There are some big changes coming to the EV Car Charging Qualifications in September 2022.

Currently there are 2 qualifications available:

  • C&G 2919-01 for commercial and domestic installations
  • C&G 2919-02 just for domestic installations.

From September 2022 both qualifications will be retired and replaced with the new C&G 2921-31 Domestic & Commercial EV Charging Installation Course.

Why is this important?

The major impact of this is that there won’t be a dedicated domestic qualification any more and the entry requirements for the new qualification will be at a higher level than the current ones. From September 2022, you will need to be a gold card electrician or equivalent to register for the new EV Qualification. This means, as a minimum, you should have a Gold Card, hold a Level 3 NVQ or have completed an Electrical Apprenticeship.

At present, those with a Level 3 Diploma are still able to register for the EV 2919-01 Course and those with Inspecting and Testing qualifications, 18th Edition and the right skills can register for the domestic 2919-02 qualification.

If you really want to get an EV qualification, then now is the time to book and take the course.

Do I need a qualification?

Not necessarily. We have found, over the past few years, most people and in particular those training on the Domestic EV car charging course just want the skills to be able to try and find work with an EV installation company. We will almost certainly still be offering skills based training to help our customers break into this rapidly growing industry.

Will the 2919 Qualifications still be valid?

Yes of course! These are current qualifications which show your competence to employers. If you gain the 2919 qualifications before September 2022 they will not expire.

N.B. If you have a particular need such as registering with OZEV you will need to double check with them which qualifications they will accept in the future.

How will the new course be delivered?

At present, we are waiting for more information from City & Guilds. Due to the changes to the entry requirements, it’s unlikely there will be a need for any practical training as customers will need to have already covered key practical skills in their previous electrical qualifications.

To book please visit our EV Course Qualifications page or call our team on 0800 8564448.