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Congratulations Alan Aldridge

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th July 2012

(Pictured above: Henry Smith MP, Carl Bennett Managing Director of TS4U, Alan Aldridge and Ali Tilbrook)

We first met Alan in the early stages of last year when we were building our renewable energy centre. After our investment in the development in the PV roof we wanted to echo this dedication in building 1st class solar thermal rigs and we called in Ecotube, which were at the time, a company product from Riomay. At the launch of our centre in 17th June 2011, we invited many industry contacts to the event but were particularly delighted when Alan and co-worker Ali Tilbrook arrived to congratulate us on the success of the centre, as their products have helped us deliver the best solar thermal training possible within our state of the art facility.

Our ties with Alan didn’t stop there as he actually took on one of our Forgotten Heroes bursary candidates that was awarded his place at the event. Mr Ian Lockie, a TS4U bursary candidate, left the forces following 9 years’ service as a RAF Regiment Gunner and like many was in search of a new challenge. However his new challenge wasn’t without limitations after Ian, a PTSD sufferer, found there was a lack of career prospects available to him. 

(Pictured above: Simon Weston O.B.E, Ian Lockie, Golden Zimmaestro and Carl Bennett MD)

Thanks to our bursary scheme, which offers to give away £100,00 every year to ex-military personnel who are struggling to get their feet on Civvy street, we were able to help him successfully complete his training as a domestic installer and solar pv installer thus making him employable with a set of skills no employer could resist. Alan saw his potential and agreed to take him on once he’d successfully completed his training – happy days.

Anyway without going too far off topic, we would like to wish Alan and the rest of the Solar Trade Association every success as they continue working together to promote and protect the solar industry.

Alan you have our full support, well done!

If you would like to know more about our renewable energy centre or our forgotten heroes bursary scheme, please click the links above which will take you to those pages.

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Falkland's War; 30 Years On

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 2nd April 2012

Thirty years ago today, on April 2nd 1982, Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, awoke to find out that the Falkland islands were no longer British. The Islands, an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean, had been seized in the undercover of darkness by 130 Argentinian commandos. Despite only having less than three years in office, Thatcher embarked on a mission to regain the islands and today we pay tribute to the Task Force sent out to take them back.

The war lasted 74 days and left many service personnel wounded and 255 British personnel and 3 Falkland islanders lost their lives. Today will mark the beginning of a very emotional anniversary for the families and friends of those who fought hard to regain independence of our Falkland Islands.

Lest we forget those who give us what we can never repay.

Help for Ex-Service Personnel

To recognise the bravery of our military and to help them with life after their service, we launched a bursary scheme titled: Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme. The scheme was launched last year with help from Falkland’s veteran Simon Weston O.B.E.

We are proud to have helped several men and women since its launch and will continue to do so to help give something to those who give their thankless service for us. We pride ourselves on our training for resettlement soliders and aim to help them where we can.

If you know anyone who might be suitable for our Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme or would like to apply yourself, please visit our dedicated Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme Page and fill in your details.





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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 14th October 2011

Over recent years we've helped thousands of people gain valuable knowledge, experience and the qualifications they need to pursue successful careers in the electrical industry, from new entrants, to existing electricians. We have now extended our range of electrical courses to cover Renewable energy training and have a dedicated centre for the training of these technologies 100 yards from our main Gatwick premises.

As a company we've always been very supportive of those who serve our country, from Police to Armed Forces, and have always made a conscious effort to make the resettlement process as stress free a transition as possible.

In June this year, we launched our Forgotten Heroes Bursary and in July we met with Civvy Street in an attempt to create a further service to our force leavers by enabling a new route to funding.

CivvyStreet.org has now got a dedicated page for us on their website which allows those looking to retrain, access to our free training pages should you or anyone you know want to apply for our free training Forgotten Heroes Bursary.

It's a great relationship to have and one we are proud of keeping; together we are helping each other to do the best by those who need it.

Should you want to apply for our free training scheme - visit our Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme Page.

To view our press release announcing our partnership with Civvy Street, The Royal British Legion click here.

Categories: company news, resettlement, forgotten heroes bursary scheme

Our War: 10 years in Afghanistan

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 7th October 2011

Cast your minds back to the year 2001; a year when the world was just getting their head around the devastating tragedy of the twin towers, a year when Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison died of lung cancer at the age of 58, and a year when the first ever iPod was introduced. All of aforementioned events, each memorable for very different reasons, were part of a year when the War on Afghanistan began.

Today, 7th October 2011, marks the 10th anniversary of British Forces being engaged in Afghanistan and more than five years since they assumed responsibility for Helmand Province. Remembering the related events that have led up until this date is a sobering opportunity for us to reflect of what our involvement has achieved.

Nearly 1,800 U.S military member have been killed, enough to form a single-file rank of soldiers a mile long. The UK’s military role in Afghan has not been without human toll as the number of British military deaths stand at 382. This is very little doubt that Afghanistan is a better place now that under the Taliban however the real question is when will it all end? A decade at war is long enough surely?

British troops have performed so bravely and achieved so much in this past decade it’s incredibly humbling. Thanks to documentary’s like ‘Our War,’ ‘Dispatches,’ and ‘The Bomb Squad,’ we have been able to really see bits of what the guys do day to day and snippets of what life could be like on the front line. These unglamorous real-life story’s give us a personal insight to our boys and girls who are giving their thankless service for their country.

So it is important that we look after them, especially when their service has ended and their life back into civilian world begins again. Trade Skills 4U offer a ‘Forgotten hero’s Bursary’ which aims to help those who have left the services and have struggled to find a suitable career path by arming them with electrical and/or renewable energy skills for free.

More information on our free training scheme can be found here.

Image source @DailyMail.co.uk

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Trade Skills 4U has just been awarded Preferred Supplier Status

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 5th October 2011

Trade Skills 4U has just been awarded Preferred Supplier Status within the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) which is the Ministry of Defence working with Right Management.

This highly sought status and is recognition that Trade Skills 4U is an effective supplier of health, safety and environmental training and that our accredited courses are approved to the highest of standards.

This regulated and carefully measured preferred supplier status is only awarded to companies who meet the CTP’s criteria to ensure that all service leavers throughout the UK and the world seeking a new career will be in safe hands should they choose us for their training.

Managing Director of Trade Skills 4U Carl Bennett said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the news of the approval as it really is substantiation that our company provides first class training to candidates looking take electrical courses and renewable energy courses in the respective and growing industries.  We take such pride in providing our professional service to members of our Armed Forces who are making the transition into civilian life and look forward to welcoming those who come through the CTP with open arms.”

Trade Skills 4U are very proud of our armed forces affiliations and have a dedicated resettlement page and forgotten heroes bursary page that can be found by clicking on the respective links. 


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