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Our Customer Feedback

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th March 2011

We always appreciate our customer’s feedback, in any shape or form. Our business was created with you in mind which is why your feedback helps us improve what we do at Trade Skills 4U.

We have updated our new website to contain snippets of your (our customer) feedback. These quotes will be updated regularly so our website remains fresh and current.

It’s always great to hear positive things about our courses, tutors and facilities and it gives our new customers a sense of security knowing that they are training with a recommended centre that exceeds most of our customers’ expectations.

Have a look around our new site; you may even see your quote on one of the pages!


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Welcome to Our New Website

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th March 2011

After lots of hard work it is finally ready for you to see what we offer and how we offer it. We’ve got lots of new bits, kept some of our old bits and gone with the times and added some modern bits. We’ve listed some of the new additions below so you see what we mean.

This was all inspired with you in mind so we hope it fits the bill. Take a look around our new site and let us know what you think by dropping us an email at feedback@tradeskills4u.co.uk

This will offer useful documents; FAQ’s and plan to have a student support section coming soon.

You can now see who we partner with and what we can offer you as a result. Through here you can get extra benefits from our partners that no one else can offer.

We now have both an image and a video gallery. These will continue to be filled with new and fresh content, enabling you to see exactly what we offer and how we offer it.

This new edition contain all our specialist renewable energy training courses and management courses so your staff can get qualified along with you. This section will grow to house Heat Pumps courses, solar thermal courses and more.

We’ve made our course packages more available so you can see exactly what they include and what these qualifications will enable you to do. If you have no experience in the electrical industry but you’d like to practice installing Solar PV, then an option like our Green course would suit you as it provides all the key courses you’d need to become a qualified domestic installer and Solar PV installer.

We’ve also added some new courses to our ever growing belt. These can be located under our electrical courses section and our renewable energy courses section.

We have improved our navigation so it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

This section lives in our blog and support and gives you information and links to our accreditation and awarding bodies.

We now have the technology in place so you can pay by Credit AND debit card. This handy addition allows you to pay for your course at the click of a button so you don’t miss out on those last couple of spaces on your chosen course!


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Runner Up in Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th March 2011

Managing Director of Trade Skills 4U is runner up at prestigious award ceremony












Last night it was revealed that Carl Bennett was announced runner up in the ‘Business person of the year’ category at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards, a well-known and respected award ceremony in Copthorne, West Sussex. The Evening itself was showcased within the fabulous grounds of the Effingham park hotel and saw the very best of the Gatwick Diamond community come together.

The winner of the award, Justin Acres of Clearwater was presented the award by Trevor McDonald OBE, who has been the face of ITV for many years, and saw a round of applause by a well entertained crowd.

The Gatwick Diamond is home to a vast range of businesses, which span all sectors of the economy, from household names to niche companies, and from multinationals to sole traders. ‘Just to be nominated for this award and become noticed amongst so many big and successful businesses is itself a great achievement’ says Carl. ‘I was against two much respected members of the Gatwick diamond which were a pleasure to contend with. I look forward to growing my business within the diamond as I continue to commit to the community and the success of the South East.’

Carl was originally nominated for both Business Person of the year and Small Business Person of the year in the early stages of the awards but was upgraded as judges felt his successful business was more suited to the higher category. Carl Later became a finalist in the Gatwick Diamond Business awards where he placed second out of an original thirty.

Contact: Chloe@tradeskills4u.co.uk

Direct Dial: 01293 554010

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The Real Roof

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 17th March 2011

We have all been very busy at Trade Skills 4U, not only have we launched a entire range of Solar Pv courses but we have build the best facilities to be taught on. We have created a single story roof within our new renewable energy training centre so candidates will be able to learn at height and get real and relevant training. We also had a little fun with it and created a video so you can actually see our training roof being built! Take a look a the video and let us know what you think at feedback@tradeskills4u.co.uk !

Our Renewables centre will be housing an open day in June 2011, where anyone can come and visit our centres and see what we do and how we do it. We will be offering a range of Renewable energy courses such as air source heat pumps and rain water harvesting and we'd love to see you there! To register your place on the open day email: events@tradeskills4u.co.uk and keep reading the blog for more details.



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Trade Skills 4U Partner with Easy MCS

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 17th March 2011


Trade Skills 4U and Easy MCS, today, announced their collaboration to deliver first class training with award winning MCS accreditation. This type of partnership will enable both parties to provide better and extended services to their customers.

MCS accreditation exists to protect the consumer by ensuring the products installed and the installer feeds back to the national grid and meet the approved standards. If an installation is not certified then the home owner will be unable to sell their energy back to the national grid. An installer can only gain MCS accreditation if they have both relevant accredited training and the appropriate QMS package in place.

“We are excited to be offering this new service to provide trainee’s with a straightforward route to MCS accreditation. It’s great to have found a company like Easy MCS that provide a professional and supportive service which echoes our own philosophy, when delivering relevant training” says Quality Coordinator Donna Latimer at Trade Skills 4U.

Thomas Farquhar, Sales Manager for Award Winning Easy MCS Ltd comments “We are thrilled to be partnering with Trade Skills 4U undoubtedly the UK’s most forward thinking Renewable training provider. The installers we are working with who are starting up in the Renewable’s industry often need a high levels of support and training, Trade Skills 4U has unrivalled training facilities and a full suite of courses to suit each individual installer’s needs and we are pleased to be recommending them to our customers”.

About Trade Skills 4U LTD

Trade Skills 4U LTD are the UK’s largest independent electrical training centre that specialises in electrical training courses. Their Renewable Energy Training facility will be launching in May where a range of Renewable energy skills such as Solar PV courses will be on offer.

