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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Sparkies

Posted by Elaine Hammond on 7th December 2017

Christmas is coming! Now is a great time to think about what your sparky family member or friend would love to see in their Christmas stocking this year. Of course the easy option would be to buy a screw driver set, or perhaps a pair of warm socks but that would be a little boring, so we thought we would research some great gift ideas for you and have found some gems below, which we hope they will enjoy.

1. Gekko Gripper

Gekko Gripper

This handy tool is designed to route cables over ceilings, behind walls, and under floorboards and routes cable through dot and dab walls. It consists of a 6m long cord and two magnets that are strong enough to glide over underlay and carpet. Prices range depending on where you buy this but we found this one on Screw Fix for £24.99.

2. Electrician T-Shirt

electricians t-shirt

There are so many electrician t-shirts to choose from but we particularly liked this one at just £13.12 from Etsy.

3. Wrap Around Scratch Resistant Safety Glasses

wrap around safety glasses

Not the sexiest of things to wear but we think these ones are very stylish and a great gift idea to ensure your Sparky mates are protecting their eyes against any nasty incidents. This pair of clear Bolle wrap around safety glasses cost £7.90 from RS Components.

4. Electricians Pouch/Strap

Electricians pouch/strap

This is a great gift for the organised sparky who wants to carry what they need, when they need it. The TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-114 Journeyman Electricians Pouch/Strap has been specifically designed for an electrician's tools. Its 21 pockets and loops include a wire-tester pocket, custom-fit flashlight wrap, 2 adjustable tool pockets, notebook pocket, tape chain, and 7 screwdriver loops. The ClipTech Hub allows the pouch to clip on and off any belt, hang from its shoulder strap, or kickstand on the ground close at hand. We found this on Amazon for £39.42.

5. WIFI Inspection Camera, hook and magnet set

Inspection camera and magnetic

This is a real gem and will be loved not only because of its usefulness but also by any gadget lover. The kit consists of a WIFI Wireless Endoscope Camera with a flexible rigid bendable cable, a side mirror, hook and magnet. The camera connects to most mobile phones and laptops and is a great way to see into those difficult, sometimes impossible-to-access spaces on work sites.

The magnet and hook are also great for retrieving small screws that are accidently dropped down small gaps that are hard to get to. Costs just £19.99 from Amazon.

6. Stud Finder Electric Stud Detector

stud finder

This Intey Stud finder is a great addition to any electricians tool box. It allows you to save time by easily finding the stud center and edges, accurately locates metal pipes, live wire, stud, wooden frames, rebars and joists which are hidden behind walls, floors and ceilings. We spotted this one on Amazon for a special price of £19.99.

7. Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wrist band

This is a great tool gadget gift for your sparky mate. The wristband has powerful magnets for holding screws, nails, bolts and small tools, which allows them to keep their hands free whilst working. I’m sure they will love this time saving tool, which will cut those trips back and forth to the toolbox or climbing up and down ladders! £15.99 from Amazon.

8. Insulated Travel Mug

Insulated Travel Mug

This is the perfect gift for on-the-move electricians. We like this and think the message will make them smile. It’s great for keeping their beverage hot or cold for hours and has a spill-resistant and convenient carry handle on lid. Costs £15.00 from Cafe Press.

9. Rechargeable Head Torch

Rechargeable Head Torch

We have been told that this is often a life safer, not only does this allow sparkies to work with both hands free but it also means they never work in their own shadow or have a light shining in their eyes. It also has an adjustable head lamp that swivels through 90°. We found this one on Electricians Direct for at a reduced price of £47.87. Our friends at Electricians Direct have offered an additional discount of 5% off this item when you quote discount code ED52017.

10. Electrician's Premium Tool Kit

Electricians tool kit

If you know an electrician who is starting out and want to spend a bit more, then this would be the perfect gift for them. This 19 piece tool kit has everything they could need. The kit includes combicutter, sidecutters, screwdrivers, 5 metre measuring tape, junior hacksaw, automatic wire stripper, lock knife and more! all complete in a handy tool case. Costs £186.00 from Edwardes.


