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Crazy Christmas Lights

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 16th December 2013

Christmas is almost here and we thought it was only fitting to have a look at some of the best Christmas lighting displays around. We all have a house in our town that has to go those few steps too far and we have found some of those and brought them together in this blog post.

The Largest Display in the World!

The current World Record for the largest outdoor Christmas lights display consists of 29,630M of LED strings, 15,000 cable ties and 27 kilometres of lights (which formed a light controlled Christmas tree.) It is held by David Richards of Canberra, Australia. Just to give you an idea it's so big we can't really find a good picture of the whole thing!


Moving a little closer to home, we take a look at some Christmas lighting displays found in the UK.


Electrician Alex Goodhind takes a month off work to string up Christmas lights which have cost an estimated £30,000.  The collection of Christmas lights have taken 15 years to build up.  The display is growing year on year with coach loads of people paying a visit to them.


Bernard and Denise Lumsden used 50,000 light bulbs and Santa scenes even inviting the public into their home to view their Winter Wonderland.  In 2006 they won a National Award for the best decorated house in the country. Unfortunately soaring electricity costs of over £1,200 forced them to stop in 2008.


Twin brothers Paul and Lee Brailsford decorate the outside of their home with £20,000 of Christmas lights transforming it into a winter wonderland.  The display includes tens of thousands of Christmas lights.  Wallace and Gromit even came to switch on the 2012 display which costs £450 per day to run.


Rather than neighbourhood rivalry, this neighbourhood in Dorset club together to create a Christmas lighting display that is a drain on the National Grid.  Known as Britain's most festive street, the neighbours report a 'dip' in the electrical supply when the displays are switched on at dusk. Around 50 households take part with the display visible up to half a mile away.  Residents club together to pay an extra £50 per month on each homes electricity bill.


And Is this the craziest lighting display ever?

A Texan home adorned with more than 25,000 LED lights flash in perfect timing to the four minute song Gangham Style before stopping abruptly and beginning again.  It has to be seen to be believed, by watching the official video


Energy Usage

According to christmaslightsetc.com you are classed as  “enthusiastic” if cars line up outside your house to watch your display.  To be defined in this category you would be catching up rapidly with those featured in our crazy lighting displays, as you would be adding lights to every inch of your property including wrapping trees and any other physical feature in your garden with lights.  Open spaces would be filled with animated Christmas character often accompanied by the sound of music.

All of this unsurprisingly does not come cheap.  An enthusiastic user can expect to use 2,369 watts of electricity which equates to £24.58 for the season if they're using LED lights.  Users of traditional incandescent lighting will be using 18,332 watts which equates to £190.25 for the season. Crazy!

It comes as little surprise to see more displays of a competing nature popping up in neighbourhoods in recent years.  This is thanks to the low energy use of LED lights which are not only recommended to reduce risk of fire and electric shock but also from a financial perspective.

In the past, heavy users of outdoor lighting would've bee restricted to those who could afford them.  Now the opportunity for crazy Christmas lighting displays is open to all!