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Combining the best to deliver better

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th September 2012

This week begins with an announcement confirming the beginning of an exciting partnership formed between TradeSkills4U and building services software company, Amtech. This brand new relationship, created to add value to each company’s current services, will provide both companies existing customers with a range of discounts on first class electrician training and a range of specialist software.


Yes software and exciting software at that. Amtech produces a real range of purpose built programmes aimed contracting companies who want to take the stress out of the everyday running of their businesses. From today, all Tradeskills4u customers will be able to receive discounts on a range of software which is guaranteed to start saving you time and money.

The best tool out there for TradeSkills4U customers has to be the ‘WorkSmart’ programme. Specifically aimed at smaller contracting companies, this programme is an easy to use tool which helps you produce correct estimates, price jobs and write up invoices. Powered by LUCKINS, WorkSmart houses thousands of products at their current listed trade price and will be automatically calculated using your preferred supplier’s discounts. Within WorkSmart you can add labour rates, mark ups and price up materials accurately, taking the stress out of the admin side of the job which most contractors tend to dislike.

Sounds good doesn't it? Tradeskills4u customers will be able to access this software at a discounted rate once they have successfully booked and paid for their courses.

To find out more about the partnership, visit our Amtech partner’s page.

Why not take a look at our recent Press Release about our Amtech partnership by following this link.


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National Tradesmen's Day

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 21st September 2012

and finally our lovely Part P class, enjoying their cakes :)


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Back to School; Autumn Term Begins

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th September 2012

The month of September resonates the beginnings of a new academic year. The ‘back to school’ nostalgia, imbedded deep within like January’s ‘new year new start’ romanticism always leaves us with the desire to reinvest in our most prized possession; ourselves.

So as the joys of our last bank holiday are forgotten and we climb into the autumnal season, it is hardly surprising that education is front page news. With controversy over the latest GCSE results and government announcing reviews to course material and exams over the coming years, it seems change is at the forefront of the academic agenda.

Even though these expected changes have been brought about in a negative manner, they will no doubt help improve the relevancy of these qualifications and help ensure they are appropriately fulfilling for the future generations.

Standing knee deep in the digital era it is important that our educational routes are updated alongside the marvellous technology our world continues to develop. Proactive revision to course materials and examinations can only highlight the strategic commitment and dedication to the course subject itself and we too are introducing some changes for the new academic year.

City & Guilds, one of our main governing bodies, have recently launched a range of new courses of which we have begun to successfully deliver. The City & Guilds 2394, 2395 and 2396 are all new courses that are taking the place of the well-known 2391-10 and 2391-20 courses. These new quals are more rounded replacements and have additions such as ‘three phase.’ Having been updated and sculpted for  those looking to verify, test, inspect and certify; candidates taking these courses can be assured that they are taking the most up to date and relevant qualifications in their industry.

On a similar note the new City & Guilds 2365 (full commercial electricians course) is currently in full flow within our centre. This electrician’s course replaces the very successful City & Guilds 2330 courses which are due to expire in December 2012.

We have also introduced specialist NAPIT courses such as the  NAPIT Blueflame ISO 17024 Course and the 27 day NAPIT 17024 Electrical Installer Package which are exciting and unique courses in their own right and brand new for 2012. 

In line with these new courses (and our passion for digital) we have also updated our brochures online. Customers can now view our brochures both interactively online in Flash format or download them to keep and print as PDF’s.

To view our brochures online, visit our brochures page or contact one of our customer advisors who will be happy to send you one via email.

So whether it’s an update course or the means to a completely new career, September is the ideal time to take the leap to train. Visit our electricians courses page to view our entire range of qualifications or call us on 01293 529777 to speak to our experienced advisors. Either way be assured we’ll be on hand to guide you through the options we have available.


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Tuesday Blues

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 11th September 2012

After our golden summer of sporting events, the days that were the Olympics and Paralympics have finally come to close. London’s hosting, sealed with the Team GB London parade, will forever be viewed as the event that ‘brought this country together,’ said London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Today, filled with Olympic/Paralympic blues, we are reminded of the thrill that was this summer as we recap the additional medals that were won over the past 5 days bringing our total medal count to a fantastic 120!

Final medallists for the Paralympics.

