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Product Review – Remora GripLoc Cable Glands

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 25th August 2015

The new GripLoc range of glands offers commercial and industrial end users a definitive solution to installing mechanical cable entry devices that are safe, secure and reliable.  For electricians entering commercial electrics, Remora GripLoc cable glands have already outperformed equivalent products in fire testing.  They satisfy the BS7671 update where it is now necessary to secure cables effectively in communal walkways to prevent premature collapse in the event of fire.

Safe and Cost Effective

Made from high quality nylon material, the high quality nylon glands are only made and offered for sale by Remora.  You won't find the same quality of materials packaged under any other brand.  Ideal for a commercial environment or in HMO buildings, Remora cable glands are a reliable choice for electricians who are after quality.  Remora cable glands will not break on installation and will last for years cutting down on return trips to replace faulty materials.

Remora GripLoc cable glands are designed for use in heavy duty commercial and industrial environments meaning they can withstand high and humid temperatures as well as freezing temperatures. Due to their high quality, Remora cable glands exceed international standards.

State of the art features

Whether for light commercial use or heavy duty manufacturing machinery, Remora cable glands lead the way in safety, reliability and security.  Remoras own in house team of engineers have worked hard to ensure the Remora glands are leading the way.  Features such as a removable atmospheric membrane seal allows GripLoc fitted enclosures to be isolated during assembly or preparation of the cable. This eradicates the need for temporary plugs and allows for pre-fitment and sealing during the manufacture stage. After the final cable installation has been completed the membrane can be easily removed by applying pressure.

Vibration lock system

The positive ratcheting feedback technology ensures installations meet safety requirements and aren’t put at risk due to loosening of the termination.

Superior Griploc seal

The superior griploc seal ensures the cable glands do not let water in.  An interlocking device ensures that the gland does not become separated from the body. As well as augmenting ‘pull-out’ resistance, this also reduces bulging and achieves a 100% water and dust tight interface with IP68 and IP69K ratings of over 10 bar.

Available in a selection of colours

Remora cable glands come in a selection of colours including black, grey, red and white, meaning they won't look out of place in most applications.

Remora cable glands are available at good electrical wholesalers.




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Product Review: Megger MFT1735 - The Ultimate Multi-Function Tester

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 6th August 2014

Known for their state of the art, market leading testing equipment, Megger has been the name of choice for electricians for many years – in fact Megger was established in the late 1800's and has been designing and making test instruments ever since.

The Megger brand is recognised worldwide, thanks to the constant product development and ground breaking innovations that meet the growing demands and pressures faced by the electrical industry, in particular issues surrounding earth electrode resistance measurements.   This is where the latest multi-function installation tester comes into play.  The Megger MFT1735.

The Megger MFT1735

Instantly recognisable as being part of the Megger family, in particular the MFT series, the MFT1735 comes with state of the art facilities including two pole, three pole, stakeless and ART earth electrode resistance measurements.

Naturally, all functions with Megger instruments enable electricians to test low voltage electrical installations in line with the latest 17th edition of the IET wiring regulations.  It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for domestic, commercial and industrial fixed wiring installations.

Combined with ultimate reliability and the ability to withstand accidental misuse and voltage transients that other testers on the market cannot match, the Megger MFT1735 is an ideal testing instrument for electricians at all stages of their career from trainee to full scope.

User friendly but technologically advanced

The MFT1735, like the other MFT models is renowned for it's user friendly interface.  However this is not all it has to offer.  The MFT1735 is also packed with a host of other features designed to reduce maintenance costs and save time on completing tests.  Standard features such as:

internal, fast recharging batteries,

built in memory and bluetooth communications to speed up test results

simple menu functions using colour coded rotary switches – never search around for hidden menu features again!

These are designed to make your working life as an electrician easier.  However the technical side is far from overlooked, with a whole host of additional features that round off the MFT1735 as being the best test instrument yet from Megger and these include:

Two and three wire non-trip loop testing for RCD protected circuits

Type B RCD and 3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications with no earth

3-terminal earth test and stakeless testing for spike resistance measurement

EN61010 CATIV safety ratings and tough IP54 case

Megger not only ensures that you remain fully compliant but also ensures the MFT1735 is up for the job. Whether you are working in dusty or humid environments or even in a time pressed customers front room, you can rely on this test instrument to come up with the goods.


