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The Shocking Revelations of Electricity

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 7th November 2012

The National Grid will be celebrating its 77th birthday on the 16th November 2012 - we can all agree that the birth of the National Grid was an iconc moment which changed lifes forever and today our reliance on electricity grows on a daily basis with almost every item of technology relying on electricity to maintain power.

Of course things have moved on hugely and electrcity safety is treated very seriously nowadays.  Old electricity practices involved some very dangerous risks which today we would never dream of taking.  For example, you would not think about plugging your iron into your light pendant using a 2 pin bayonet plug!

Many householders no longer rely on the National Grid for all their electrical needs thanks to the technologies of solar power and wind turbines.  It is not uncommon nowadays to find solar pv panels on houses and wind turbines are popping up in several locations.

However, the principals of electricity remain the same.

The UK now has one of the safest electrical systems in the world thanks to the invention of the 3 pronged plug which vitally contains the Earth prong! This greatly reduces the chance of receiving an electric shock when plugging an appliance in.

Unfortunately its not all rose tinted and a survey carried out in 2011 by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) revealed dangerous levels of ignorance towards electrical safety in the UK with many householders not taking any safety precautions when using electricity in the home.  The electrical blunders ranged from attempting repairs to appliances when plugged in and switched on to knowingly using faulty plugs and sockets and ignoring  burning smells coming from sockets when in use.

These revelations are concerning for dispite electrical safety becoming safer in the UK, it seems that people are still living in 1935!

At least 1 person dies in the UK each week from electric accident and more than 1000 are injured in an electrical accident every day, many are due to electrical blunders cited above.  It seems that UK residents are taking for granted the safety offered by their electricity supply and are more concerned about beng involved in a plane crash or being struck by lightning!

Naturally, electrical safety is a matter very close to our hearts at Trade Skills 4U.  We would always advice against undertaking any electrical repairs yourself in your home and call upon the services of a qualified Part P electrician - always ensure they have completed appropriate electrical training before starting work.

Another great option is to download the Home Electrical Safety Check free  to use on any iPhone or Android phone by going to App Store or Android Marketplace and searching for 'Home Electrical Safety Check'  Its a great tool for homeowners and landlords who want to ensure the electrical safety of their families or tenants, as well as for anyone considering buying or renting a home.

Finally, please don't ignore burning or faulty electrical appliances or sockets.  If you have any concerns about your electricity please consult a qualified domestic installer.


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