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Farewell 2391-10 Inspection & Testing Course

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 29th June 2012

Being a specialist electrical training centre Trade Skills 4U staff have become very familiar with a range of electrical qualifications. In fact we probably know them better than anyone else out there.

We are soon to say goodbye to an old friend the City & Guilds 2391-10 Periodic Inspection & Testing Course. It is one of the most highly regards qualifications in the industry and allows successful candidates to carry out period inspection & testing.

The 2391-10 was first introduced back in February 2008. Since then it has been regarded as one of the most difficult qualifications to gain in the industry and indicative of an electrician or contractor at the top of their game. Nationally the qualification has a pass rate of around 32%, however we are very proud to have achieved a pass rate above 80% on our last course and consistently perform way above the national average.

The 2391-10 has been reworked by City & Guilds and replaced by 2 qualifications:

City & Guilds 2394 Initial Verification Course

City & Guilds 2395 Periodic Inspection & Testing Course

Officially the above courses replace the 2391-10 however in reality it is actually the 2395 which is a direct replacement, covering periodic inspection & testing. Here at Trade Skills 4U we view the City & Guilds 2394 as a replacement for the 2392 but with three phase thrown in.

One thing about the new qualifications is that they actually share a unit and exam. As such we will be shortly launching a course package covering both the 2394 and 2395. This will save candidates both time and money.

Our final 2391-10 courses will run on the 30th July and are fully booked. However for those who have previously taken the 2391-10 but not yet passed their qualifications we can still register you for an exam and there are 3 exams dates left this year. However the final registration dates for these will be the 31st July so if you are interested please contact us on 01293 529777 today for more info.

If you have missed out on this qualification, don't worry simply book onto the 2395 instead. We already have course dates available.

So whilst we say goodbye to an old friend we also say hello to two new qualifications.


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Trade Skills 4U Renewable Centre Celebrates Its First Birthday

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 20th June 2012

Like the queen, Trade Skills 4U have two birthdays. One that marks the beginning of our very existence and the other that celebrates the launch of our renewable energy training centre – lucky us.

The latter (on Sunday 17th June) marked our Renewable Energy Centre’s first birthday. For those of you who don’t remember the birth, we celebrated the arrival with a visit from Simon Weston O.B.E and our local conservative MP Henry Smith. Together Industry experts, installers, energy bods, partners and our delightful team enjoyed a day filled with seminars, demonstrations and a lovely bit of cake.

Since the launch we have built new classrooms, added extra courses, expanded and developed our roof, which is STILL Britain’s first and only training roof of its kind by the way and trained countless renewable energy installers in the bright industry that is renewable energy.

It is our constant progression and unrivalled dedication that has led us to achieve the title of Britain’s number 1 electrical and renewable energy training provider which we learned earlier in the year.

“Renewable energy is undoubtedly the future,” says Carl Bennett, MD of Trade Skills 4U. “You only have to take a brisk walk around your neighbourhood to spot solar PV and solar thermal panels sitting happily on a variety of roofs and buildings. It’s incredible how much the industry has come along just in the past year and we are delighted to have been part of this move from fossil fuel energy to cleaner and greener source.

Mr Bennett set about building the renewable energy centre last year from a vision he had about offering the utmost practical electrical training experience the countries ever seen.

“We are very proud of what we have established here at our renewable energy training centre. We believe it sets a benchmark by which other training facilities can be measured. We have been overwhelmed over the last year with the response both in terms of numbers through our doors and customer feedback on the quality of the training and the centre itself.”

The launch also acted a platform in which to kick-start our Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme.

“We are happy to have helped some really deserving guys get a head start in a new career. We have learned a lot over the last year about how to manage and deliver our bursary scheme. One key thing we realised was that the people that needed the bursary the most could hardly even afford to travel to our centre. As such we have since teamed up with the British Legion and Civvy Street who have helped provide access to employment grants and other funding opportunities for our bursary applicants to travel to and from their courses,” adds Mr Bennett.

So far our notable bursary scheme has helped numerous candidates through the means of discounts and bursary places to help them achieve successful employment. Our first successful candidate Ian Lockie went on to find employment in the solar PV industry within days of completing his course.

If you know anyone who is looking to retrain who has a service serving background in the military make sure you check out www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/pages/free-training

With the expected arrival of the Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive, we have all sorts of goodies up our sleeve. We are unveiling new courses shortly and will be looking to offer a great range of energy assessor’s courses and green deal assessor courses as and when the course material is available – in other words watch this space!


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England Euro 2012 Final Group Game Permutations

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 19th June 2012

So we have put an offer on that ends when England go out of Euro 2012. Fortunately so far we have drawn one and won one, meaning that the chances are that we will go through to the quarter finals. However we need to be ready to tweak our pricing if England go out.

Now we thought this would be quite simple, however after watching the final rounds of each group over the last few days it is clear that the permutations for England going through are not clear cut and there are a number of different results that will mean we can progress. 

To help you understand what these are we have listed them below:

1. A win secures qualification to the group stages. If France can only manage a draw or lose to Sweden then England will actually be group winners.

2. A draw will also see us progress and if France lose to Sweden then we will still be group winners. If both England and France draw then France will go be group winners.