We think any electrician would be happy to receive any of the items listed above. We also hope this has given you some gift idea inspiration.  Happy shopping!

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Discounted Electrician Tools for Students

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 15th March 2017

We are happy to say that we now offer a range of tools that can be bought over the counter from our Gatwick and Warrington training centres. We are able to offer a range of testers, proving units and more at exceptionally low prices. In fact the prices are so good we can't publish them online. So we thought we would give you a sneak peak at whats on offer:

Kewtech KT63 Multifunction Tester


This test kit is great for electricians wanting to test and certify electrical installations in domestic and commercial settings. The tests include; Continuity, Insulation, Auto RCD and Non-Trip Loop Testing. 


Kewtech KT65 Multifunction Tester

This test kit has additional features from the one above, specifically for inspection and testing including;

Phase rotation in line with new 17th edition requirements

Advanced memory with free software, eg you can save a continuity test as an R1, R2, RN, R2 or R1+R2 and on which circuit.

Powerful 17th Edition software available optionally from Castline Systems

Auto-test memory for RCD testing with all results shown on one screen, so no scrolling

This would be ideal for those working in the commercial sector.


Calcard - Check Card

Calcards are changing the way electricians work. A portable check card that fits in your wallet or in with your test kit is extremely handy. It means that you will always know if your readings are correct even if it's been a long time since you last had your meter calibrated.


Kewtech KT1720 Voltage Tester

This two pole Voltage Tester is able to detect AC/DC voltage steps of 12, 50, 120, 230 and 400. The dual lamp highlight the AC or DC voltage with an additional light for polarity. 


Kewtech KT1780 Voltage Tester

If you are going to work in the industrial sector where voltage could rise above the 400v range you will need to invest in a 690v tester.


Kewcheck R2 Test Socket Adapter

This socket adaptor is useful for testing polarity and continuity at socket outlets, again without having to remove the socket faces to access the terminals.


Kewprove R3 Proving Device


A proving unit goes hand in hand with voltage testers to ensure they are properly functioning.


These tools are offered at a low price would be a great investment for those starting out in the electrical trade. The items will provide you with the right equipment to straight onto site whether it’s domestic or commercial.

Please remember to speak to a member of staff at the beginning of your course if you would like to order any tools.

Watch this space for new tools and tool kits coming soon.



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Top Gifts for an Electrician this Christmas

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 19th December 2016

If you’re struggling to find the perfect last minute gift for an electrician this Christmas, why not take a look at these handy tools we’ve put together? We’ve even included something for the young budding electrician of the family!

1. Flexi torch multi-light magnetic lamp 

If you want a flexible light while you work try the Flexi torch you can hang it, stick it on the wall or use it as a front torch

2. Dewalt Finger Framer Safety Gloves

These are a great stocking filler for an electrician. The three fingerless gloves make it great for terminating while still protecting the rest of the hand from £14.95


3. 7 Piece Screwdriver Set

It’s always handy to have extra screwdrivers available so why not purchase some additional ones for an electrician? Buy the set from £15.95  


4. Thermal flask

Take a warm drink and bring some food with you for those colder days on site from £15.99

5. Speedy Sparky 

This new tool has been great for speeding up an electricians work. Why not buy something different and quirky for the electrician in your life from £19.99


6. Unilite USB LED Beanie Hat

Again, these are great for the colder days on site, the added head torch also makes it even easier for an electrician to work from £25.00


7. Workman Trousers

It’s always good to look professional while creating ease on the job. Workman trousers make it easier to store tools and make working that bit more comfortable. From £29.95


8. Pipe Threading Tool 

This gadget will make it more convenient to use on site than your traditional stocks and dyis from £89.99

9. Multimaster from Starlock

If you want to spend a bit more on a present then purchasing a Multimaster is a great tool for cutting through different surfaces to install light switches and sockets from £196.00

10. Bosch Mini Tool Box 

If you have a little one that is already a keen electrician why not try the Bosch mini tool set? From £20.00


An electrician would find these items handy on site so would make a great gift idea.

