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Trade Skills 4U Feedback Statistics Released: 1st Quarter 2012

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th May 2012

January to April 2012: 99.7% of our customers would recommend us

At Trade Skills 4U we value you feedback. We value it so much that we provide you with these forms so we can uncover exactly what you thought about your experience at every stage of your training. We do this because we care and because we want to make sure that you are getting the ultimate training experience that you have paid for and deserve.

So now that the first quarter is over we thought we’d compile this enormous stack of forms into some clear, understandable statistics so you can see what you and others think of us overall.

From January 2012 – April 2012 we can officially say that of the 1066 feedback forms we collected, over 99.7% of our customers said they’d recommend us!

We can also confirm that during April 2012 100% of customers surveyed said they would recommend us!

Out of these 1066 feedback forms, 67% of our customers said our courses met their expectations with a further 30% claiming that we actually exceeded their expectations. Overall, these figures combined show that over 97% of our customers were blinking delighted with our training.

Out of these 1066 feedback forms, 72.4% of our customers said their overall experience was ‘Excellent,’ and 26.1% rated it as ‘Good.’ When combined this data highlights that 98.5% of our customers were very happy with the overall service they received from Trade Skills 4U.

Pretty impressive stuff huh? The data, even though compiled with blood, sweat and tears has certainly put a spring in our step today and we hope it has yours too.

Allergic to graphs? Don’t worry if you would like to see the things our past and present students say about us you can check our feedback forms our online via our Trade Skills 4U Reviews page.

If you would like to hear about the things our students say about us you can check out our Trade Skills 4U Video Reviews page.

What can we say; we have a habit of going above and beyond to show you what it is like to train with Britain’s Premier Electrical and Renewable Energy Training Company, Trade Skills 4U.


All data has been compiled from actual feedback forms received in the centre.

Data source: In-House Trade Skills 4U Report into Customer Feedback Jan2012-April2012.


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