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Year In Review -Top Posts & Stories From 2014

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 22nd December 2014

Wow we are at the end of another year. Time really does fly especially in an industry which seems constantly evolve. 2014 was a fairly non eventful year as it happens. But this is because the main change is due to happen next year with the new 17th edition regs book being published in January and a whole host of publications and courses set to change as a result. However we have listed some of our most hotly debated and interesting blog posts from the last 12 months below:


In January we saw a message from the NICEIC  following the meeting between DCLG and the main scheme providers. Shortly after we saw the new “Registered Competent Person Electrical” website launch, which combined installers from all scheme providers in one searchable database.



We polled our customers to find out which DIY disasters they most commonly get called out to fix. Light fittings and circuits were clear winners with well over 70% of the votes.



We were busy in March launching our new website. Our new site brought a host of new features such as mobile compatibility, online availability, course finder feature and much more to ensure our customers got the very best experience from the very second they initially interact with Trade Skills 4U.



We surveyed numerous customers and online groups to research day rates. To our surprise there was much more to consider than simply how much you charge. Our research showed that HOW you charge seemed to be more important.



May was a very busy month with lots on the go. We were officially accredited by Matrix for providing excellent information guidance and advice. We also polled our customers to see if they preferred domestic of commercial work and published and infographic. We also launched our EV charging installers course.





One of the biggest surprises came in June when the powers that be listened to the everyday electricians who were finding themselves unable to work due to changes in structure of the NVQ. Essentially many guys who were frozen out of industry found a door re-open. This was also the month that saw the world cup dominate all headlines and here we saw our resident football expert predict some winners too.




We were able to highlight a major issue faced by the electrical industry in counterfeit books. The issue is made more serious by the fact that many of the books contain errors meaning safety is often compromised. We also published a post featuring comments from NAPIT on the 3rd party register scheme.




Summer was quiet this year and we published a very popular review of the latest Megger MFT1735.



During September we clarified some of the confusion around which cards are required to access site and carry out electrical work.



So October was the biggie. We all knew it was coming but finally all was confirmed and the wheels were set in motion for the latest amendment of the 17th edition to be published and for the courses to be updated. We highlighted the key things you needed to know. October also saw some of our most popular posts of the year with our Halloween Hall of Horrors making an impact as did our electrical Darwin Awards post.





In November we saw an episode of watchdog which inspired one of the most popular posts we ever published. The show saw a so called “electrician” putting his and everyone else’s lives at risk numerous times. This is clearly one of the worst electricians in the UK! We also looked at some of the best electric cars for 2015.




So Christmas is nearly here and if you want to buy a gift for yourself or a colleague or even a loved on then look no further than our post looking at some of the must have gadgets for 2015.