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From the horse's mouth

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th October 2011

When it comes to reviews, who do you trust? Do you like personal recommendations from friends or family or do you look online for dedicated review sites on the products or services your looking to buy?

When you look online do you look in forums for relevant or expert views or do you like to hear it from the company itself?

The only trouble with online reviews and this online culture itself is that a lot of these things are anonymous. Anyone can pretend to be anyone on the internet can’t they? Reviews could be bias towards or against a company or product, fabricated by competitors or company staff or owners. 

So who do you trust?

Tough one isn’t it? Well this is what we thought so we’ve created dedicated testimonials pages within our website www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/pages/testimonials so that you can see exactly what our customers are saying about us, when their saying it – straight from the horse’s mouth.


Well, we have recently organised all our precious feedback forms that we get each and every candidate to fill in when they finish their course with us, and didn’t know why we weren’t making the most of what has been said.

On these forms we get a few moans and groans as well as some great praise and compliments, some guys even hand their forms in accompanied by bunches of flowers – we’re serious.

We take every detail said on our forms very seriously and make sure we use them to better our services and products so that we are constantly improving these. But once we’ve done our bit with the forms, complete with all your beautiful and sometimes very funny comments, they have been cast to the side to seek shelter in a filing cupboard – that is until now.

From today we’ll be scanning and uploading fresh testimonials every week from our students so you can see what they are saying about us and what they think about their time with Trade Skills 4U.

Why not take a look at our October Reviews.

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ImageSource @ managingthework.com

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