Megger doesn't just stop at environmental hazards.  The MFT1735 is equally at home working at height on ladder platforms, hung round the neck or hand-held.  Whatever your working situation you can be sure that the MFT1735 can be operated easily with either your right or left hand with dual lock and test buttons located at each end of the instrument.

The robust moulded case that the MFT1735 is supplied with has plenty of additional storage pockets for essentials such as the earth electrode kit and any optional extras you may chose to purchase.

Megger accessories

The great thing about Megger is that everything you need to get started is included – there are no costly additional leads or calibrations to purchase, the MFT1735 is ready to go when you are!  Included in the price is:

A mains test lead

A switched probe for fast and easy testing

A full 12 month calibration certificate

A an upgradeable warranty

If you are looking for an ultimate piece of testing equipment that will be a huge compliment to your tool box then you should be looking no further than the MFT1735.  Not only is it a piece of equipment to rely on, it will also give many years of outstanding service.

If your current tester is becoming a bit of an embarrassment and is short on features and functionality, the MFT1735 is worth serious consideration.

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Review of the Megger Business in a Box

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 2nd May 2013

PAT testing is an increasingly lucrative service that can be offered in addition to electrical services or on its own entirely.  It is a very is a popular option for those who are new to the electrical industry. Any business that uses electrical equipment needs to have a PAT test carried out on each item of electrical equipment to confirm that it is safe for use by employees.  Such equipment would include computers, extension lead, kettles, microwaves and even radios that might be found in an office.

Some householders also choose to have PAT testing carried out although this is not compulsory, so the main market if you are thinking of becoming a PAT tester will be businesses.  So having qualified as a PAT Tester, the world is now your oyster right?

Well of course, becoming a PAT Tester should have opened up your options somewhat, but if you are new to the electrical industry, one of the first challenges you will face is how to find business.  This is where the Megger Business in a box comes in.

This ingenious product contains everything you need to start your own business as a PAT Tester and naturally, as this is Megger it includes the Tester!   Available in two versions the PAT320 is the manual version and the PAT420 is the computerised version. Included with the tester is everything you need to diversify the direction of your business and boost your income. In a nutshell, this is your business, you have the freedom to run it well without the worry of where to gain customers from.

The business in a box comprises of a tough PAT tester that will give years of service – this will get your business off to a great start without the worry of inferior equipment.  All the leads and adaptors needed to carry out PAT testing successfully are all supplied.

If you are buying the manual version, you will receive a duplicate test report book to enable results to be certified and a copy can then be issued to your customer.  The computerised PAT business in a box comes with the renowned Megger Power suite Contractor PAT certification software which manages both your customers and assets including arranging appointments, diary management and billing, automatic testing, printing certificates and repairs estimates.

Each business in a box comes with a roll of 1000 pass labels which is a great start for your new business plus a guide to PAT testing containing clear step by step instructions on how to do it.

Whilst this is useful, it is important to remember that is only a guide.  At Trade Skills 4 U we recommend taking a PAT Testing course even if you are an electrician already in order to gain a PAT testing qualification as well as to understand what it is about.  This is an important step in gaining customer confidence.

It also includes a guide to identifying who your customers are going be and selling your PAT testing services to them.  The guide includes:

Where to find and how to approach clients – this is essential knowledge if this is your own business.

Details of who, and why they need to be testing their electrical assets – again this is an essential component in selling your services successfully.

Guidelines on what to charge – It is important to price competitively, but not so low as you lose motivation and not so high that you price yourself out of the market.

Pre-designed advert and brochure for you to customise – this can save you a lot of money on paying for someone to design this for you especially if you are not creative enough to do this yourself, or lack the time.

Pre-written press releases for you to generate interest – again these can be distributed as editorials in local publications or even newspapers in your local area, perhaps there are websites these can be utilised on, including your own.  The great thing about the press releases is that they're written by the experts – the people who have designed the business in a box so you know its going to be written professionally.

Pre-written letters for you to send to your potential customers – again if you lack the time to compile business stationery and advertising, the letters can easily be sent out to clients without you spending large amounts of time composing letters at a computer – we're sure you can use your time more effectively!

At Trade Skills 4 U we feel the computerised version of the business in a box has the edge as this is going to produce the professional looking results that customers are looking for nowadays.  The computer generated certificates look more professional that a hand written document.  However the price tag of around £500 extra to purchase the computerised version has to be considered.