Silver – Shelly Woods – Women’s Marathon – T54

Gold – David Weir – Men’s Marathon – T54

Gold – Josie Pearson – Women’s Discus Throw – F51/52/53 Final

Bronze - Rachel Morris – Women’s Individual H 1-3 Road Race

Silver – Great Britain – Women’s 4 x100m Medley Relay – 34 Points

Bronze – Harriet Lee – Women’s 100m Breaststroke – SB9

Silver – Ellie Simmons – Women’s 100m Freestyle – S6

Bronze – Great Britain – Men’s Team Class 6-8

Bronze – Great Britain – Women’s Doubles

For our other roundups visit our Paralympic Roundup 3, Paralympic Roundup 2, Paralympic Roundup 1

Want to re-live #TeamGB Olympic moments? Check out our Olympic blog posts here Olympic Round up 4, Olympic Round up 3, Olympic Round up 2, Olympic Round up 1.

Imagesource@ www1.skysports.com


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Powering through; Paralympic Roundup

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 7th September 2012

As nineteen year old Jonnie Peacock raced to win Gold last night in the 100m – T44 Final it’s probably safe to say that was a moment in time for Great Britain. Having lost his right leg after a battle with meningitis, Jonnie proved that anything was possible smashing the Paralympic record with 10.90 seconds. His passion to succeed was echoed by the 80,000 strong crowd that chanted his name around the stadium last night. However in true British style, our nation showed the respect the athletes deserved by falling silent in the moments leading to the race.

His astounding performance came in a night where we saw David ‘The Weirwolf’ Weir and Hannah Cookroft claimed their third and second gold of the games respectively.

Our last Paralympic update highlighted the 54 medals won by our athletes, and only four days later I am about to note the additional 54 bring our total medals won to 108! This total exceeds the predicted total of 103 and with three more days to go before the closing ceremony who knows what this high spirited team are capable of?

Medal winners since Monday 3rd September:


Gold - Danielle Brown – Women’s Individual Compound - Open

Silver – Mel Clarke - Women’s Individual Compound – Open

Gold – Jonnie Peacock – Men’s 100m – T44

Bronze – Ola Abidogun – Men’s 100m – T46

Gold – Mickey Bushell – Men’s 100m – T53

Bronze – Ben Rushgrove – Men’s 200m – T36

Silver – Paul Blake – Men’s 400m – T36

Bronze – David Devine – Men’s 1500m – T13

Gold – David Weir – Men’s 1500m – T54

Silver – Dab Greaves – Men’s Discus Throw – F44

Bronze – David Devine – 800m – T12

Bronze – Paul Blake – Men’s 800m – T36

Gold – David Weir – Men’s 800m – T54

Gold – Hannah Cockroft – Women’s 200m – T34

Bronze – Beverley jones – Women’s Discus Throw – T35/T38

Bronze – Great Britain – Women’s 4 x 100m Relay – T35/T38


Bronze – Great Britain – Mixed Team BC1 – 2

Cycling - Road

Silver – Mark Colbourne – Men’s Individual C 1 Time Trial

Gold – Sarah Storey – Women’s Individual C 4-5 Road Race

Silver – Karen Darke – Women’s Individual H 1-2 Time Trial

Gold – Sarah Storey – Women’s Individual C 5 Time Trial

Bronze – David Stone – Mixed T 1-2 Time Trial


Gold – Sophie Christiansen – Mixed Individual Freestyle Test Grade la

Gold – Natasha Baker – Mixed Individual Freestyle Test Grade II

Silver – Deborah Criddle – Mixed Individual Freestyle Test Grade III

Silver – Sophie Wells – Mixed Individual Freestyle Test – Grade IV

Bronze – Lee Pearson – Mixed Individual Freestyle Test Grade Ib


Bronze – Ben Quilter – Men’s – 60kg


Gold – Helena Lucas – Mixed single – Person Keelboat (2.4mR)

Bronze – Great Britain – Mixed Two Person Keelboat (SKUD18)


Bronze – Matthew Skelton – Mixed R6-50m Rifle Prone-SH1


Bronze – Matthew Walker – Men’s 50m Freestyle – S7

Gold – Josef Craig – Men’s 400m Freestyle – S7

Bronze – Robert Welbourn – Men’s 400m Freestyle – S10

Bronze – James Clegg – Men’s 100m Butterfly – S12

Bronze – Oliver Hynd – Men’s 100m Backstroke – S8

Silver – Aaron Moores – Men’s 100m Backstroke – S14

Silver – Sasha Kindred – Men’s 200m Ind. Medley – SM6

Gold – Oliver Hynd – Men’s 200m Ind. Medley – SM8

Bronze – Eleanor Simmonds – Women’s 50m Freestyle – S6

Silver- Louise Watkin – Women’s 50m Freestyle – S9

Bronze – Susannah Rodgers – Women’s 100m Freestyle – S7

Silver – Heather Frederiksen – Women’s 100m Freestyle – S8

Bronze – Susannah Rodgers – Women’s 400m Freestyle – S7

Silver – Stephanie Millward – Women’s 400m Freestyle – S9

Silver – Charlotte Henshaw – Women’s 100m Breaststroke – SB6

Silver – Claire Cashmore – Women’s 100m Breaststroke – SB8

Gold – Heather Fredriksen – Women’s 100m Backstroke – S8

Bronze – Hannah Russell – Women’s 100m Backstroke – S12

Silver – Stephanie Millward – Women’s 200m Ind. Medley – SM9

Bronze – Louise Watkin – Women’s 200m Ind. Medley – SM9

Bronze – Natalie Jones – Women’s 200m Ind. Medley – SM6

Bronze – Great Britain – Women’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay 34 Points

