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The Future Belongs To The Few Of Us Willing to Get Our Hands Dirty

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 11th April 2013

We have just had some new signs put up in the centre to brighten the place up a bit. The intention is also to help our students realise their potential and understand that they have the ability to really change their lives when they train with us. The idea behind the signs is simply a number of motivational quotes that we have found or come up with. The signs are quite large and as we walk around the centre we do now see a number of students pondering what they say.

We already boast excellent pass rates but we hope that with a bit of extra motivation we can push these up even further. My favourite of all these signs is this one:

It does seem at present that so many people opt to work in a service or office based profession. So often young people end up just chasing the big salary without considering the other benefits of working with their hands, in a trade that offers lots of freedom and job satisfaction.

In fact many of the most successful people I know are those who have got their hands dirty and really got stuck in to a trade. Self-builders and industry professionals alike seem to excel in life and having a trade under your belt often means you can make large profits from renovating your own home or an investment property. There also appears to be a great deal of job satisfaction in completing a project. This is often on top of earning a generous hourly rate for the work you do.

I like the saying above because it sums up how I see the working population at the moment. You have those who want to simply work behind a desk usually for someone else and those who want to get stuck in, don’t mind a bit of manual labour and realise the benefits of working in a skilled trade.

This is something that I think school leavers need to understand more. Most see University as the only way to build a successful career, however apprenticeships are starting to offer real competition to the University route and the more bright students that realise this the better. At the moment apprenticeships are almost seen as a fall back option if you don’t make it into Uni.  Anyone thinking about their next step should seriously think about this saying and what it represents.


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