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Green Deal Delayed for non-domestic buildings

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 20th April 2012

The long awaited Green Deal, expected to give renewable energy technologies a boost this autumn, has now been delayed for the non-domestic sector.  This delay is due to predicted complications the commercial scheme may face as it is more multidimensional to plan.

A DECC spokesperson said: “It’s likely the Green Deal for business won’t be launched at the same time as the Green Deal for domestic but this is because it is such a complex area and we need to get it right.

“We are discussing how best to do this with industry, who are telling us they support our decision to have a managed introduction of the Green Deal to ensure its success from day one. It is probable; however, that many small businesses will be able to take part in the domestic scheme.”

Even though delays have been announced it is likely that the rollout of the non-domestic scheme would follow shortly after that of the domestic when it is launched later this year in October.

Let’s just hope that everything runs smoothly because if it all goes well this will be a great scheme for both the installer and consumer involved. Of course, that’s if delays don’t set off further uncertainty within the industry because let’s face it – we could all do without that couldn’t we?



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Are you ready to make The Green Deal?

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 7th March 2012

As electricians and domestic installers, you are blessed to work with one of the only energy resources that is not is declining supply. However, with any career, there is still the need to get ahead of the game and make sure you are continuing to offer the latest services and products.  Soon enough, you will find that your experience and qualifications will naturally lead you to offer renewable energy technologies such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation if they haven’t already done so.

This extra service, whether it is asked for by your customers, or because you are seeing your competitor’s branch out into this area, will allow you to take on a range of new skills that can be applied to both domestic projects and to maintain existing renewable energy installations.

So how should I stay ahead? Is solar the only skill I can offer?

Solar PV is a great offering and details of our BPEC Solar PV Course and City & Guilds 2399 Solar PV Course can both be found on our website but they are not the only renewable services an electrician can offer. Due to roll out in autumn 2012, the Green Deal aims to ‘provide over £250,000 jobs in the next 20 years,’ and suggests that there is plenty of opportunity for those who wish to become a certified Green Deal Installer and that want to take advantage of the sheer amount of work that could be on offer.

There are a variety of jobs that will be in demand to ensure this scheme is rolled out effectively and opportunities for the electrician, domestic installer and Solar PV installer include Green Deal Assessors and Green Deal Installers.

To qualify for the Green Deal Scheme, homeowners will need to have their properties assessed by a qualified Green Deal Assessor to ensure their home meets the necessary requirements to obtain government subsidies. Once an Energy Performance Certificate has been produced, a Green Deal report is written and the homeowners Green Deal plan is compiled. The Green Deal Provider will pay your Green Deal Finance directly to your chosen Green Deal Installer; they will have to install your energy efficiency recommendations in accordance with a strict Green Deal Code.

So where do I sign?

You can become a Green Deal Installer by having gained certification to the Green Deal Installer Standard (PAS 2030) by a Green Deal Certification Body. The NICEIC are currently undergoing the accreditation process and hope to launch their certification scheme mid-2012.

What now?

As soon as the certification process becomes available, we’ll going to be running the courses in our centre. If you’re interested in becoming a Green Deal Installer, fill in the form below and we’ll contact you when courses become available.

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£200 million funding injection into Green Deal

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 24th November 2011

Today our ambitious government have announced a new funding scheme to help encourage the UK’s householder into making their home more energy efficient.

This scheme, called the Green Deal, will kick off in October 2012 with 200 million pounds worth of incentives to encourage homeowners to take out loans and invest in energy saving measures. The ‘golden rule’ is that the homeowner’s savings will be greater than the loan repayments.

The £200 million funding from the Treasury could be worth hundreds to those that take up the deal in the first year however how this incentive is actually being delivered is yet to                                                                                  be announced.  Discounts on council tax and cash back offers                                                                                  are amongst the few that have been mentioned at present.

This announcement also combined details of the eagerly awaited Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will officially start next week. The launch of the first phase of the scheme was delayed due to EU state aid appeal but is now back on track and open for business. The RHI itself is an incentive scheme similar to the Solar PV Feed in Tariff (FIT), which was launched back in April 2010, where financial support is provided to individuals, communities and business for switching from using traditional fossil fuels for heating to renewable courses such as wood pellets using biomass boilers and water fuel using solar thermal technology.

Although it is obviously good news that the government are still investing big bucks into this industry, those that have been affected by the recent FIT cuts might be cautious of this new funding announcement. However there is one thing we can be sure of; where there are incentives there will be demand, when there is sufficient demand there may be revisions so it’s always best to get in first.


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The Greenest Government Yet

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 16th May 2011

On Tuesday, a long term programme said to reduce carbon emission is to be announced. This is expected to detail exactly how Britain will commit to two decades of drastic carbon emissions reductions and make them legally binding. This will put the UK ahead of almost any other country that is changing their ways for a greener world and this move supports his promise of ‘the greenest government ever.’

The legally binding agreement is intended to put the UK on-track to reduce carbon emissions 80% below 1990 levels by the year 2050, and 60% by 2030.

This commitment to renewable energy stimulates the formation of such industries and installers job opportunities. Imagine the installations the UK will have to create by the year 2030 if 6o% of carbon emissions are to be reduced.

Image Source @ tangerine-digital-pr.blogspot.com

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