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Combining the best to deliver better

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th September 2012

This week begins with an announcement confirming the beginning of an exciting partnership formed between TradeSkills4U and building services software company, Amtech. This brand new relationship, created to add value to each company’s current services, will provide both companies existing customers with a range of discounts on first class electrician training and a range of specialist software.


Yes software and exciting software at that. Amtech produces a real range of purpose built programmes aimed contracting companies who want to take the stress out of the everyday running of their businesses. From today, all Tradeskills4u customers will be able to receive discounts on a range of software which is guaranteed to start saving you time and money.

The best tool out there for TradeSkills4U customers has to be the ‘WorkSmart’ programme. Specifically aimed at smaller contracting companies, this programme is an easy to use tool which helps you produce correct estimates, price jobs and write up invoices. Powered by LUCKINS, WorkSmart houses thousands of products at their current listed trade price and will be automatically calculated using your preferred supplier’s discounts. Within WorkSmart you can add labour rates, mark ups and price up materials accurately, taking the stress out of the admin side of the job which most contractors tend to dislike.

Sounds good doesn't it? Tradeskills4u customers will be able to access this software at a discounted rate once they have successfully booked and paid for their courses.

To find out more about the partnership, visit our Amtech partner’s page.

Why not take a look at our recent Press Release about our Amtech partnership by following this link.


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Trade Skills 4U has just been awarded Preferred Supplier Status

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 5th October 2011

Trade Skills 4U has just been awarded Preferred Supplier Status within the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) which is the Ministry of Defence working with Right Management.

This highly sought status and is recognition that Trade Skills 4U is an effective supplier of health, safety and environmental training and that our accredited courses are approved to the highest of standards.

This regulated and carefully measured preferred supplier status is only awarded to companies who meet the CTP’s criteria to ensure that all service leavers throughout the UK and the world seeking a new career will be in safe hands should they choose us for their training.

Managing Director of Trade Skills 4U Carl Bennett said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the news of the approval as it really is substantiation that our company provides first class training to candidates looking take electrical courses and renewable energy courses in the respective and growing industries.  We take such pride in providing our professional service to members of our Armed Forces who are making the transition into civilian life and look forward to welcoming those who come through the CTP with open arms.”

Trade Skills 4U are very proud of our armed forces affiliations and have a dedicated resettlement page and forgotten heroes bursary page that can be found by clicking on the respective links. 


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Posted by Chloe Bennett on 28th September 2011

The UK’s leading independent electrical and renewable energy training provider, Trade Skills 4U, have announced that their ‘Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme’ candidates will now be able to access financial support when they take up the free training initiative set up in June 2011.

The free training bursary was officially launched by Falkland’s hero Simon Weston O.B.E, at the company’s renewable energy centre open day and aims to giveaway £100,000 worth of free training to those who are struggling to find their feet after leaving the forces. Whether this struggle is due to illness, injury or a lack of support this permanent offer will arm the candidates will practical skills for a new career.

However since its launch in June the company are experiencing a lack of eligible candidates that have the funds in place to travel to the centre based in Gatwick, West Sussex. “We are a national company and have strong affiliations with the forces and as a result eligible candidates from all over the UK are applying for our bursary. Unfortunately those who would benefit most from a scheme such as this are often facing hardship and have been out of employment for some time. As a result we are finding that these candidates are having trouble covering the costs of travel or accommodation in order to take advantage of this free training scheme,” says Chloe Bennett, Marketing Executive at Trade Skills 4U.

Thanks to Civvy Street, the Royal British Legion’s employment support service, a candidate who is eligible for Legion support could have access funding to help support their costs of travel and/or accommodation as well as other expenses whilst they train. “This partnership will bridge this gap and hopefully enable those most deserving of the bursary, the financial help to enable them to take hold of this great opportunity,” added Miss Bennett.

Trade Skills 4U Bursary candidates will have the opportunity to train as domestic installers, electricians and renewable energy installers and will take advantage of the company’s first-class and dedicated training centres. Trade Skills 4U offers the widest range of electrical courses and renewable energy courses in the UK today.

