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Trade Skills 4U is proud to sponsor Paul Wood, our hero in the best sport in the world!

Posted by Carl Bennett on 16th October 2012

We always like to feel we have our eye on the ball here at Tradeskills4u, so it comes as no surprise that when the opportunity came to sponsor Warrington Wolves Rugby league hard man Paul Wood as a lifelong Warrington fan I jumped at the chance.

Paul Wood came to national and international notice when during the Rugby league Grand Final at Old Trafford last weekend he took an unintended knee to the groin that resulted him having surgery that night to remove one of his testicles.

The injury in itself is quite a trauma; however Paul refused to come off for 25 minutes insisting on doing his stint to help his team win the game. After the game, he went straight to the hospital for treatment.


The most impressive part of the story wasn’t Paul’s ability to cope with the pain. As a rugby fan I know the amount of courage these guys show on a weekly basis, what was more remarkable was Paul’s attitude expressed in his tweets during treatment and immediately following surgery. I particularly liked the tweet he sent as he was discharged.

What made the story for me was his attitude in adversity and is typical of the types of blokes that play the best sport in the world .

I’ve spoken to Paul on a number of occasions, despite his hard man image, he’s actually quite an articulate, intelligent and quietly spoken guy and his humorous attitude to his eye watering injury is what makes him a special bloke and the sort of guy that we would want to be associated with.  We think we have the best electrical training company in Britain, Paul Wood is consistent with our  ‘can do’ attitude.

Just to reinforce his positive attitude, Paul was straight back to work in his second job a few days later in his company Tryfitnesstraining.co.uk putting his customers through their paces. He also just started a degree course with the University Of Bolton.

He’s clearly got a busy dance card and we’ll play our part in helping him with his own business if we can be at all helpful.

We look forward to supporting Paul in the coming 2013 season, hopefully he can get through it without losing any more bits!

Every year thousands of experienced electricians and new entrants to the industry train with Trade Skills 4U. For those choosing a new career, retraining can be a daunting tough challenge. So a “can do attitude” in sometimes adverse circumstances is key.  Paul Wood’s attitude epitomises this and it is also something that I have experienced in my own life.

I was previously a tactical firearms specialist with SO19 in the MET where I was also heavily involved with training. However due to a brain tumour I was forced into retirement at the relatively young age of 41. At that time it was either sink or swim and I chose to swim. Despite what I had been through and still not fully recovered I decided to combine my love for DIY with my training expertise and TradeSkills4U was born in 2005. Since then we have gone from strength to strength and we are now the UK’s Premier electrical training company.

In 2011 more people passed electrical City & Guilds courses with Trade Skills 4U than any other training provider. This is something I am very proud of!


Carl Bennett MD in his MET Police Days



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