The great thing though about both versions is that everything is contained in the box to set up a successful PAT testing business.  The only optional extras for both packs are a bar code reader and bar code printer.

So whether you are considering a move into the electrical industry or are thinking of offering PAT testing to compliment your services, the Megger Business in a box will get you off to a great start.


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Product Review: Vphase Voltage Optimisation

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 20th March 2013

If you could tell your customer they can make savings of up to 12% on their electricity bill without having to make any changes to their lifestyle, you will have their attention.  Saving energy is a hot topic at the moment, and whilst there are lots of small ways to save money on electricity, how can a significant saving of 12% - that is around 1 months worth of 'free' electricity be achieved?

The answer is within voltage optimisation.  The Vphase units work by reducing the voltage output to 220V (standard UK voltage is 245V.) Most electrical appliances carry on operating normally at this level thereby reducing the energy needed.  The great advantage to the Vphase models as against other types of voltage optimisation products is that they lower and regulate the voltage output whereas other products 'chop' the voltage supply.

Many electricians and domestic installers will be familiar with the original Vphase VX1 unit, which has been installed in many homes across the UK which is connected via the customers consumer unit.  Vphase has gained a respected name in innovative thinking on energy saving since its conception in 2007.  The VX1 continues to live up to its name for what is still a huge selling point for Vphase – a fit and forget solution.  Once installed there is absolutely no maintenance involved – not even annual checks which is great news and on top of that, there is a 5 year warranty which in most cases means the unit will have paid for both itself and the installation cost during that time.

The Vphase unit itself is white, very lightweight and unobtrusive with a silent operation.  It is ideal for new builds and retro builds.  The technology itself has been independently tested to show it can save up to 12% on electricity bills.  There is no need to inform the electricity supplier and there is no change of lifestyle required.

At the end of 2012, Vphase launched 2 new optimisation units – known as the VX2 and VX5.  The VX2 is essentially an updated version of the VX1 – it is a higher specification model with flexible connection options and fast installation.  This is a key development to the electrician or domestic installer responsible for the installation of the Vphase unit.  In the past, re-configuration of the consumer unit was often necessary in order to install the VX1 which could be fairly time consuming, however this has now been resolved.  The VX2 can now be be fitted to a split consumer unit for optimal energy saving or fitted directly between the meter tails and the consumer unit for ease of installation.  There is also a new power bar display which replaces the LED display on the VX1 as well as a fresh new look.  Both the VX1 and the VX2 are designed for homes with single phase installations of up to c. 10,000 kWh per annum.

The Vphase VX5 model is a great new addition to the offering from Vphase and will be well received by customers who have not been able to benefit from a Vphase optimisation unit in the past. These are those who have large homes and small businesses – the VX5 can manage loads of up to c. 30,000 kWh per annum thanks to a high capacity transformer that is able to handle greater loads.  The VX5 is the same style and size as the VX2 and has the same benefits.

The Vphase unit is the perfect addition to any home or small business that is keen on energy efficiency – in fact the Vphase units work very happily alongside Solar PV.   Solar PV produces savings of around £895 a year with an 8.8% return on investment.  Adding a Vphase voltage optimisation unit for an extra £300 (after the £10,000 investment on solar PV) would see returns of a £955 saving per year and a 9.4% return on investment.  This increases the capacity for 'free' energy from the PV.

The Vphase voltage optimisation units must be installed by a qualified electrician or domestic installer and with its simple uncluttered design it is easy for the customer to tell that it is working as it should be – reducing energy use and saving money.

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The Complete Megger On Site Kit MFT1730 Review

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 13th February 2013

The latest top of the range offering from Megger is their complete on-site testing kit known as the MFT1730 On-site kit.

Megger is the best known name in electrical test equipment.  Electricians up and down the country and beyond will recognise Megger as being the best and most innovative supplier of testing equipment.

The Megger MFT1730 contains everything you need to carry out electrical installation testing on site.  There is no additional software to purchase as this is all incorporated and the MFT1730 also includes the 3 pole earth resistance testing kit making it the best value electrical training package on the market.

