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Product Review: Easy Safety Cert PAT Testing App

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 8th December 2016


Electricians will soon be able to forget about fiddling around with paperwork as Easy Safety Cert launches a brand new PAT Cert App.

The new app, which is available to download from Apple’s App Store will allow electricians to create and email PAT certificates in matter of seconds to their customers. All the tradesman needs to do is tap the screen on their iPhone or iPad a couple of times and they will have produced a valid PAT certificate once they have completed a job. The electrician will be able to email the customer directly with a PDF version of the certificate or print it off from their database instantly or at a later date.

The new way of producing certs provides a more streamline approach for electricians, saving them time and money whilst alleviating the amount of paperwork produced on a job. Electricians will also be able to make use of the apps other features including; the ability to schedule visits and get an overview of any upcoming jobs. Each job can also be set with an annual reminder, alerting the electrician of when the job will need to be completed again.

We asked our tutors here at Trade Skills 4U review the App, Mike from the Warrington centre said: “I’m impressed the app, it’s easy to use and will definitely help electricians on the job cut out some of the paperwork they have to continually sort through, this way it’s all stored on a database. It’s also a great way to organise your workload and jobs; I particularly like the reminder calendar so that renewals can be booked. The only glitch I could really see on the software was when I was inputting the readings the app let me put in any numbers- it wasn’t fool proof, but then at least it gives you the ability to manually insert figures whatever they may be.”

The app was developed off the back of the successful Easy Safety Gas Cert which helped hundreds of gas engineers throughout the UK. The electrician’s version is currently only available to download from the Apple App store, but as the Gas Cert app is available on both Apple and Android we can’t imagine it will be long before they roll out the programme on Android as well.

The app is currently free to download to manage certificates, get reminders and manage jobs, but will charge an annual £50 fee to produce unlimited PAT certificates. However, extra users can be added for no additional cost, which is great if you’re working with a team of people. Easy Safety Cert are also offering a free trial for electricians which can be accessed on their website.

Overall, we think this is a great app that will help electricians become more organised and stop the amount of paperwork that builds up. 

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