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Definitive Electrician Tools Of The Trade

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 5th September 2013

Tools are expensive so you need to be sure that the tools you buy are going to be useful and a sound investment.

Practically every advert out there does a great job of persuading us that the latest tool is a must have, however it is important that your electricians toolbox contains a great mix of all round tools without spending money on tools that seemed a good idea at the time but don't really get used.

We asked a selection of experienced electricians what their 'must have' tool is, and created a definitive list of tools that no electrician should be without.  We class ourselves as listaholics at Trade Skills 4 U, so what better way of bringing you the definitive tools of the trade than in the form of a list! (well, it suits us down to the ground anyhow!)

The 'Top 10' Definitive Tools of the Trade

1. A GS38 Compliant Tester

A tester is a tool kit essential.  Well known tester brands include Megger, Univolt and Metrel.  It is important that any tester you purchase is GS38 compliant. Megger come highly recommended by us here at Trade Skills 4 U as well as being a well known brand within the electrical industry.  Another important reason to have a tester here at the number one slot is that you should not touch anything electrical that your tester has not touched beforehand!

2. Screwdrivers

There is not much you can do without them.  However, having the right sized screwdrivers that are of a decent quality so that they last; as well as being capable of performing to a high standard and therefore enabling you to do the job well is an important consideration also.


3. A Big Hammer

A good all round tool to help with a whole multitude of tasks from chasing walls and socket boxes.  Also use it to knock in wall plugs when you have drilled the walls.  As an electrician you would not use the hammer on it's own, however it is a must have tool to use alongside other tools.



4. Snake light with mirror

Slightly more obscure is the use of a snake light with a mirror which is great if you are struggling to find a route for your cables and is especially useful in homes that have been extended and have different floor levels.  It is also useful for looking inside walls and tight spaces.


5. Correctly sized set of spanners

A set of spanners is much better to have in your toolbox than an adjustable spanner described by one electrician as 'a pain in the neck!'



6. Knipex Snips

Knipex snips are a brand of side cutters used to cut cable.  Knipex are the 'must have' brand if you are looking for quality and reliability.



7. Head torch

A head torch is definitely useful if you are working in dark areas as it keeps your hands free for using.....more definitive tools of the trade! :)



8. Toolbox

Don't forget you'll need a toolbox to keep all you tools in! Don't just opt for one though.  For second fixes, a light tool box – enough to carry sleeving and a few hand tools will do just fine.  Some electricians opt for a tool belt for carrying out second fix work.  For first fix work, you will need (probably more than 1) heavy duty toolbox which will be suitable to carry around your power tools.

9. Hole Saw Set

Hole saw sets are used to cut holes for conduit boxes.  Hole saws are a really useful essential for conduit and armoured glanding.  The common sizes for domestic electricians are the 20mm and 25mm hole saws.


10. Grey matter aka Brain!

We simply had to include this last one because of it's amusement factor – well it certainly tickled us here at Trade Skills 4 U!  One electrician we spoke to stated that the most useful tool is “the tool that holds the grey matter.  I think they call it the skull......” Putting the pun aside, the most useful tool of all is yourself – your own knowledge and selection of tools you use for the job is what counts most of all.



No doubt electricians will have come across electricians who use old screwdrivers as chisels, old bent chisels to chase walls etc.  We would always recommend using the right tool for the job and apply the correct working methods.  This will ensure your job is done well and in a professional manner.  There are those who adopt poor working practices thinking that it does no harm but actually it is not good workmanship nor good quality.  As one electrician states “don't use rubbish tools or rubbish working methods, it will always be a mistake”

Always use the right tool for the right job.


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