To find out more about the ‘Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme,’ candidates should visit www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/pages/free-training.


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A meeting of electrical minds

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 20th September 2011

Yesterday Trade Skills 4U and JTL came together and solidified their relationship and understanding of how the two companies can work closer together. JTL held their quarterly meeting of South East Assessors at the Trade Skills 4U renewable energy training centre where employees from both companies got a chance to meet, get to know one another and share ideas.

We will be working closely with JTL in the coming year to deliver electrical apprenticeships. JTL will be focussing in their specialism, assessing whilst Trade Skills 4U will provide industry leading training to apprentices for the EAL NVQ diploma.

The day also gave JTL members a chance to tour our facilities and get a feel for the way in which Trade Skills 4U stand out from the crowd not only in terms our premises but also in terms of the quality of delivery of our courses.

Anyone interested in taking on an apprentice or wanting to join the apprenticeship programme should contact Donna Latimer by calling 01293 529777 who will be able to assess your suitability and get the application moving.

Top of page: Ian Stoneham and Mark Syrett from JTL with Andy Hay-Ellis and Mark Streete from, Trade Skills 4U.

Bottom of page: The JTL South East Team.



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Trade Skills 4U & JTL partner to deliver quality electrical apprenticeships

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 8th September 2011

National Electrical Provision enhanced by New Training Partnership

Trade Skills 4U and JTL have announced a partnership to deliver NVQ Diploma qualifications to electrical apprentices looking to become fully qualified in the electrical industry.

Thanks to this new agreement, the two organisations are working together to offer the most recognised electrician’s NVQ qualification of its kind in the UK. The government, ECA, JIB, JTL and Summit skills all recognise it as a robust route to becoming a fully qualified electrician.

Candidates looking to train within this industry will now be able to benefit from this collaboration as they will effectively receive the ‘best bits’ from two nationally recognised organisations, allowing the partners to focus their energy on what they do best.

The theoretical and practical training required to complete the knowledge components of the qualification will be conducted within Trade Skills 4U’s state of the art training facilities in Gatwick, West Sussex. Candidates will be able to take advantage of the centre’s fully equipped classrooms complete with workshop areas built to enhance student learning. The assessments and NVQ visits after the training course will then be delivered nationwide via an assigned JTL assessor.

Carl Bennett, Managing Director of Trade Skills 4U said: “As one of the UK’s leading independent electrical training provider’s, we bring an expertise in making people aware of the opportunities available to them along with the right customer service attitude needed to drive a retail business where the customer is key. This is a great opportunity for us as well as the students to come together and build the best training programme on offer today.”

Caroline Turner, Director of Operations for JTL added “We are delighted to have entered into this arrangement with Trade Skills 4U which we envisage can only bring benefits to the apprentices and their employers. Both organisations place strong emphasis on the quality of provision and support and we very much look forward to working together to creating innovative ways of meeting our employer partners’ requirements for training and assessment long into the future.”

Trade Skills 4U have many fully and partially funded electrician apprenticeships available for those wishing to become trained as fully qualified electricians.

About Trade Skills 4U LTD

Trade Skills 4U LTD is the UK’s largest independent electrical & renewable energy training provider based in Gatwick, West Sussex. The company established in 2005 and has since added a dedicated renewable energy training centre to its brand. The centre houses Englands first and only single storey training roof created solely for the use of students training to install Solar PV. Trade Skills 4U offer a range of electrical courses and renewable energy courses for those looking to train to become fully qualified electricians, domestic installers, renewable energy installers and sales and management consultants. 

For more information please contact: Chloe Bennett on chloe.bennett@tradeskills4u.co.uk or call 01293 529777.


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Trade Skills 4U team up with MyLocalElectrician.co.uk

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 19th August 2011

MyLocalElectrician.co.uk is the only online magazine for Electricians, Trainee Electricians and consumers that makes full use of on-line social media. The magazine, owned and managed by editor and marketeer Gary Pratten, provides honest, helpful and informative reviews, news and products available to the electrical market.

