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QUALIFICATION UPDATE: Domestic Installer Quals Changing July 2013

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 8th October 2012


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Domestic Installer Qualification Route Changing in July 2013

You may remember that last year there was a lot of noise about changes to the domestic installer qualification route. Essentially City & Guilds are developing a new course which will wrap together all the training required to become a domestic installer, as such the rules governing what training is required before you can register on a Part P competent persons scheme will be changing.

The changes were due to come into force back in January 2012, however it was clear that the industry and City & Guilds were not ready with the new qualification and as such the date for implementation was pushed back to April 2013. However since then it has been pushed back further and is now set for the 6th July 2013.

Looking to get qualified?

If you are looking to qualify under the current scheme you still have 9 months to get trained and then register with a scheme provider. As long as you register before the 6th July 2012 the current qualification route will be valid and a course such as our Bronze or Silver package will suffice in terms of training requirements. This sounds like a long time, however it is likely there will be a rush of installers looking to complete their quals before the deadline. As such it is worth getting trained asap to avoid missing out.

Already Part Qualified?

There are also lots of people out there who have some but not all of their required qualifications. It is very important for these guys and girls to all get qualified before the deadline otherwise they may have to take the new qualification and repeat parts of their training. For instance this could mean if all you currently need is your 17th edition regs then you could be forced to sit a 6 week course and NVQ to get registered as a domestic installer. It is possible that we will be able to map people with previous quals into the new course, however this is not guaranteed and currently there is no mapping in place.

Want to do the new qualification?

If you are unable to register before the 6th July 2013 then you will need to ensure you train in the new qualification which is due to be ready for delivery very soon.

It is likely that the new qualification will be 2 weeks longer than our Bronze course and also include NVQ elements. As such it is likely that it will cost more and take longer to get qualified. It will also mean that you will have the latest qualification.

The new qualification will be called the City & Guilds 2397 Level 3 certificate in “Installing, Testing and Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings”. Now that is a mouthful and a half and as such we will mainly be referring to the course as the City & Guilds 2397 Domestic Electrician Course.

This is likely to be launched within the next month and rest assured that we will be one of the first centres to offer this in the UK.

We expect it to run over a 6 week period and also once you have finished your training you will then need to complete a portfolio of work before gaining the NVQ certificate.

More information will be available shortly, however if you have any questions please call us on 01293 529777.

The goal posts have been moved a few times on this but we are certain that the new deadline is not going to move.

For more information you can visit the IET website.


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