3. If England lose then we will not progress, but only if France draw or beat Sweden. If Sweden were to beat France then it comes down to goal difference. Currently France’s goal difference is only 1 better than ours.

Generally speaking we look pretty safe. Even if we lose there is a chance we will go through although I can’t see France losing to Sweden. However Greece’s qualification above Russia shows just how anything can happen on the final day of the group stages.

We believe England can do this but if you are thinking of booking and catching our Euro 2012 offer you may want to act now just to be safe.

So come on England!



Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th June 2012

Today, everyone and anyone that cares about the impact of fossil fuels on our gracious world is coming together on social networking site, Twitter, to campaign against the subsidies that encourage its existence.

During the 24 hour ‘twitterstorm’ which started at 6pm UTC in Sydney, twitter has been overwhelmed by messages from activists, green energy supporters, sustainable businesses and industry professionals to help highlight the need to end subsidies that encourage fossil fuels and encourage the need to invest in clean energy solutions. In recent weeks leading up until this twitter crusade, over 1 million signatures have been collected in support of this campaign which simply highlights the need to address this and the increasing amount of public’s interest that is associated with green energy.

According to figures compiled by Oil Change International, countries together are spending as much as $1 trillion dollars annually on fossil fuel subsidies. The International Energy Agency estimates that by cutting these subsidies, the world can cut global warming causing emissions in half and significantly contribute to preventing a 2 degree temperature rise, the number most scientist’s say we need to stay under to prevent runaway climate change.*

If you would like to get involved and show your support – tweet now and include #endfossilfuelsubsides and sign the petition today - http://endfossilfuelsubsidies.org/



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5% Off All Course Packages During Euro 2012

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 11th June 2012


Well it’s that time again. Despite having Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle football fans in our office we will all be supporting the same team tonight when England take on France in the Euro’s. In fact the whole office is feeling very patriotic at the moment. We still have all our flags and bunting up from the queens Jubilee and we will probably keep them up right through until after the Olympics.

However we know just how important the coming three weeks are to our nation. That’s why we have introduced our Euro offer. 

Simply book a package course while England remain in with a chance of winning the Euro’s and you will receive 5% off.

The longer England remain in Euro 2012 the longer this offer will remain. However be aware that the offer will be removed the second the final whistle goes on on Englands last game during which they could still potentially win the Euro's, be that in the group stages or in the knock out stages. This could mean it is all over after just 2 games!

So don’t hang about, if you are thinking about booking a course package with us make sure you do it soon. We hope this offer will be around until the end of the competition. If England win Euro 2012 we may even consider extending it, but for now lets just focus on winning tonight and getting through the group stages. Fingers crossed it doesn't all end in tears!

To book one of our discounted electrical course packages simply book online or by phone on 01293 529777 before the final whistle of our last game.


Trade Buddy - Experience Exchange Website

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 8th June 2012

We recognise that many of the people that train with Trade Skills 4U often walk out of their training looking for a job or a work experience placement to put into practice what they have learnt in the centre. This can be daunting and sometimes hard depending on how good you are at marketing yourself.

Many students will go on to carry out initial jobs at home, for friends and family in order to build their portfolio of work and gain their Part P certification. Those who attend our courses often find that they make good contacts whilst training here and can often end up working for or with fellow students. 

Due to the range of people that train with Trade skills 4U we have realised we are perfectly placed to help newly qualified domestic installers and trainee electricians looking for an apprenticeship find a work placement or work experience. As such we have set up a website specifically for Trade Skills 4U customers allowing them to advertise their skills for free or a reduced rate in order to gain some initial experience.

Also for those experienced contractors who train with us and may be looking for an extra pair of trained hands the site will allow you to advertise a work experience placement or recruit an electricians mate.

All users on the website will have experienced our first class training so you know that you will be working with people who will be of use to you.

One of the hardest things when starting a project like this getting the ball rolling. We need people to advertise work experience placements or one off jobs. We also need individuals to advertise themselves offering an extra pair of hands for free or at a reduced cost in exchange for the experience they will gain.

We beleive that once this scheme starts rolling it will be an invaluable tool for all Trade Skills 4U students adding even more value to the training they receive from us.

If you want to register please visit www.trade-buddy.co.uk and register for free. The site is still in it's final stages of development but we need users to help us test and finalise the finer points in development. The first 10 users will be offer featured listings which will appear on the home page.

God Save Our Gracious Queen

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 1st June 2012

Marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, there will be numerous festivities taking place to help honour and celebrate her 60 years reign.

What will you be doing? Need some help; this is a quick recap of the merriments:

Saturday 2 June 2012 – Epsom Derby

Sunday 3rd June 2012 – The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

1,000 boats will sail down the River Thames to mark the celebration and the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen will travel in the Royal Barge which will from the centrepiece of the flotilla.

Monday 4th June 2012 – BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace

The televised concert taking place at Buckingham palace which will feature British and Commonwealth musicians.

Tuesday 5th June 2012 – St Paul’s Service & Balcony appearance

The weekend will close with a service at St Pail’s Cathedral, lunch at Westminster Hall and a Carriage ride to Buckingham palace finished by a Balcony appearance.

For those of you who will be staying at home, contemplating taking electrical courses and renewable energy courses don’t worry. Our lines will be open both Monday 4th June 2012 and Tuesday 5th June 2012 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Enjoy your weekend.


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