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National Apprenticeship Week - Jamie Doble Profile

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 13th March 2015

jamie doble student

Name: Jamie Doble

Age: 26

Location: Woking

Qualified: City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diploma Graduate

One part of our job which we enjoy here at Trade Skills 4U is going out and talking to our students, we like to find out how they’ve found the course. We had the pleasure of meeting Jamie today who was a joy to interview, he came across really well, we know that after completing this course he will go on to a good career within the electrical industry.

When you enrolled on the course what was your end goal?

To become a fully qualified electrician, I wanted to make sure I completed all of my modules, course work and end up with good grades. Then after completion of the course I would then start with an experienced electrician who can show me the ropes, then head down the NVQ/AM2 route.

What were you doing before this course?

My previous role was working with in the fire and security trade which isn’t dissimilar to the electrical trade, however it’s a step into a new industry which I’m really looking forward to and will hopefully excel at thanks to my experience.

Are you going to do another course with us?

94/95, NVQ.

Which sector would you prefer to work in? Domestic or commercial?

The Domestic route does appeal to me however I would be more than happy to work in both sectors.

Do you have previous experience with electrics?

Yes I have lots of experience working with electrics my previous role involved domestic installation, however we used lower voltage cables, but it gave me experience ripping up floorboards and running cables. I have continued to work for a fire and security company since studying here. I have been applying for work with electrical contractors, and thankfully getting lots of positive feedback.

Since taking this course – do you feel you have gained the correct knowledge and understanding?

I have gained an awful lot of knowledge since taking the course it’s given me the confidence to know the correct terminology which I wouldn’t have gained in my previous job without coming here.

What would you ideal job be?

Ideally I would be looking to work within an electrical firm, or even a one man band that has lots of experience where he can teach me the ropes. I’m open to any options that come my way, I wouldn’t rule anything out completely, I would be grateful for the experience.

Which subjects did you enjoy?

I much preferred the practical side of the course; I’m very hands on in my current role and I like getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty. I didn’t really enjoy the science section of the course, this was tough and very theory based.

Which module did you excel at?

I thought I did really well at the fault finding exercise we did yesterday luckily thanks to previous experience I was familiar with this exercise. Although I do prefer the practical side I have still done very well on my written papers.

How confident do you feel becoming an electrician after taking this course?

This course has been incredibly helpful, it’s help fill my gaps in knowledge and extend my skills into higher voltages and larger installations. This course has given me lots of confidence and experience to go out and get a job within the industry and know my stuff. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and working, taking all this knowledge I have learnt and apply it to real life.

Describe yourself in three words?




What we think about Jamie?

Jamie is clearly very likeable and charming guy. He has a good foundation of experience within the electrical trade and he would be a great addition to any company that takes him on. If you want to look at taking on Jamie then please call 01293 529777 and ask for Kirsten.






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National Apprenticeship Week - James Huxstep Profile

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 12th March 2015

james huxstep student


Name: James Huxstep

Age: 29

Location: Kent

City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diploma Graduate

Today we had the pleasure of meeting James Huxstop who is currently studying our 2365 course, he was a pleasure to chat with and he really knows his stuff. We know he will be very successful within the electrical industry after attending this course here with us.

When you enrolled at Trade Skills 4u, what was your end goal?

I would like to do domestic installations, rather than commercial, my end game is to become fully qualified electrician.

Did you have any previous experience?

Yes – I originally worked in the entertainment industry in the west end, I worked on the lighting and sound for Billy Elliott and Wicked. I have been working in a drama school since then. I enjoyed working in the entertainment industry but I’m interested in working for myself and earning a little bit more money in the future.

What made you change from being a technician to becoming an electrician?

I wanted to specialise in electrics and learn in a more in-depth way. Luckily from my previous experience at the theatre with all the electrical equipment this gave me a good understanding of the industry before starting the course.

Have you been working in-between the two weeks off?

Yes – I have been working in-between still working in the entertainment industry, mainly depping on the shows such as Wicked and Billy Elliott which has helped me put into practise what I’ve been learning. My employers have been incredibly accommodating whilst I’ve been training.

Why did you choose this training centre?

Its location, I did quite a lot of research with other suppliers and I was really impressed with the facilities in this centre.

Which part of the course did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the theory side; I really enjoyed the science module on the course, because I have worked in engineering as well, I like the more in-depth side.

All in all, I excelled at most sections of the course, I’m very thankful to have a good understanding before starting the course working behind the scenes on shows.

