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Our second 17th Edition amendment seminar

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th August 2011

Our second 17th edition amendment seminar was last night and what a great seminar it was. Our instructor James Deans stole the show this time as he led our 30- something guests into the world of the changes and helped them to discover how the said changes will affect them.

I have seen some comments on various websites and forums where existing electricians have expressed their initial feelings about the green book but I assure you, the changes are certainly worth looking into.

There are over 700 changes to the BS 7671 and even though many of these are editorial, there are some major changes which you can’t fight knowing about. The changes include additions as well as amendments and will affect everyone from designers, engineers and contractors to project managers, maintenance technicians and electricians.

Due to the demand and the necessity to know these changes we have decided to teach them right up until January 2012 when the changes get put into practice.

If you are interested in coming along to one of our free seminars, visit our events page or choose from one the dates below:

17th Edition amendment 1 - 28th September 2011 - 6.30pm - 9pm

17th Edition amendment 1 - 26th October 2011 - 6.30pm - 9pm


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Our Solar PV Taster Morning

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 24th August 2011

Our taster mornings are a great way of getting to know some of the facts about a trade/industry before you jump straight in. We also find that holding open and free events like these are a great way of showcasing our facilities and allowing potential customers to visit us and see how we operate.

On Saturday 20th August, we held our first Solar PV Taster morning at our dedicated Renewable energy Training Centre, Crawley, West Sussex. The event itself lasted just over 3 hours and featured a presentation on the overview of solar PV installation as well as live demonstrations of roof installation, testing and maintenance.

Paul Chapman, our excellent electrical and solar PV instructor, managed a great audience of 25 and helped uncover what life could be like as a solar PV installer.

Some Feedback from our Solar Pv Taster Candidates:

- Sean Tierney via Twitter

"Great intro to #solarPV by @TradeSkills4U. Really informative and i will definitely be signing myself and others up for #MCSCertification"

- James Imray via email

"I came to the solar PV taster on Saturday and would like to thank you all for the morning, I found it very useful and will be in touch soon to organise some training."

If you are interested in coming to an open day or want to experience a taster in the electrical or renewable industries visit www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/pages/events for more information.


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Paid Search Advice for Local Electricians

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 22nd August 2011

Being a local electrician these days doesn’t just involve working on the tools. You need to be your own accountant, customer service advisor and of course the all-important marketing manager! The most successful electricians aren’t just skilled at the job they are rounded business people that understand the importance of finding customers as well hanging on to them.

This is the first in a series of advice articles looking at digital marketing for localised tradesmen, specifically domestic installers and electricians. Digital marketing can seem daunting and can be very costly should you employ outside help, however especially when it comes to setting up new campaign employing an expert can be worthwhile.

However for those that want to have a stab at it themselves this first article in the series deals with paid search and will set out a basic template and advice for local electricians to get off the ground.

Step 1 - Identify your keywords

Before you even get started you will want to identify which keywords you want to target. To begin with brainstorm keywords that you want to advertise on. These keywords will trigger your ads to show so try and think of every variation possible, include singulars and plurals. You need to identify keyword groups and keep them together as these groups will be useful.

You can use this tool it’s free and will tell how often a term is searched for and how competitive a term is: https://adwords.google.co.uk/o/Targeting/Explorer?__u=1000000000&__c=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS#search.none

However I have identified some standard groups which you could use using Crawley as the location:

You will notice that the terms have the following extra characters:

[] Exact Match - Terms within these brackets will only trigger your ads when this term only is searched for.

+ Broad Match Modifier - Terms with pluses will need to appear somewhere in a phrase in any order.

“” Phrase Match - terms within speech marks will need to be searched for in this specific order but other words can appear before or after the speech marks.

If a term has no characters with it then the terms will be broad matched which is similar to braod match modifier but you will ads may appear on similar terms. Google will make a judgement on this so I prefer to opt for “broad match modifier” in most situations.

