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Dos and don’ts when working in a domestic dwelling.

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 6th February 2015

electrician with eight arms

Working in a domestic dwelling requires strict etiquette unlike any other workplace you may find yourself in, it requires a certain level of respect for the home owner’s wishes and honour their need for privacy and most of all security.

We have collated a simple list of do’s and don’ts!

Toilets:  It's okay to use the customer loo, but... make sure you visit the loo privately at home before you arrive at an appointment. It would be polite to ask for permission if need to use their toilet should you be struck with an urge.


Tea’s and Coffees:  its okay to accept a beverage, but... don’t expect one. It’s probably best to bring your own refreshments and if your offered a drink. Bonus. (Don’t ask for alcohol please.)

Breaks: it’s okay to take breaks during the day, but... don’t take advantage of this. Your breaks should be closely timed and spaced appropriately apart. Also make sure you take these breaks away from the home in a vehicle or in a near-by location.

Cleanliness: It's NOT okay to bring dirt into the house, but... sometimes it may be unavoidable. Be sure to keep your workplace as clean as possible and make sure you bring paper towels and a disposable surface that collects dirt.


dog and cat

Animals: It's NOT okay to initiate contact with pets, but... if the homeowner says the animal is friendly and safe, then it's okay to stroke them, as long as the animal is not a distraction or could be exposed to any risks.

Smoking: It Okay to smoke but…. Be mindful where you’re smoking. Try not to smoke on the property and leave fag butts lying around, if you can help it. Also you will be a bit smelly after smoking, so do carry some mints with you.

Time Keeping: Make sure you arrive on time, don’t turn up too early and certainly do not turn up late. If you’re running late it might be courtesy to let the customer know your estimated arrival time. No-one wants to be waiting around for hours.


builders bum

Dressing Appropriately: It’s important to dress appropriately, don’t take your top off in somebody’s home, or wear offensive t-shirts, also some people find caps rude!  

Being pleasant and helpful: Do you remember that old fashioned saying where the customer is always right? Make sure your always courteous pleasant and helpful. If you’re asked to help out, do! It could mean you getting a better rating on Checkatrade.

Stay Positive: Use positive language you could accidently insult someone without meaning to, “your living room is small”.

Good Communication Skills: Make sure you understand completely what you’re talking about, don’t try and blag it. Always explain in detail what you’re doing and where their money is going.

Taking responsibility: If something has gone wrong always admit to this, problem solve and fix it. Try not to blame others for your mistakes this could lead to lack of trust and would lose business in the long run for dishonesty.

Mistakes: If you make a mistake, then you will unfortunately have to dig into your pocket and pay for this to be sorted.

Did this help?

This list of etiquette tips certainly does not cover everything you need to know about working in a customer's home, most of it is common sense, but you should now have a better knowledge of the basics. No matter what happens, keep in mind that you’re representing your employer or your company so conduct yourself properly and this will speak volumes!






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