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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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This electrical course is aimed at practicing electricians who wish to gain qualifications in Initial verification as well as Periodic Inspection, Testing and Reporting. This course has been re-introduced in 2017 and now replaces the City & Guilds 2394/5 qualifications.

£1345Inc VAT & Fees
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This course has been re-introduced to align all industry qualifications for inspection and testing wiring systems to BS 7671. It now replaces the C&G 2394/95 combined course package.

This C&G 2391-52 course is aimed at practicing electricians who wish to gain qualifications in periodic inspection and testing as well as initial verification of new systems. For some time now the industry has been crying out for a simpler more effective qualification to cover inspection and testing. Finally it is here!



Why take this 2391 Course

Worth Knowing: A 2391 qualification is currently required in order to gain your JIB grading as an approved electrician. There are initial (2391-50) and periodic (2391-51) qualifications available but you can save time and money with our combined 2391-52 course. The course has been introduced to streamline and simplify the qualifications required to carry our advanced inspection and testing. Until July 2017 most people would take a combined 2394/2395 course which required 1 online exam, 2 practical assessments and 2 written exams. This new qualification only requires 1 online multiple choice exam, 1 written assignment and 1 practical assessment.

What are the entry requirements?

You must be over 18 and be up to date with industry requirements. This course is intended to be taught to experienced electrical installers who have previous training and experience of inspection and testing. Essentially you should be working in the electrical industry and involved with the inspection and testing process before taking this advanced course. It is also useful for you to have an understanding of 3 phase systems. If you have limited experience, you may wish to consider taking the Level 2 Fundamental Inspection and Testing qualification 2392. This course is designed to be taught for those who already know the fundamentals of inspection and testing but need to progress their skills. It is essential you have a good up to date understanding of BS 7671: IET Wiring Regs.

Note: There is no practical training, as such we recommend you have 6 months testing experience before taking this course:

If you have no previous training inspection and testing you should take our C&G 2392 Course

If you have been trained but are just a bit rusty you can take the inspection and testing practical refresher course which usually runs the week before this one.

C&G 2391-52 Course Content:

The course will cover the specific methods of inspecting and testing all types of installations, whether single or three-phase, to the current requirements of BS 7671. It covers the inspection and testing techniques as given in IET Guidance Note 3 and how to professionally complete Certification and Reports.

Key areas covered include:

Safe isolation of electrical circuits and installations

Requirements for initial verification of electrical installations

Requirements for completing the inspection of electrical installations prior to their being placed into service

Requirements for the safe testing and commissioning of electrical installations

Requirements for testing before circuits are energised

Requirements for testing energised installations

Requirements for the completion of electrical installation certificates and associated documentation

Safety of systems and equipment prior to completion of inspection, testing and commissioning

Inspection of electrical installations prior to them being placed into service

Commissioning electrotechnical systems and equipment

Throughout the above you will also cover:

Health and Safety requirements

Relevant documentation

Factors that affect conductor resistance values

Common earth fault loop paths

Methods for verifying protection

Requirements for determining fault current

Procedures for dealing with clients

Course Timings

The course is 6.5 days taken over a 2 week period with the majority of training taking place in week one. In the second week you will return for your assessments. The course will be structured as follows:

Main course runs Monday to Friday

Online exam and Written Assignment on Monday week 2

Practical Assignment usually during week to but can be booked in later

The beauty of the new qualification is that you will usually gain a pass or fail by the end of week two.



2391-52 Exams and Assessments

You will be assessed in the following ways:

2 Hour online open book exam.

Short assignment completed whilst on the course (Roughly 1.2 Hours).

2.5 Hour practical assessment usually completed on on week 2.

The online exam and written assignment will take place on the Monday after your main course. The practical assessments will usually take place in the second week. We can confirm the specific time for you over the phone if you wish or if you book online we will call you back to confirm the specific day. 




This course has just been re-introduced. Check back soon for reviews.

Text Books Required:

Please note that this is the latest book list for this course. However please note not all these books have been released as yet. It is essential that you purchase the latest version of the wiring regulations book, however you can use previous versions of all the other books until the end of 2018. We recommened holding back on buying books until just before you start your course. We will send you a full book list on booking and will update this as soon as new books are available. 

We stock some books in our main centres in Gatwick, Warrington and Leeds, however we can not guarantee stock availability unless you call us in advance to purchase the books. They can then be put aside for you to collect on the first day of your course. To buy books please call 01293 529777 or 0800 856 4448.


What experience do I need?

Entry to this qualification requires you to have ‘experience and knowledge of inspection and testing.’ It is useful for you to have taken the entry level City & Guilds 2392 Level 2, if you’re new to testing and inspection. Not mandatory, but certainly useful. It is ideally suited to those who have completed an NVQ or Level 3 diploma which would have covered fundamental inspection and testing. We also recommend you have industry experience as the course is taught at a higher level than most and draws on real world experience. An understanding of 3 phase is highly recommended.

What does this package allow me to do?

The course gives you the confidence to competently carry out Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing. It also gives you the certification needed to become JIB Approved as well as making membership with one of the Industry Certification Schemes an easier process. This course also gives you the knowledge and understanding needed to compile professionally detailed reports on the condition of electrical installations.

Is it difficult, I have heard the old 2391 was?

Like any assessment, it assesses your ability to do the job. If you can inspect and test and understand why and how, the exams and assessments shouldn’t be too hard. We pride ourselves on our pass rates and we know our training will give you the right knowledge and training needed to pass. It is expected that the new format of the assessments will make it much quicker to gain this qualification.

Does this course have a written exam?

No the hand written exams have been replaced by a short assignment which is completed during the course. It consists of a few questions which require written answers. 


London Gatwick, South East

Our head office centres redefine standards in training provision with 7,500 square metres of bright and spacious teaching areas. It’s a world away from the drafty warehouses that some competitors use! It is perfectly placed to deliver electrical course to students from Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and all over the South East.

Leeds, Yorkshire

Our brand new state of the art centre on the outskirts of Leeds is really quite special. It boasts huge classrooms and workshops and some great communal areas for break times. The facility is just East of Leeds. It offers a full range of courses for those based in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and all over Yorkshire.

M62 / M6 Warrington

Our Northern training facility is based just off the M62 at Birchwood Park. This facility is brand new for 2016. As such it offers brand new classrooms and state of the art technology in order to deliver the best possible training experience. As per our other training centres we offer bright airy classrooms with comfortable seating and even a lake across the road. This new centre means we now offer a full range of electrical courses for students from Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and all over the North West.

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