For more information please contact: Chloe Bennett on chloe.bennett@tradeskills4u.co.uk or call 01293 554010

About Easy MCS LTD

Easy MCS LTD provides award winning MCS accreditation for installers by offering a complete MCS accreditation mentoring package. This is built to ensure your company meets all the requirements of the MCS scheme.

For more information please contact: enquiries@easy-mcs.com  or call 0844 414 6041


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Renewable Heat Incentive

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 11th March 2011

After several months of delays, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is here. It’s due to start in 2012 and the £860 million pound scheme is set to save 44 million tonnes of CO2.


We have reached a time where future problems surrounding fossil fuels are inevitable as we cannot reply of the supply of oil and gas. By creating micro-generation technologies, such as solar PV and solar thermal; and launching government agreed incentives, we can start rebuilding our world with secure and natural energy sources like sun, rain and wind.

This new energy supply will reduce our traditional reliance on fossil fuels and at the same time provide new jobs throughout the supply chain: from research and development to manufacturing; renewable fuel production and supply; equipment installation and maintenance.

What is the RHI?

The RHI is similar to the Feed in Tariff but for heat instead of electricity "This incentive is the first of its kind in the world. It’ll help the UK shift away from fossil fuel, reducing carbon emissions and encouraging innovation, jobs and growth in new advanced technologies” says Chris Huhne, Energy secretary. It will guarantee long-term payments of 20 years for the end user on their renewable installations and will include all types of heating, from households to factories and public sector buildings. The Early focus however is on industry, business and large organisations and the payments will be based on the ‘heat requirement that the installation is intended to serve’ using estimates rather than actual consumptions.

Once these micro generation technologies are in place we will be reducing the production of carbon, the harmful gas affecting our world. The Incentive exists to promote these renewable technologies and offer real opportunities for the public to aid the green revolution as adjustments like these need financial support to help bring change. The RHI will pay different tariffs for different technologies, but ministers claim it will provide a 12 per cent return on the original cost of installing the technology.


The Launch of the RHI will coincide with the Governments ‘Green Deal’ which is also set to go live in 2012. The DECC explains that “The coalition government will introduce legislation to make it possible for you to have energy efficient measures carried out through the Green Deal from autumn 2012.”

The Green deal

The Green Deal itself is the biggest shake up in the history of energy efficiency, it too has the opportunity to support thousands of jobs as anyone in the supply chain of green energy is set to benefit, as mentioned before. It is mainly a way to measure energy use and encourage ways into reducing energy consumption in your home or business – whether rented or owned – and allowing you to pay for the work from the great savings on your energy bills.

The work in question, incorporating in the ‘Green Deal’ is energy installation as a quarter, or even worse a third of a home’s heat can be lost through a loft and walls. By carrying out energy efficiency improvements such as insulation you will cut your fuel bills and the saving will allow you to enjoy your cosier home for less.

Image source: solcentric.co.uk


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Eco Build Review

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 3rd March 2011

What we thought of EcoBuild 2011


Ecobuild 2011 was set to be the biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment, with over 1,300 suppliers attending, more than 130 free seminars and over a dozen interactive attractions. They did not disappoint.

The day itself breamed with information as we were handed a mass of brochures, leaflets and magazines that contained more information on renewable technologies than we could have dreamed of. Our time was spent visiting stands and seminars which demystified micro generation technologies to their finest detail and some of the stands hosted fantastic demonstrations of rainwater harvesting systems and other modern technologies.

Considering the type of event I expected to see a lot more effort made in reducing exhibitors carbon footprint by electronically distributing their information or producing their promotional materials from sustainable sources. Some companies used a modern initiative and adopted a barcode scanning system so that their customers can receive information via email whereas companies such as Dyson presented their hand drying creation the ‘Airblade,’ a product designed to dry your hands fast and effectively without the use of paper tissues, on a stand surrounded by a large wall of paper tissues which seemed to contradict the entire message they were conveying.

A down point, if this can be viewed as one, was that there was just too much information. We found ourselves overloaded by the amount of material available and not enough time to see it all. The numbering system on all the stands didn’t help as they seemed to lack any type of logic and could have been made a lot simpler.

Overall the event served its purpose by reinforcing the importance of sustainable design and proved to be paramount in demystifying such technologies so that they seemed less daunting to the potential customer, installer and any business looking to move into this fast growing market.

This expansion has led to an extension of their training family; ex-military man Mark Turner joins their team after his 23 year service ends this month. “Trade Skills 4U are a great training facility that practice what they preach.” They understand the need to employ great staff that can offer unbeatable teaching, especially whose background relates to those they teach.

“Those wanting a career change should grab opportunities like this, they’re courses equip you for the future whether you choose electrics or renewable energy. You’ll be glad you did it, I am” Says Turner.

Image source @ eco build

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Eco Build

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 1st March 2011

Tomorrow Trade Skills 4U are off to Eco Build, one of the most influential conferences in the sustainable sector to listen and learn about design, construction and debates.

This event will showcase the latest developments, products and companies in the world of environmentally friendly building. It will no doubt be both interesting and invaluable for us as we continue to explore the world of renewables in order to provide you with the best courses that have the most relevant training.

Last year it was apparent that a lot of exhibitors preached about sustainability and energy efficiency yet the venue presented a blaze of halogen lights and plastic exhibition stalls. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes this year as renewable energy has taken to new heights since the feed in tariff was introduced. There are rumours that the RHI will be announced around this event so we will have to keep you posted if we hear anything! Watch this space.

The event itself is running over the course of three days (1st-3rd March 2011) and if you’re going tomorrow; we’ll see you there!

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