How confident do you feel to go out and work in the electrical industry since taking this course with us?

I’m confident in my ability and skills. We all know that it’s not as easy to find a job these days therefore having this qualification should assist me taking my career to the next level and have the piece of paper to prove it. Most work I’ve found during my career has been through a colleague or someone I know, which means I understand that my reputation is everything.

What we think about James?

We’re really impressed with James, with his previous experience and eagerness to learn as well as good working attitude we know he would be a fantastic asset to any company. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommending him to any potential employer. If you are interested please contact call 01293 529777 and ask for Kirsten.






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National Apprenticeship Week - Amos Smith Profile

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 11th March 2015

amos smith student


Name: Amos Smith

Age: 40

Location: Essex

Qualification: City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diploma Graduate

We were delighted to meet Amos who is studying his 2365, who has lots of experience as an electrician back in Bermuda he has been delighted to learn all the UK regulations, and is looking forward to starting work here in the UK.

Since starting the course with us, what was your end goal?

I wanted to become certified, and gain my certificates and hopefully gain employment in the UK electrical industry.

Where are you looking for employment?

I am currently looking for employment within the electrical industry, testing and inspecting. I would prefer to work in a domestic dwelling.

Which location are you looking for work?

At the moment I am based in Crawley, however shortly I am moving to Essex, I would mainly be looking for work in the Essex area, however I am very much willing to travel.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to cook in my spare time at home, I really like cooking, and cooking for myself.

Do you have any previous experience before taking this course?

Yes – I was an electrician for 13 years in Bermuda, this course has taught me lots when it comes to the English building and wiring regulations. The system I used in Bermuda is completely different.

How have you found the modules on the course?

The course has been tough; it’s almost like starting from scratch as an electrician, I have however passed all of my assignments thanks to the help of the tutors.

Have you gained much experience in the industry since you started?

I haven’t gained any experience in the UK at the moment but have lots of experience from Bermuda which helps a lot when it comes to the practical side of things. I am currently looking for work.

Which part of the course did you enjoy the most?

My favourite part of the course has been the practical side. My favourite module was the fault finding. I am feeling confident this course has given the skills I require to join the UK electrical industry.

Please describe yourself in three words?




What makes you more employable over another candidate?

Experience, I’ve worked on my own, I’ve managed my own businesses, and I am computer literate. I am good at working as part of a team or under the supervision of others. I have experience managing people as well.

What we think about Amos?

Amos has years of experience with electrics and he is very driven. We know he is keen to start working as soon as possible. He would be a great addition to any company that takes him on. If you want to look at taking on Amos as a trainee then please call 01293 529777 and ask for Kirsten.



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National Apprenticeship Week - Jack Gray Profile

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 10th March 2015

jack gray student

Jack Gray

Age: 27

Loction: Wokingham

City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diploma Graduate

We love meeting our students especially when they’re as hard working and dedicated as Jack, he has just completed our 2365 here at Trade Skills 4U. We’re delighted with his hard work and dedication to the course and will no doubt go on to great things after studying with us.

What did you want to achieve from taking a course here with us?

My main focus was to make it through my assignments and exams and hopefully pick up some experience along the way learning all the lingo and correct terms for everything; I wanted to be able to speak the same language as the rest of the electricians. This course has given me loads of confidence and a qualification which is recognisable by the industry. I understand this is just a stepping stone and I require more hands on experience, but it has given me the confidence to know what I am talking about.

When are you looking to start work?

I would like to start working ASAP I have a small family and a three year old son who I need to provide for.

What are your career goals since taking a course here with us?

One day I would like to work in the inspection and testing side of things, and one day I would like to work for myself and hopefully own my own business once I’ve got to know the basics. I am very flexible and happy to work, domestically, commercially or wherever the work is.

Did you have any previous experience in electrics before the course?

No previous experience.

What made you decide to pay for your own training?

I decided to pay for my own training, because apprentices get paid a small wage which wouldn’t cover my travel expenses to work, taking this course here (rather than at colleague) meant I didn’t have to work around the clock doing electrical in the daytime and working in a pub in the evenings. I could fit my training around my job as a tree surgeon where they are happy for me to work two weeks on two weeks off. I wish I had been an apprentice at the age of 16 when money wasn’t an issue!

Which was your favourite module?

I enjoyed the science side of the course best, I really like mathematical aspect of the course, working with formulas and the environmental side was important too.

What do you need more practice in to build your confidence?

