New & Old Qualifications

Calling all practicing electricians. Didn’t finish your electrical qualifications, when you were younger?

We know many practicing electricians didn’t finish their qualifications at college, particularly during the period from 1990 to 2005.

Are you one of those who perhaps didn’t complete because your job became too busy to devote your time to finish your course ? If So read on.


Getting your qualifications up to date

It is certainly a familiar story to us here at Trade Skills 4U and one we are hearing increasingly from practicing electricians as they need to prove their qualification status in the light of recent Qualified Supervisor changes.

Perhaps there might be gaps in your knowledge; especially around testing and inspection as the City & Guilds, 236, 2360 and 2351 qualifications didn’t contain any focus on those skills and practices.

There is a solution and with a bit of help from us here, you can complete your qualifications or perhaps fill in the gaps in your knowledge so you are able to satisfy the new requirements to be a Qualified Supervisor. Or maybe some testing and inspection training coupled with some Qualified Supervisor training might be all you need to comply with the new changes.

Whatever your particular qualification gap and there are many unique gaps as there are electricians, we can help out.

As the UK’s leading electrical training company we are uniquely placed to advise you on the training and assessments you may need to take to complete your training. Simply give us a call on 01293 529777 and have a chat about your circumstances.


Is this you?

If you took a City & Guilds 236 A+B or 2360 Part 1 & 2 but perhaps didn’t finish, then we could recommend you take a fast track 2365, the very latest electrician qualification.

If you don’t feel you need to take the 2365 because you have all the knowledge, then perhaps a fast track Qualified Supervisor qualification might fit the bill or if you’re a little light on test and inspection perhaps the C&G 2391 might be useful to you.

If you took the 2330 back in the early 2000’s but didn’t finish, your units no longer count towards the new 2365 course as this has recently changed in the last 2 years.

If you’re looking for a JIB card then the testing and inspection qualifications 2391 would be your option.

If you completed your 2330 but didn’t finish your NVQ, then we can get you on an NVQ programme.

Any maybe you’ve been installing electrics for years but have no qualifications, we have enabled many people to gain fast track qualifications based on your experience.

Maybe you have got some part qualifications and lots of experience, a fast track Qualified Supervisor qualification might be for you.

Whatever you requirements, it’s worth having a chat with us. We might not have the answers to immediately to hand if you’re a complicated case, but we’ll certainly be able to figure it out and offer you a few options so you can carry on working properly and in compliance.