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Survey Results: Which Card do you hold?

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 28th May 2015

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The results are in from our Survey, we asked our students which card they hold when working on site - it was no surprise that the ECS card came out as the most popular card to hold. It would make sense seeing as this is the card that electricians should be holding according to the ECS website.  31% of the electricians who responded to our survey said that they held an ECS card.

The infographic below will show you the full breakdown of our survey – thanks to everyone who took part and don't forget to add your response to this month’s survey!

Surprisingly 28% said they held neither of these cards

Interestingly not far behind, 28% of electricians said they didn’t hold an ECS or CSCS card. We would assume that this is because these guys don't work on site.  There is no need to hold a card if you’re carrying out work in domestic dwelling however you should be registered with a scheme provider such as the NICEIC. It is good practice to hold one of these cards if you plan to work on site at any point – this is because it can take a few weeks to process the card application which could lead to a delay in you starting work.  It also shows that you have the essential awareness for Health and Safety requirements – regardless of what environment you’re working in.

16% of electricians have the JIB version of the ECS card. JIB is an additional grading that electricians can add to their ECS card providing they meet the JIB criteria, if you want to find out more all these details can be found on the official ECS card website.

The verdict

It is almost impossible to gain access to a building site without being in possession of one of the trade cards mentioned in our survey.  If you want to carry out electrical work, you need to be obtaining your ECS card.

Getting recognition as an electrician whether you’re a trainee or fully fledged spark it’s important when applying for work or gain access to a building site.  For electricians, the card to hold which allows you to carry out electrical work on site is the ECS card.  Over 99,000 electrical professionals hold the ECS card. Nearly all UK employers on building sites will request to see your ECS card before offering you employment.

What is the big deal about an ECS card?

As well as proving your identity on site, the card displays your qualifications and main electrical occupation.  It also shows that you have been Health and Safety assessed which is an essential requirement when accessing a building site in any capacity and is the electrical industry’s equivalent of the CSCS card.

Despite the seemingly attractive nature of the ECS card, it receives mixed reviews because it can be difficult to obtain the 'gold' card, however once you receive this it can show your potential employers quickly that you’re a qualified electrician and safe to work on site, which makes them a very crucial proof of ID for all electricians.