From 2022 it will become mandatory for all new homes and offices to have an electric vehicle (EV) charging points installed as standards. This is a bold move by the government as it prepares to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars in 2030.

The UK will become the first country in the world to make EV car chargers installation mandatory for new buildings.

SMART EV Car Charging

The new legislation is expected to say that all charging stations must include ‘smart’ EV charging technology.

Under the new regulations, set to come into force from May 2022, all new EV chargers in homes and workplaces will automatically ‘turn off’ for 9 hours between the peak times of 8 am-11 am and again between 4 pm-10 pm.

Public EV chargers and rapid chargers on motorways and A-roads will be the only ones exempt from this.

The Times is reporting that UK ministers fear blackouts on the National Grid with more and more EV Charging Points being installed. It is believed that ‘smart’ EV charging technology is one way to prevent the National Grid from becoming overwhelmed as we approach the 2030’s deadline.

Become an EV Charging Point Installer

The demand for qualified EV Charging Point installers is increasing month after month, this latest announcement is yet more evidence of the speed at which the UK’s EV Charging infrastructure is evolving.

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