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Trade Skills 4U team up with MyLocalElectrician.co.uk

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 19th August 2011

MyLocalElectrician.co.uk is the only online magazine for Electricians, Trainee Electricians and consumers that makes full use of on-line social media. The magazine, owned and managed by editor and marketeer Gary Pratten, provides honest, helpful and informative reviews, news and products available to the electrical market.

Gary, a 33 year old father of two, set up My-Local-Trades.co.uk as there was a lack of a professional on-line resource for the electrical industry. Gary is a qualified electrical engineer and has built a career within the online publishing industry over the last 3 years. This move has led him to manage several online magazines and is proud editor of a growing number of trade magazines MyLocalElectrican.co.uk, My-Local-Plumber.co.uk and My-Local-Builder.co.uk.

Gary's key experience combined with Trade Skills 4U’s enthusiasm for the industry make us a great team to supply the growing demand for quality material with a constant stream of relevant and informative editorial for those looking to get into/already in the electrical & renewable energy industries.

The collaboration will allow the strong points of both companies to be communicated effectively and help to guide those interested in both or either the renewable and electrical industries to make informed decisions in order to progress through their training and career.

Trade Skills 4U will also be able to supply MyLocalElectrician.co.uk with updates and offers on our courses, such as our FREE 17th Amendment 1 seminar, and hopes to provide exclusive events and offers for MyLocalElectrician.co.uk subscribers in the future.

We look forward to having MyLocalElectrician.co.uk on board, together we can continue to create interesting debates and discussions online for all to communicate, ask listen and talk about all things electrical.


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