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Andrew Codling - Case Study

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 17th July 2015

Today we caught up with Andy Codling after spending a week with him on the 4141-01 Domestic Installer course, we wanted to find out his motivations for studying at Trade Skills 4U. 

Name: Andy Codling
Age: 43
Location: Kent, Maidstone
How did you hear about us?

I started my search by looking on the internet, I did a Google search, and Trade Skills 4U came at the top of my search results.

I decided to go with you over a different provider because the website is very professional and the location was an important factor for me.


Which course are you studying at Trade Skills 4U?

Green Domestic Installer Course


What are the dates of your course?

My course runs 4 weeks consecutively, then I am returning mid-August for the solar power section of the course.

How are you finding the course at our centre?

Yes really good, it’s been really helpful, all the tutors I’ve met so far have been really good, they’re very talented and always go out of their way to make sure they help each every student. On a heavy week like Part P where there is lots of theory, it’s nice to have a jovial atmosphere in the classroom, the tutor made it fun for us whilst we’re learning or it could have become very heavy going.

What type of work were you doing before training?

Managing an accelerometer calibration lab – we calibrate devices used on aircraft, automotive, space craft and many other applications to measure vibration. My job was to certify them and ensure they were working correctly. I got made redundant from them on the 29th May, they had decided to move their offices to North Wales, they gave me the choice to move with them or take a volunteered redundancy, as my wife owns her own hair salon here we decided we had too many ties to leave, therefore my old employers paid for the course as part of my redundancy package.

What work are you intending on carrying out after the course?

I am actually thinking about setting up a training and consultancy firm, similar to what I was doing before, but that is my long term goal, because I have an electronic and electrical background anyway, I thought if I could do this for my bread and butter money that would keep me ticking over until my business gets off the ground, it might take a few years to get going, so until that’s established I will be doing property maintenance, a few hours at a time, maybe not a full re-wire but small jobs to keep me going.

How long since you last studied?

I did a masters degree in 2007, this was an online course whilst working full time job, with two children the masters was in information technology, I also studied electrical, electronic engineering at university and college. I also taught myself software design at my previous company were most of the software was designed by me.

What difference will this course make to your career?

All the tips you gain from Doug on the course are really helpful, it’s really handy to know all the tricks of the trade and Doug teaches you the correct way to do everything which means not only are you learning but your learning how to install correctly and to the industry standards. I wanted to gain my qualifications, get my part p building regulations qualifications and get out working as soon as possible.

What type of work are you now doing?

Contracting for my old firm a few days here and there.

What would you say to someone thinking about training with Trade Skills 4U?

Definitely choose Trade Skills 4U, the facilities are really good and a lot better than some of the places I’ve been too, sometimes the parking is tight, but if you get here early which I normally do you’re fine.

What are you planning on doing in the future?

I would like to get my training company up and running and keeping my hand in electrics in the meantime, even at the weekends if people need work doing I would be more than happy to help where I can to make sure I put my qualifications to good use.

How did you find having me as your classmate?

Nah its cool, it’s nice to see the staff getting involved!

Would you encourage more women coming into the trade?

I don’t see why it should be a male orientated environment…




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