Step 2 Create your campaigns

The key thing about creating a paid search campaign that is locally targeted is that you need to create two campaigns. This may seem like a lot of extra work but it is essential as it allows you to use keywords that a broader in one campaign such as “electrician” and locally targeted keywords such as “electrician crawley” in another which are not geo-targeted.

It is important that you set up the two campaigns with the following settings:

Campaign 1 – Local Terms such as “Crawley Electricians” Targeting a national audience

Location – England

Languages – English

Networks – Google Search

Devices – All

Budget – Set your maximum budget per day

Ad Delivery – Show ads

The key thing above is that this campaign targets all users in England.

Campaign 2 – General Terms such as “Electrician” Targeting a local audience

Location – 10 Mile Radius of RH10 9JY

Languages – English

Networks – Google Search

Devices – All

Budget – Set your maximum budget per day

Ad Delivery – Show ads

This campaign will only show to users based within 10 mile of your location. You can edit this and set the radius to be whatever you want. However remember the bigger the radius the more clicks will be generated.

Step 3 Create some ad copy for your ads

Your ad copy needs to be related to your keywords, enticing to users, include unique selling points and a call to action. It is also important to point your ads to a page that also includes your keywords and is relevant to what a user has searched for.

What is important to remember is that by grouping keywords together, having relevant ad copy and having a landing page that contains relevant keywords you will be rewarded by Google with a better quality score which in turn will lower the amount you pay per click.

I have written 2 different examples of ad copy below one for a local keywords and one for national:

For Crawley Terms                                                             For General Terms


Both ads are very similar as it is important that the location is prominent in both ensuring people only click on your ad if they think you are near to them.

Setting up your account

Armed with this information you will need to set up your Google account and create the two campaigns. This is a fairly simply process. Simply visit this link, click get started with Adwords and follow your nose:


Moving forwards you will need to track conversions on your site by setting up analytics with goal conversions or adding conversion tracking code to your contact forms. You will want to monitor which campaigns, keywords and ads perform best and if possible assign more budget to those that work best.

As with all marketing you will need to monitor your spend and your results to ensure this is working for you. My advice with paid search is to always start small and focus on the keywords which are most relevant and targeted to what you do. It is also wise to keep the location targeting close to you. You can expand to local towns or cities but you will  spend more money and get a lower conversion rate.

Keeping things tight ensures that your campaign only spends on keywords that are likely to generate leads. If I currently search on Google for the term “electrician” the first ad that comes up is for an electrician in Huntingdon event though I am in Crawley.

This is likely to get clicked by mistake as it is first and waste a lot of money for this company.

Before embarking on a paid search campaign it is essential that you have a professional looking website otherwise you will find user won’t call or email and you will waste your money.

Adwords can eat money so be careful, play it safe to start with and if the enquiries don’t come there may be an issue with your campaign. The great thing about paid search is it is instant. You can turn it on or off immediately meaning you can use it as and when required.

If you are feeling brave dive in if not think about speaking to a specialist at least to set up your campaign.

For more information about marketing and business, you can take our 1 day business start-up course which will help point you in the right direction when you're making vital decisions about yout business.

Click here for more information about this course

A uniquely effective way of equipping yourself for a bright future in business.


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Trade Skills 4U team up with MyLocalElectrician.co.uk

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 19th August 2011

MyLocalElectrician.co.uk is the only online magazine for Electricians, Trainee Electricians and consumers that makes full use of on-line social media. The magazine, owned and managed by editor and marketeer Gary Pratten, provides honest, helpful and informative reviews, news and products available to the electrical market.

Gary, a 33 year old father of two, set up My-Local-Trades.co.uk as there was a lack of a professional on-line resource for the electrical industry. Gary is a qualified electrical engineer and has built a career within the online publishing industry over the last 3 years. This move has led him to manage several online magazines and is proud editor of a growing number of trade magazines MyLocalElectrican.co.uk, My-Local-Plumber.co.uk and My-Local-Builder.co.uk.

