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And the winner is - - NAPIT!

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 3rd May 2012

We recently asked our students, colleagues and others in the electrical industry how they pronounce NAPIT. It seems like a simple thing to pronounce correctly, however the topic had been hotly debated in our office especially between the Southern and Northern contingents.

Well we have counted the responses and the results are in. Not surprisingly for me (as a southerner) the majority of people questioned (77.3%) pronounce it Nap-It rather Nay-Pit.

Most of us had assumed wrongly that this was the correct pronunciation and that only northerners pronounced it Nay-Pit. However it has been confirmed directly by NAPIT that this is in fact incorrect.

I am sure that if we took the survey in different parts of the country we would get different responses.

If you haven’t answered the survey yet it’s still open so get involved and answer it below:


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