I need more experience in installations, I did excel in the practical side of the course I am much better at explaining in person rather than on paper.

What makes you employable?

I have worked on sites before, I’m happy to start at the bottom and work my way up, I’m not going to be a ‘know it all’ with my employer after learning electrics in a classroom, I understand I have a long way to go.

I understand the safety side of things; I’ve seen a lot of people assume they know what they’re doing without taking the proper precautions.

Where have you seen this?

I have seen this often working as a tree surgeon. I understand I’ve still got a lot to learn but I also won’t pretend to know something I’m not 100% sure of because of the safety aspect when it comes to electrics.

What do you think makes your more employable being a mature student?

I know at 16 I didn’t know what a proper day’s work was like, however now I would happily work 6 days a week and 24/7 to make ends meat for my family!

What qualifications are you thinking of taking next?

17th Edition and PAT Testing.

I’m really looking forward to getting out there and working!

What we think about Jack?

Jack is clearly very smart and very driven. He is also humble and keen to continue to learn as much as possible. He would be a great addition to any company that takes him on. If you want to look at taking on Jack as a trainee then please call 01293 529777 and ask for Kirsten.







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National Apprenticeship Week - Alex Pentecost Profile

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 9th March 2015

alex pentecost student

Welcome to the first blog post in a series this week featuring students who are looking to start out as electrician’s mates and learn whilst on the job. All of these students have either completed or are about to complete their City & Guilds 2365 L2 and 3 Diplomas. You may know these as tech certs, 2330’s or parts 1 & 2, however the key thing to understand is that all of these students have had in depth training in health & safety, electrical installation, inspection & testing and electrical science. The will be coming to you with a wealth of knowledge on which they want to build via guidance and practical experience. They will probably at some point want to complete their NVQ (like an apprenticeship) but this will be at no cost to an employer (unless you really like them!) and in most cases will self fund this expense.

We are posting a profile every day throughout national apprenticeship week and although these are not apprentices in the traditional sense they will all complete the same training and NVQ elements to become fully qualified. They are however mature students who have invested both time and money in themselves and are very dedicated to making it as an electrical installer and have front loaded their training to get a foot in the door. So with no further ado we give you the first student, Alex Pentecost.

Name: Alexander Pentecost

Age: 34

Location: Sandwich, Kent

City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diploma Graduate

Today we had the privilege of chatting to Alexander Pentecost who has flown through the 2365 course here at Trade Skills 4U. You can tell by the look on his face on passing his final assignment has meant the world to him. We just know he will be a great success and a fantastic asset to any company.

Why did you decide to take the 2365 course here with us?

Unfortunately I got made redundant from my previous job in Aviation Company based in Kent. The company relocated to a site in Crawley funnily enough and at the time I had a four week old baby and I decided not to move with them. I had a thirst for a new career I decided to take the plunge and enrol on course at Trade Skills 4U on your most comprehensive electrical course 2365.

Where do you live, how far have you travelled to our centre?

I live in Kent which is a four hour round trip each day for my training, which shows my dedication to my new career. 

Why did you decide to have a change of career after being made redundant?

After speaking with friends and family who work in the industry they gave me lots of positive feedback about the electrical trade and the opportunities it could open for me and my family. 

When are you looking to start working?

I’m looking to start work as soon as possible. I would prefer to start working in the commercial sector; I am completing the 2394 – 95 Inspection and testing course this April, which will hopefully open more doors in the industry for me.

What subject did you particularly enjoy on the course?

The subject I enjoyed the most is the science subjects, which is the assignment I just passed with flying colours, therefore in the future, once I have gained more experience in the industry I would like to complete the 2396 electrical design course and become an electrical designer.

What do you need more practice in to build your confidence?

I know what I am doing with the testing and theory side, I do require more experience running cables, so more hands on experience on site in different scenarios, the practical weeks here have been very helpful on the boards but there is nothing like doing something for real, therefore moving my knowledge from the classroom into real life would be incredibly beneficial for my learning. 

Can you sum yourself in three words?

Reliable – I’m very reliable. I’ve not missed a day here!
Hard Working – I am passionate about electrics and willing to go the extra mile.
Team Player – I work well as a team, whether its motivating others or being self motivating and I’m willing to travel for work.

What We think about Alex?

We believe he would be an asset to any company. He is clearly intelligent, outgoing, polite and very customer facing. He has excellent interpersonal skills and has excelled during his time with us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any potential employers. If you are interested please contact call 01293 529777 and ask for Kirsten.







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