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Product Review - Sangamo Choice Heating Controls

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 3rd December 2012

Ensuring the correct amount of heat and hot water is used in your home especially at this time of year is of huge importance.  Equally though, no one wants to heat their home at a higher cost than is necessary. Wasting energy is not only costly but is also discouraged from an eco point of view.

As a home owner it is a challenge to find a product that can meet the demands of different lifestyles.  A person living on their own for example may not require their home heated in every room, a busy family may want their home heated at a lower temperature upstairs than downstairs and budget conscious households may heat just the upstairs or downstairs of their home depending on the time of day.

Whatever your heating requirements, its nice to have a 'set and forget' system so you don't arrive home from a days work in the freezing cold because you've forgotten to set the timer.

The Sangamo Choice Range is a perfect choice for discerning householders and are available in a wide range of budgets and home heating solutions.  Available for both hot water and central heating, you can be assured of a solution that suits you.

The choice range is sturdy and well made with buttons that are easy to press and self explanatory.  The Sangamo Choice range can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.  The majority of the Choice range is wirelessly digitally controlled which is naturally what would be expected in a modern home.  It is useful to know that the traditional mechanical room thermostats are still available which is great news for an older person who is used to using these and would prefer to carry on using a mechanical room thermostat.

Upon first exploring the idea of heating programmers, it is easy to overlook the options that are available in your home for your heating and hot water requirements.  The majority of people view heating programmers as simply a means of switching on the water and heating at a set time and then the timer switching these off again at a set time.  The Sangamo Choice Range is so much more than that - hence the name 'Sangamo Choice' (although if this is all you require of you central heating and hot water, this is fine too - and there is a product for you.)

We particularly like the Sangamo Choice Range for its flexibility - there is no need to spend more than what you need to on a product which has features you won't use.  The advantages of the Choice range is that you simply pay for the product that matches your requirements.

The Sangamo PR3 Choice Programmer is an example of a product that understands a busy household - this neat programmer is able to control 2 floors of central heating each set at differing temperatures and controls the hot water requirements seperately.  Lets not forget that this means the heating can be turned on or off, higher or lower at all times of day.  You can control the heating on all floors of your home exactly as you require.

The Sangamo Choice Range is most definitely not a 'one size fits all' product.

Of course once the central heating and hot water has been programmed, requirements can still change.  If its a particularly hot or cold day, you may well need to adjust your heating accordingly.  This is where the Sangamo Choice Range Room thermostats come into play.  Available in both wired and wireless versions both products are able to control each room in your home.  The wireless room thermostat is an ingenious product which you can carry around with you.  It knows the temperature of every room you are in and you can adjust the temperature if you wish.  The installation of this product is very simple - of course there are no wires and no re-decorating involved and the beauty of such a product is that your boiler is only used when necessary saving valuable energy.  Whichever digital room thermostat you select, both come with clear well lit screens with programme injdication displayed for whole day.  This allows you to adjust your temperature requirements throughout the day to suit your family and guests comfort.

The Choice Programmable RF Deluxe Room Thermostat is recognised as being the easiest to use wireless thermostat available on the market today.  With only 5 buttons it is simple to use and highly responsive - it even anticipates energy saving benefits as it optimises your home energy usesage.  This will look great in any contemporary home and is also available as a wired in thermostat.  This high quality room thermostat can be used to set room temperatures up to a week in advance.  you can also use one of the pre-settings on the timer or select your own, its up to you.  This product is designed to fit in with your lifestyle and with all other products in the choice range it is designed to save you money.

The Sangamo Choice Range is easy to have installed in your home by a Part P Registered electrician or Domestic Installer with the services of a plumber required to fit the necessary valves.

The Sangamo Choice Range Thermostatic Radiator Valves are really something to get excited about - they have available as part of their range remote control radiator valves.  This allows you to control the temperature of different radiators in your home or simply to add a boost or switch them off altogether without leaving your armchair! The valves are designed to fit most UK radiators mounted close to the wall.

We recommend the Sangamo Choice Range to any householder who wants to take control of their home heating requirements so money is not been wasted on heating thats not required but yet maintains a pleasant heat temperature throughout the day if necessary - no more chilly November afternoons wondering whether to put the heating on!

So with Father Christmas on his way shortly....you know what you should be asking for this Christmas!

If you interested in learning to install this product you should check out our Central Heating Controls Course.


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