Table Tennis

Bronze – Paul Davies – Men’s Singles – Class 1

WheelChair Tennis

Silver – Great Britain – Mixed Quad Doubles

Can’t wait to see what this weekend brings…. #paralympics

For our other roundups visit our Paralympic Roundup 2, Paralympic Roundup 1


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Government rolls up their sleeves to create 140,000 jobs

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 6th September 2012

In a statement released today, David Cameron has released details of his plans to help revitalise the construction industry. His statement highlighted details of how the cabinet are pursuing the removal of some of the restrictions that currently surround measures to gain planning permission.

This announcement comes at a time where the construction industry has received a slight dip in growth due to the amount of hurdles homeowners have to overcome in order to begin works on their homes. According to the independent “almost 200,000 households apply each year for permission to make improvements such as conservatories, rear extensions and garage conversions;” however the process of gaining planning permission can take years. By temporarily removing the bureaucracy surrounding planning permission, homeowners will be able to expand with no need to ask their local authority. This rule will apply to shops, offices and industrial units during this time.

The current rules stipulate that single-storey extensions can be construction freely without the need for planning permission providing they do not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by a set distance. The limit for semidetached properties is 3 meters whilst an extra meter is given to detached properties looking to extend in this way. Under the new rules, set to be enforced next month, these limits will be doubled however these changes are not currently set to apply to loft extensions.

“The measures announced today show this government is serious about rolling its sleeves up and doing all it can to kick-start the economy,” Cameron said.

“Some of the proposals are controversial; others have been a long time in coming,” he said. “But along with our housing strategy, they provide a comprehensive plan to unleash one of the biggest homebuilding programmes this country has seen in a generation. That means more investment around the county; more jobs for our people; and more young families able to realize their dreams and get on the housing ladder.”

George Osborne’s ‘£60 billion’ investment into the infrastructure is also set to help first-time buyers who will be offered equity loans of up to 20% of the property value that can be used as a deposit.


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Helping our customer plug into success

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 4th September 2012

Training with TradeSkills4U? You''ll be glad you did as you're one of the many success stories waiting to be written. On 31st August 2012 (Friday) we were sent a very beautiful email by one of our former trainee's Wayne Lewis and this is what is said.

In the sunny months of June last year, Wayne Lewis made a life changing decision. He was going to pack in his well-paid job in retail and begin a series of courses which would allow him to qualify as a domestic electrician. Why? “Because I’ve always wanted to be an electrician,” he recalls and he’s never looked back.

Mr Lewis now owner of FusedRight.com with his daughter and their company van

Mr Lewis, now 30, describes his next steps; “once I realised that I was going to pursue this career, I consulted my family on the decision and gained their full support. Even though I had very little experience in the field, I decided that an electrician is what I wanted to be. So I did some research to find the best place to achieve my goal and found TradeSkills4U to be that place.”

Wayne completed his training at Crawley based electrical training centre, TradeSkills4U despite living over 150 miles away. “Although I am based in Birmingham I took the risk of commuting to Crawley and received the best tutelage, which completely exceeded all expectation.  The tutors were amazing and even though I trained over a year ago now, I can still remember their names. All my instructors were not only informative, but delivered their courses to the highest standard. As a totally inexperienced electrician, I gained the priceless knowledge that I needed to pursue my new career. I feel indebted to them for their time and patience and the opportunities that now lay before me.”

Wayne completed the companies specialist new entrant course called the Domestic Installer Bronze course which packages up the vital City & Guilds courses a new entrant needs in order to begin practising electrics in domestic settings. Courses like the Part P and 17th Edition Wiring Regulations are included so that installers can gain excellent competence when training for their future.

Wayne, now a fully qualified electrician lives and works in his hometown near Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and runs a success business called FusedRight.

