The electrical wiring sector has seen minimal growth in recent years, due to traditional hard wired installations retaining the lions share. An alternative solution to the time consuming hard wired installation appears to have been finally found in the form of modular wiring systems that will not only save time but money too. Comprising of state of the art wiring systems they compliment forward thinking technologies such as prefab buildings and renewable energies projects perfectly.

With many sectors within the electrical industry seeing headlong growth particularly in the area of renewable energy, there has been little or no development in regard to traditional wiring which has remained broadly the same for many years.

How modular wiring systems work

Assembled off site, they combine a clever mix of energy efficient solutions all in one system which is simple to install. The idea is to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption within the product as well as reduce installation time by up to 70%.

Designed to replace the traditional wiring of sub circuits with a range of prefabricated connector and cable assemblies, the system components are simply connected together to produce a complete pluggable installation. The concept is similar to how you would plug in cables to produce an entertainment centre at home – each plug has a purpose and when finished you have a TV, DVD, sky box and X box all ready to use.

The idea of modular wiring systems is exactly the same – plug in, connect and go.

Modular wiring systems are set to take the electrical industry by storm

Known for saving time and money – no doubt music to your ears, and to your customers, modular wiring systems have already been used in high profile settings such as within the Olympic Stadium and in St Bart’s Hospital. Following the huge success of modular wiring systems, specifiers are now looking seriously at the opportunities that modular wiring systems can present within key construction projects.

Increased Productivity

The main attraction of a modular wiring system is the reliability – it will always work. Once the equipment has been put together using the cable assemblies designed for the job, it will work first time, every time according to Apex Wiring Solutions who produce the modular systems.

What’s more is that the full installation is taken care of right from the distribution board down to light accessories and can be installed in practically every location from offices, schools, retail spaces and residential units.

Electrical contractors who are keen to move with the times and use modern construction methods will find modular wiring systems a sensible common sense choice on future projects.

Main Advantages

Modular wiring systems address a huge unfulfilled gap in the electrical wiring sector. As the construction industry increasingly turns to more environmentally friendly products and working techniques, modular wiring systems are making a welcome entry and producing cutting edge benefits to both electrical contractors and customers.

Quick to install

With electrical contractors becoming increasingly pressed for time on projects due to client demands and increasing penalties for work going over time, modular wiring systems will improve project performance significantly and reduce installation times saving money as well as time.

Addressing the skills shortage

The electrical industry is already experiencing a skills shortage with the number of experienced, qualified electricians set to fall significantly in coming years. Fewer skilled electricians will be required to install modular wiring systems. Thanks to their plug in and connect set up. The expected ‘skills gap’ may be averted thanks to modular wiring systems.

No snagging or fault finding and safer working on site

Modular wiring systems work immediately following connection. There will be no worries about finding problems, nor wasted materials that have not been used. Most importantly, the safety standards will always be consistent. There will be no deviation between work standards between electricians which maintains the safest work environment possible.

Expertly assembled off site

State of the art wiring systems are constructed off site before being shipped to the required destination. No specialist tools are required to install and there is no need to pull individual wires through conduit. Fixing the cable to the wall is done using standard cable ties and can also be routed in ducts or containment if required.


Modular wiring systems are designed to address the main problems faced in the electrical industry – time, standards and money. The fully tested modular wiring systems are produced in a quality controlled environment meaning the chance of an error being made is very unlikely. Snagging will no longer be a time heavy component, and instead will become a minor matter and testing will be a much improved process.

It is the start of the future of the electrical wiring sector allowing it to finally move forwards with the times.