Gary's key experience combined with Trade Skills 4U’s enthusiasm for the industry make us a great team to supply the growing demand for quality material with a constant stream of relevant and informative editorial for those looking to get into/already in the electrical & renewable energy industries.

The collaboration will allow the strong points of both companies to be communicated effectively and help to guide those interested in both or either the renewable and electrical industries to make informed decisions in order to progress through their training and career.

Trade Skills 4U will also be able to supply MyLocalElectrician.co.uk with updates and offers on our courses, such as our FREE 17th Amendment 1 seminar, and hopes to provide exclusive events and offers for MyLocalElectrician.co.uk subscribers in the future.

We look forward to having MyLocalElectrician.co.uk on board, together we can continue to create interesting debates and discussions online for all to communicate, ask listen and talk about all things electrical.


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17th Edition Amendment 1 Seminar

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th August 2011

Yesterday we held our first FREE 17th Edition amendment 1 seminar; a seminar designed to cover the regulation changes that were published 1 July 2011 for those who have already completed their City & Guilds 2382 17th Edition course.

The seminar, which could have easily been quite hard to listen for anyone on a Wednesday evening, was made very enjoyable by our valued instructors, James Deans and Andy Hay-Ellis. This combined with a great collection of both present and past customers has hopefully inspired customers for the future.

The event was held in our renewable centre on Royce Road, 100 yards from our specialist electrical centre in Crawley, West Sussex and delved into the major changes reflected in the amendment 1 such as:

• Section 444 – Measures against Electromagnetic Disturbances

• Section 534 – Devices for Protection against Overvoltage (surge protection devices)

• Section 710 - Medical Locations

• Section 729 – Operating or Maintenance Gangways

• Changes to the periodic inspection report

• Changes to Fuse Standards

Next week, we will holding our second and final seminar next Wednesday 24th August at 6.30pm, and for those who are interesting in attending – we have extended our capacity to make sure everyone who is interested in these changes, can benefit from our last FREE seminar.

Click here to register


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Solar PV: a case study

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 4th August 2011

Vaughn Wiles

Case study – GREEN Solar PV Installer Package

Job title: Owner & Director at RenResTec



How did you hear about Trade Skills 4U? I found you via an internet search.

What attracted you to train with us? Professional setup, good feedback on forums, attractive package

What interested you in taking our solar PV Installer GREEN package? Enabling me to add the solar PV to my portfolio of renewables, in addition to solar thermal, air/ground source heat pumps & rainwater harvesting. Also enables me to be able to undertake my own electrical works as part of my renewable, heating & plumbing business


How did you find the GREEN Package? Searching your website.

What did you think of the facilities? Very good, pleased with the facilities, tutors and location.

What did you think of the tutors? Professional, knowledgeable, approachable, experienced with hands-on expertise.

What are your best bits? Well equipped workshops, pleasant surroundings, friendly banter.


Have you found work or have you set up on your own? I had already setup my renewables, heating & plumbing business but have now secured my first solar PV job.

Have you found it hard finding work? Not so far.

How well did the course prepare you for the real installation? Very well. 

Have you found any other benefits to training with us? Kept in contact with a fellow student (Rich Barton) and he has been helping me with my first solar PV job.

What do you think of the industry and do you think there is a demand for solar PV installations? There is definitely demand for it but I think the MCS approval process and costs are putting some installers off.

What advice would you give prospective students who wish to get into solar PV? Be realistic about the cost to setup and get MCS approval, your ability to do the work, and also the increasing competition.

What do you intend to do next?  I’m just intending to grow the business with the existing portfolio I offer.


Earlier this year, Vaughn Wiles completed the Solar PV Installers GREEN package. Since adding solar PV installation to his belt he has completed his first installation and enjoyed watching his company grow.

Vaughn will be keeping us updated on future PV installations, the industry and interesting insights to life as a solar PV installer.


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