“A year on I not only have public liability insurance, I have employer’s liability too. I have a team of staff who like me are completely overworked with the sheer amount of jobs that are out there. We all work at least 6 days a week and I am continually turning down work because I just cannot squeeze the time in. I sometimes wish there were eight days in a week. I thoroughly enjoy the work I'm doing and love the opportunity to offer both customer service and knowledge of the regulations I now know.  The journey has been a challenge, but the end result is priceless. Thanks ever so much to TradeSkills4U for fulfilling my dream of not only being an electrician, but a good one who practises the regulations on every job.”

Change is any form can be scary but if you want to a make a difference, you have to be different. If you are considering a career as an electrician and would like some advice about the steps to take, call us on 01293 529777 and like Wayne, you too could be fulfilling your dream.

For more information on the range of courses we offer, give us a call on 01293 529777 or visit our electrician courses page.



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Paralympic Weekend Recap

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 3rd September 2012

Having participated in every Paralympic games and cumulatively won 1,522 medals, #TeamGB sit proudly in 2nd place on the all-time medal table. This position, currently reflecting our 2012 London Games medal position, is an incredible place to hold and reflects how much support and opportunity this country provides for those with disability. So far we’ve won 54 medals in the London 2012 and here’s a recap of the action just in case you missed it.

Weekend Recap

Our Golden girl Ellie Simmonds smashed a world record to gain gold in the pool.

Richard Whitehead raced through the final 100m of his 200m – T42 race on the track, blitzing his previous world record time with a time of 24.38.

His success was followed by our two Irish sportsmen Jason Smyth and Michael McKillop also winning gold in the men’s T13 100m and 800m T37 respectively.

Two gold’s won in the velodrome for Team GB with Barney Storey piloted Neil Fachie to win the men's Individual B 1km Time Trial.

His success was made that little bit sweeter as his wife and fellow #TeamGB teammate, Sarah Storey went on to win her second gold in her Individual C4-5 500m time Trial event.

Great Britain's Equestrian riders won a fifth successive Team title and backed it up with three Individual medals, including a gold for 24-year-old Sophie Christiansen in Grade Ia.

Weekend’s Medal Winners

Silver - Graeme Ballard Men’s 100m – T36

Gold - Richard Whitehead Men’s 200m – T42

Bronze - Aled Davies Men’s Shotput F42/44

Bronze - Robin Womack Men’s Shotput F54/55/56

Gold - David Weir Men’s 5000m – T54

Gold - Aled Davies Men’s Discus Throw – F43

Silver - Stef Reid Women’s Long Jump – F42/44

Silver - Libby Clegg Women’s 100 – T12

Gold - Hannah Cockcroft Women’s 100m – T34

Bronze - Gemma Prescott Women’s Club Throw – F31/32/51

Bronze - Claire Williams – Women’s Discus Throw – F11/12

Gold – Anthony Kappes – Men’s Cycling Track

Silver – Neil Fachie – Men’s Cycling Track

Silver – Shaun McKewown – Men’s Cycling Track

Bronze – Darren Kenny – Men’s Cycling Track

Bronze – Jody Cundy - Men’s Cycling Track

Gold – Neil Fachie - Men’s Cycling Track

Bronze – Aileen McGlynn - Women’s Cycling Track

Gold – Sarah Storey - Women’s Cycling Track

Silver – Mixed Cycling Track

Gold – Sophie Christiansen - Mixed Individual Championship Test - Grade Ia

Gold – Natasha Baker - Mixed Individual Championship Test - Grade II

Silver – Deborah Criddle - Mixed Individual Championship Test - Grade III

Silver – Sophie Wells - Mixed Individual Championship Test - Grade IV

Silver – Lee Pearson - Mixed Individual Championship Test - Grade Ib

Gold - Mixed Team Championship

Silver – Samuel Ingram – Men’s 90kg

Gold – Mixed Rowing

Silver – Matthew Skelhon – Mixed Shooting

Bronze – James Belvis – Mixed Shooting

Bronze – Matthew Whorwood – Men’s 400m Freestyle – S6

Silver – Oliver Hynd - Men's 400m Freestyle - S8

Bronze – Same Hynd - Men's 400m Freestyle - S8

Bronze - James Clegg - Men's 100m Butterfly - S12

Silver – James Crisp – Men’s 100m Backstroke – S9

Gold – Jessica-Jane Applegate – Women’s 200m Freestyle – S14

Gold – Eleanor Simmonds – Women’s 400m Freestyle – S6

Silver – Heather Frederiksen – Women’s 400m Freestyle – S8

Bronze – Hannah Russell – Women’s 100m Butterfly – S12

Silver – Claire Cashmore – Women’s 100m Backstroke – SB8

Silver – Stephanie Millward – Women’s 100m Backstroke S9

Silver - William Bayley – Men’s Singles Class 7 (Table Tennis)



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