One of the many great things about Megger is its ability to stand up to the job.  The multi function tester is site tough and can cope with harsh demanding environments.  This doesn’t mean it should live out its life at the top of a tool box though, it comes with a hard carry case which ensures your multi function tester will stay pristine for many years to come. Even this carry case has been rethought, there is also room for a certificate pad, wire cutters and a handful of screwdrivers too.

The MFT1730 is surprisingly small which is great news, its not at all bulky and this is reflected in the compact size box it comes in.  It is an 'all in one' testing package offering many time saving options for certificate filling.  For example, current test results can be sent to a storage device, smart phone, PDA, notebook or laptop immediately or the MFT1730 can store the results of the test to download to a computer off site. There are no additional leads needed for sending the results to another device as the MFT1730 uses Blue-tooth technology to communicate quickly and effectively.

With Megger you truly pay for what you get and the MFT1730 is certainly a tough cookie.  It won't go bang when

connected across phases

it get dropped

used in the rain or dusty environments

accidentally testing live circuits

selecting the wrong test range

The Megger MFT1730 is known as the ultimate installation testing package with everything you need in one tough easy to use kit.  Included with the multi function tester is £954 worth of accessories which gives you all you need - 2 and 3 wire non-trip loop testing, RCD testing, insulation and continuity testing with resistance measurement.  The MFT1730 adds True rms voltage measurement, frequency indication and phase rotation.  It even includes 3 pole earth testing to make the kit complete.

Due to popular demand from electricians, the multi function tester itself is a rechargeable instrument with downloading, rechargeable cells it also has an excellent enhanced viewing angle with intelligent back light.  For convenience, test buttons are located at each end of the tester or you can use the new CAT IV probe with test button if you prefer.

There has been a lot of thought put into the MFT 1730 by Megger who have really listened to what electricians want from a product.  The commitment of Megger to industry is reflected in its technical leadership and in being the first to design and introduce many key products.

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2012 in Review – A good year for the electrical industry?

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 3rd January 2013

Happy New Year from all of us here at Trade Skills 4U.  As we enter into yet another millennium year (doesn't time fly?) we take a look back at the past year and recap on the main highlights of 2012 in the electrical industry.

In January 2012, almost a whole year ago, a public consultation was held on the future of Part P of the building regulations.  Deregulatory changes will come into force this April 2013 with regulatory changes taking effect in October of this year (2013.


In February 2012, The Eden project in Cornwall became the first employee owned solar plant in the UK.  200 roof panels were placed on some of the Eden projects storage buildings as part of a unique deal where employees own a 'share' of the solar installation.


In March 2012, two nuclear power plants planned for England were ditched due to the high costs and poor economic conditions.  This is a victory for renewable energy advocates but is nuclear doomed in the UK?


In April 2012, the government released a new biomass strategy designed to ignite the biomass industry.  If successful, the biomass industry could be producing 11 per cent of UK energy and supporting 50,000 jobs by the end of the decade.


May 2012 was the coldest May in the UK in the last 100 years and with this came the news that the government was planning its biggest energy reforms in the last 20 years.  The draft energy bill raised concerns that consumers could face increased energy bills and was neglecting renewable energies,


In June 2012, the UK saw very unseasonal weather conditions with floods causing widespread damage to homes and businesses.  Electricians were kept busy rectifying power outages, whilst the floods were also causing problems for transport of all types.


In July 2012 the government released its annual statistical publication - Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom.  The publication has been looking at trends and changes in energy use in the UK since the 1970's but its particular focus has been on the changes in energy use since the 1990's.


August 2012 saw the introduction of the infamous Feed In Tariff (FIT) Cuts for solar panels.  From now on, householders get less money for generating solar energy as the government cuts the subsidy.  Householders now receive 16p per KWh of electricity produced instead of 21p per KWh.


September 2012 was a month of turmoil for energy industries with power shortage risks by 2015 announced by Ofgem.  Wind turbines come under fire with the Daily Mail reporting that wind farms could be killing us rather than saving us.  Meanwhile an Arctic expert predicts the final collapse of sea ice will happen within 4 years.


October 2012 saw the energy row rage on with the Prime Minister vowing to ensure consumers were offered the lowest possible energy tariff ending the confusion over energy tariffs and ensuring consumers are not paying more than necessary for their energy usage.  The wind farm dispute shakes renewable power investors and in America, Superstorm Sandy wrecks havoc causing major disaster.


