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Paul Wood Presents Trade Skills 4U With His Shirt

Posted by Carl Bennett on 14th January 2013

Last year we were chuffed to get the opportunity to sponsor Rugby League hard man Paul Wood. As mad fans of the sport were had been waiting some time for the opportunity to sponsor Paul and finally got our chance at the end of last season. I have met Paul a number of times since then and it was great to catch up with him on Wednesday evening when he presented me with his shirt.

Paul who shot to fame for losing a testicle in the Rugby League Grand Final last October recently gave an interview about life after the incident and the impact it has had on his career.

Paul said that the physical injury itself was not too bad. What he really struggled with (like anyone who loves their sport) was the mental side of dealing with the injury. He found it particularly hard to miss out on training and sit on the side-lines while his team mates carried on as usual. Despite the fact he has been at the receiving end of more puns and jokes than ever before Paul also missed the banter with his team mates.

As a result of his unique injury and amazing ability to play on for 25 minutes with a ruptured testicle Paul has shot to national and international fame. He has even been asked to appear on TV and radio shows in America. This is all very positive and helps promote the sport amongst a much wider audience.

We hope to continue to support Paul for many years to come and he has confirmed that he intends to carry on playing for Wolves for the next 2 years at least until he reaches 33 years old. This is great news for us and for Wolves as he has been in excellent form over the last year.

You can view the full video interview with Paul Wood below:




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