to save time.

Quick enquiry

If enquiring about a course , please let us know your preferred start dates.