November 2012 finally saw the coalition government publish the long awaited energy bill.  Confusion and debate still reigns over the impact on domestic energy bills, however the bill has been largely welcomed by the energy industry.  However environmental groups are less enthusiastic particularly with the de-carbonisation target.


In December 2012, support for Biomass and Solar support packages were published.  Solar projects on buildings rather than ground level will carry higher rates and encourage solar projects at large factory and warehouse buildings.  Biomass projects that are both carbon and cost effective.  The support offered could unlock investment decisions up to £600m and create an additional 1000 construction jobs.

2012 is likely to be a year remembered for a record dry spring followed by floods and storms of biblical proportions.  Todays headlines talk of last years drought conditions with the constant rain spoiling many harvests which has lead to record wheat and oil seed rape prices.  Farmers have yet to sow this years seed in many areas as the ground is too water saturated, which will impact on the 2013 harvest.

What will 2013 bring to the electrical industry?  Watch this space.

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Ding Ding Round 1: The Electrical Safety Register Vs The ElectricSafe Register

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 12th December 2012

Towards the end of November 2 new schemes were launched to help promote competent electricians to the public. The idea of a central database of competent electricians which could be promoted direct to the public in a similar way to GasSafe for plumbing and heating  is definitely a good one. However we now have two schemes competing for the public’s attention “The Electrical Safety Register” and “The Electric Safe Register”.

Both schemes operate in almost exactly the same way. Consumers can visit the website and search for a registered electrician in their local area. They are both intended to provide a central point for consumers to verify the quality of the electrician and also give the electrical industry a simple clear place to promote itself.

So what is the difference between the two schemes?

The Electrical Safety Register has been launched by the NICEIC, ECA, ELECSA and Electrical Safety Council. These scheme providers’ members will be automatically added to the database and as such this means that roughly 90% of approved electricians and domestic installers will be automatically registered for the The Electrical Safety Resgister. However the scheme is not open to sparkies who are registered with other scheme providers such as NAPIT.

The ElectricSafe Register was launched at almost exactly the same time by NAPIT. The Scheme is open to any electrician or domestic installer registered to any scheme provider and NAPIT registered installers will automatically be registered.

Which is best for consumers?

Both websites are fairly similar and pretty much do the same thing. Even the way the search results are displayed is very similar. In terms of look and general functionality we think that The Electrical Safety Register has the edge and looks a bit smarter and has clearer search results ordered by distance. However the scheme with the most installers on it will be best for consumers. At present if I search for installers near to our centre here in Crawley on The Electrical Safety Register I get 170 within a 5 mile radius. If I do the same search on the ElectricSafe Register I get 30.

So at present it really comes down to numbers. As such round one goes to The Electrical Safety Register.

Which is most heavily promoted to consumers?

At present neither seems to be that heavily promoted apart from within the trade itself. There have been various press releases mainly in trade press, plus most contractors have been issued with stickers for their vans. However I haven’t seen or heard any ads directed at the consumer at all. This will be the clear difference between the two registers as whichever register grabs the interest and establishes itself as a nationally recognised brand will eventually become the central point where all contractors want to be registered.

Whoever achieves this goal first will become a vehicle for lead generation and will add value to their membership. So rather than a fight it seems we actually have a race on our hands. However there are numerous other companies out there who provided services for generating leads for tradesmen. The two registers aren’t just competing against each other they are also competing against other companies such as Checkatrade.com who vet tradespeople and also allow online reviews. It is possible that without the right backing and promotion neither scheme will ultimately fulfil their goal of centralising the promotion of registered electricians. We hope that isn’t the case as we really believe a voluntary register for all sparkies is a very good idea and will help weed out those working in the industry without the appropriate qualifications and experience.

We wait await the outcome of round two!


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Product Review - Sangamo Choice Heating Controls

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 3rd December 2012

Ensuring the correct amount of heat and hot water is used in your home especially at this time of year is of huge importance.  Equally though, no one wants to heat their home at a higher cost than is necessary. Wasting energy is not only costly but is also discouraged from an eco point of view.

As a home owner it is a challenge to find a product that can meet the demands of different lifestyles.  A person living on their own for example may not require their home heated in every room, a busy family may want their home heated at a lower temperature upstairs than downstairs and budget conscious households may heat just the upstairs or downstairs of their home depending on the time of day.