Gary, a 33 year old father of two, set up My-Local-Trades.co.uk as there was a lack of a professional on-line resource for the electrical industry. Gary is a qualified electrical engineer and has built a career within the online publishing industry over the last 3 years. This move has led him to manage several online magazines and is proud editor of a growing number of trade magazines MyLocalElectrican.co.uk, My-Local-Plumber.co.uk and My-Local-Builder.co.uk.

Gary's key experience combined with Trade Skills 4U’s enthusiasm for the industry make us a great team to supply the growing demand for quality material with a constant stream of relevant and informative editorial for those looking to get into/already in the electrical & renewable energy industries.

The collaboration will allow the strong points of both companies to be communicated effectively and help to guide those interested in both or either the renewable and electrical industries to make informed decisions in order to progress through their training and career.

Trade Skills 4U will also be able to supply MyLocalElectrician.co.uk with updates and offers on our courses, such as our FREE 17th Amendment 1 seminar, and hopes to provide exclusive events and offers for MyLocalElectrician.co.uk subscribers in the future.

We look forward to having MyLocalElectrician.co.uk on board, together we can continue to create interesting debates and discussions online for all to communicate, ask listen and talk about all things electrical.


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Further support for bursary candidates

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 8th July 2011

Since Trade Skills 4U launched their Forgotten Hero Bursary scheme in June, they have enjoyed a lot of support they have received from individuals with similar beliefs and ideals. National hero Simon Weston originally helped launch the scheme at TS4U’s renewable energy centre launch last month and since several charities have got involved to help search for eligible bursary candidates.

Particularly though it is the partners of this national electrical and renewable energy training provider that has been of notable support. “Our partners are helping to elongate the good work we are doing here at Trade Skills 4U by offering their services for little or no cost to our bursary candidates!” says Carl Bennett, managing director at Trade Skills 4U. “I am keen to encourage other businesses to do what they can to help and support our boys and girls with life after the forces whether it is through employment or empowering them with a new set of skills as we are.”

Industry leaders Easy MCS are amongst TS4U’s partners who are helping to lengthen the forgotten hero bursary by offering their support through the MCS accreditation process for free. Their service usually costs around £495 and is a vital part of the renewable industry. In order to gain MCS accreditation you have to compile a quality management system (QMS ;) this systems will be specifically designed around your companies unique operations detailing your internal and external practices. Every renewable installation must be signed off by a person who has been accredited by the MCS scheme. If you or your company are planning on up-skilling to take advantage of this fast-emerging industry one out of every 10 people in a business must be accredited under the scheme. MCS exists to ensure quality is maintained throughout the renewable energy industry and protects consumers from company’s installations substandard installations.

“Easy MCS Ltd is proud to support Trade Skills 4U in its forgotten hero’s campaign and as such would like to extend the Easy MCS Certification support to their bursary candidates. The forgotten heroes that are our service men and women deserve as much support as can be given in helping them retrain for civilian life. These brave people risk and often give their lives for others and often are never formally recognised. We hope that the training we are offering alongside Trade Skills 4U will provide support to those who require it after they have given everything to the protection of others.”

Stroma, a leading certification body in MCS accreditation is also doing their bit to help our bursary candidates. Stroma’s MCS accreditation process ensures that all notifications, inspections and installations of the microgeneration technologies such as solar PV, solar thermal are produced to consistently high standards. Those wishing to become an MCS installer must do so by applying to a certification body like Stroma in order to have their installations and QMS packages reviewed and verified. Installer certification entails assessing the supply, design, and installation, set-to-work and commissioning of renewable microgeneration technologies.  Stroma will offer their support through the process of accreditation certification for the low price of £100; a service that normally costs £385.

“It’s great to have support from these companies enabling of our bursary candidates to enter the industry with little or no experience and have the opportunity to train in the most fast-emerging technologies around with support from all the industry leaders for little or no cost at all. Thanks to their support together will are potentially able to give away £4919 worth of training for free. It proves if everyone does what they can whether it be the cost of a penny or a pound, it can make a real difference to those who have given their thankless service to support the freedom and safety of this country,” says Carl Bennett.

If you want to get involved and help us lengthen our bursary scheme, contact Chloe Bennett at chloe@tradeskills4u.co.uk


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