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Case Study - Luke Lowson

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 12th October 2016


We caught up with Luke to see what he is up to now he has completed some qualifications with us at the Gatwick training centre. Luke is one of the youngest students we have had train through the company, he completed his first qualification in back in 2013 and has been coming back for numerous qualifications since.

How did you hear about Trade Skills 4U? 

My parents told me Trade Skills 4U were having a taster day for young people who were interested in electrical careers. As I wasn’t sure about my career at the time I thought I’d give it a go to see if I enjoyed the course as well as find out more about how to become an electrician.

Which courses are you studying and when did you take them?

C&G 2365 Diploma course and 17th Edition which I finished about four years ago; since then I have been back to do a PAT testing courses which my current employer has paid for.

How are you finding the courses?

Really good, I really enjoy the classes. The tutors are really helpful in breaking things down in a way that I can understand. I’ve always found the maths slightly difficult, however the more I’ve practised the easier it’s getting. One way I’ve overcome the maths barrier is applying the maths to a practical situation. For some reason this helped me understand how maths is used by an electrician.  

What did you most enjoy about the course? 

I really enjoyed learning the science behind how electrics works. The practical’s were also great because it broke the day up between theory and practical.

Have you found employment since taking the course and who is it through?

Before the course I tried to find some hands-on experience, so I helped on the electrical team at Chessington World of Adventures. Then after enrolling on the course I spent about eight months self-employed. More recently I have started working for Fishers Farm Park as a maintenance electrician.

What made you choose Trade Skills 4U?

The taster day really swayed it for me. The tutors were friendly and approachable, it made me realise this is really what I want to do as a career.

What were your initial goals when training for Trade Skills 4U?

To learn about the electrical trade and start a career.


Would you recommend Trade Skills 4U?

Yes definitely. I keep coming back to do the courses and each time I’ve had the best experience so they must be doing something right!


We think it’s great Luke has managed to find employment in the electrical industry at such a young age. Since coming to the taster day a few years back, he has been dedicated to achieving his goals through hard work and with a genuine interest for the trade.

We wish you the best of luck Luke.


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