Whatever your heating requirements, its nice to have a 'set and forget' system so you don't arrive home from a days work in the freezing cold because you've forgotten to set the timer.

The Sangamo Choice Range is a perfect choice for discerning householders and are available in a wide range of budgets and home heating solutions.  Available for both hot water and central heating, you can be assured of a solution that suits you.

The choice range is sturdy and well made with buttons that are easy to press and self explanatory.  The Sangamo Choice range can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.  The majority of the Choice range is wirelessly digitally controlled which is naturally what would be expected in a modern home.  It is useful to know that the traditional mechanical room thermostats are still available which is great news for an older person who is used to using these and would prefer to carry on using a mechanical room thermostat.

Upon first exploring the idea of heating programmers, it is easy to overlook the options that are available in your home for your heating and hot water requirements.  The majority of people view heating programmers as simply a means of switching on the water and heating at a set time and then the timer switching these off again at a set time.  The Sangamo Choice Range is so much more than that - hence the name 'Sangamo Choice' (although if this is all you require of you central heating and hot water, this is fine too - and there is a product for you.)

We particularly like the Sangamo Choice Range for its flexibility - there is no need to spend more than what you need to on a product which has features you won't use.  The advantages of the Choice range is that you simply pay for the product that matches your requirements.

The Sangamo PR3 Choice Programmer is an example of a product that understands a busy household - this neat programmer is able to control 2 floors of central heating each set at differing temperatures and controls the hot water requirements seperately.  Lets not forget that this means the heating can be turned on or off, higher or lower at all times of day.  You can control the heating on all floors of your home exactly as you require.

The Sangamo Choice Range is most definitely not a 'one size fits all' product.

Of course once the central heating and hot water has been programmed, requirements can still change.  If its a particularly hot or cold day, you may well need to adjust your heating accordingly.  This is where the Sangamo Choice Range Room thermostats come into play.  Available in both wired and wireless versions both products are able to control each room in your home.  The wireless room thermostat is an ingenious product which you can carry around with you.  It knows the temperature of every room you are in and you can adjust the temperature if you wish.  The installation of this product is very simple - of course there are no wires and no re-decorating involved and the beauty of such a product is that your boiler is only used when necessary saving valuable energy.  Whichever digital room thermostat you select, both come with clear well lit screens with programme injdication displayed for whole day.  This allows you to adjust your temperature requirements throughout the day to suit your family and guests comfort.

The Choice Programmable RF Deluxe Room Thermostat is recognised as being the easiest to use wireless thermostat available on the market today.  With only 5 buttons it is simple to use and highly responsive - it even anticipates energy saving benefits as it optimises your home energy usesage.  This will look great in any contemporary home and is also available as a wired in thermostat.  This high quality room thermostat can be used to set room temperatures up to a week in advance.  you can also use one of the pre-settings on the timer or select your own, its up to you.  This product is designed to fit in with your lifestyle and with all other products in the choice range it is designed to save you money.

The Sangamo Choice Range is easy to have installed in your home by a Part P Registered electrician or Domestic Installer with the services of a plumber required to fit the necessary valves.

The Sangamo Choice Range Thermostatic Radiator Valves are really something to get excited about - they have available as part of their range remote control radiator valves.  This allows you to control the temperature of different radiators in your home or simply to add a boost or switch them off altogether without leaving your armchair! The valves are designed to fit most UK radiators mounted close to the wall.

We recommend the Sangamo Choice Range to any householder who wants to take control of their home heating requirements so money is not been wasted on heating thats not required but yet maintains a pleasant heat temperature throughout the day if necessary - no more chilly November afternoons wondering whether to put the heating on!

So with Father Christmas on his way shortly....you know what you should be asking for this Christmas!

If you interested in learning to install this product you should check out our Central Heating Controls Course.


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Trade Skills 4U Feedback Statistics Released: 1st Quarter 2012

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th May 2012

January to April 2012: 99.7% of our customers would recommend us

At Trade Skills 4U we value you feedback. We value it so much that we provide you with these forms so we can uncover exactly what you thought about your experience at every stage of your training. We do this because we care and because we want to make sure that you are getting the ultimate training experience that you have paid for and deserve.

So now that the first quarter is over we thought we’d compile this enormous stack of forms into some clear, understandable statistics so you can see what you and others think of us overall.

From January 2012 – April 2012 we can officially say that of the 1066 feedback forms we collected, over 99.7% of our customers said they’d recommend us!

We can also confirm that during April 2012 100% of customers surveyed said they would recommend us!

Out of these 1066 feedback forms, 67% of our customers said our courses met their expectations with a further 30% claiming that we actually exceeded their expectations. Overall, these figures combined show that over 97% of our customers were blinking delighted with our training.

Out of these 1066 feedback forms, 72.4% of our customers said their overall experience was ‘Excellent,’ and 26.1% rated it as ‘Good.’ When combined this data highlights that 98.5% of our customers were very happy with the overall service they received from Trade Skills 4U.

Pretty impressive stuff huh? The data, even though compiled with blood, sweat and tears has certainly put a spring in our step today and we hope it has yours too.

Allergic to graphs? Don’t worry if you would like to see the things our past and present students say about us you can check our feedback forms our online via our Trade Skills 4U Reviews page.

If you would like to hear about the things our students say about us you can check out our Trade Skills 4U Video Reviews page.

What can we say; we have a habit of going above and beyond to show you what it is like to train with Britain’s Premier Electrical and Renewable Energy Training Company, Trade Skills 4U.


All data has been compiled from actual feedback forms received in the centre.

Data source: In-House Trade Skills 4U Report into Customer Feedback Jan2012-April2012.


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Brand New: Trade Skills 4U Videos

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 30th March 2012

I hope you’ve all made the most of the sunshine this week, especially as the weather is supposed to return to a ‘normal chilly march’ this weekend. #shockhorror

But don’t fret! Obviously because we’re cool considerate cats at Trade Skills 4U, we anticipated this downturn and know that you’ll be bored at home when the sun no longer shines as bright on English soil, so we’ve been busy uploading marvellous videos for you to watch.

For those who visit the site regularly, you might have spotted where we’ve put them but for you newbies let me explain a little bit about the videos and where they are.

So far we’ve uploaded;

A Domestic Installer Video:

Our Renewable Centre Walk around Video

Trade Skills 4U Review Videos

The reason we’re building on our video gallery is to help show you how we do things here and exactly why we go the extra mile to ensure that you’re competent and confident in your skills with your training after you leave.

Our Domestic Installer Video aims to demystify the process of qualifying as a domestic installer and describes the packages that we have put together to help you get qualified with ease. These packages are our most popular courses and are now endorsed by the likes of NICEIC as they believe they are credible and reliable routes into the industry.

Our Renewable energy centre walk around video is similar to our electrical centre walk around which we know you guys know and love. It features our MD, Carl Bennett as the entire centre was built from an idea he had about constructing the best renewable energy centre in the UK; and we think he’s done just that. In the video, you’ll see our wide range of first class facilities all purposely created for you and your benefit to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience. Mr Bennett believes that Solar PV installation is carried out AT HEIGHT so it should be taught AT HEIGHT and this theory is embedded into every technology we teach in the centre. From our rainwater harvesting tank, flushing toilet and hot water tanks to our first storey timber framed training roof and real PV cells, we hope you’ll agree that we’ve got it all.

Our video reviews are a brand new series of videos that we’re doing to help bring another level of reality to the feedback reviews we currently upload on our website. We know reviews are so important to a customer when choosing their training provider so want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to be open and honest about our training here. We don’t want them to be Hollywood quality or airbrushed to the nines, so be assured the entire process is carried out in house and at a moment’s notice. We’ll ask a course during the week and see who is up for a couple of minutes in front of the camera and telling us honestly what they think of everything we do here. We’ll ask customer about our facilities, instructors, whether they know any good jokes and more and it really helps us to see what they actually think. Be assured, and you can probably tell, we don’t edit any ugly bits out so they really are warts and all; if they highlight anything we need to work on, then we’ll blinking work on it!

We’ve got three in the bank with more to come so if you are thinking about training with us they might be worth a watch:

Kevin Hird – Domestic Installer Course Platinum Package

Richard Thompson – Domestic Installer Bronze Package

Brian McCann – Domestic Installer Bronze Package

We’d like you’re input?

If you would like to see anything in video about our centre or would like to see a video review on a particular course or have a question answered – get in touch. Call 01293 529777 and ask for Chloe or email chloe@tradeskills4u.co.uk.


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