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Funny Apprentice Stories

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 5th September 2016


We asked people to send in their funny apprentice stories for a chance to win a Megger Multimeter courtesy of YESSS Electrical.

Our winner was Brett Dawkins who made a mistake during one of his first jobs. Well done Brett, let’s hope you learnt from this!

When I was an apprentice I was left alone to finish off connecting the new kitchen sockets because the electrician's partner had gone into labour. I cross connected the lives and the earths on a fused spur which was feeding the pump to the customer's outside fish pond. Luckily, the fish were at the same potential as the water and didn't fry, but the lady who lived there couldn't work out why she was getting a crack up her arm every time she fed the fish! Flowers and chocolates were sent her way.

We also researched other stories to give you a giggle!

Wake Up Call

I was scheduled to work on a Saturday, the electrician and the foreman came to pick me up at 6am to work in London somewhere, I did not know what time it was (or even what day).

On the Monday he said to me I was outside your house beeping the horn, everyone on your street woke up, where were you?

I said my bedroom was at the back of the house.

You only wake up late once, now it does not matter what time I need to be at work, I always get there early!

A Lesson Learnt!

On one of my first jobs as a trainee I had to change a light switch in the kitchen where the board was, I thought I'd do the clever thing and check that the circuit I was preparing to work on was off. When I looked at the breaker it was on green, obviously I thought that this meant on so I flipped it over to the red, thinking that meant off, just like my telly or something, then I proceeded to remove the switch and started twisting the live and the neutral simultaneously with each hand and got a nasty belt! Learnt my lesson that day.

Take Caution

My electrical team was finishing a job on a bank refit, along with the ceiling fixers who were packing up they're tools. Meanwhile, our apprentice was wobbling on the top step of the smallest pair on site, unscrews a temporary fitting off the slab above the ceiling, when he removes the last screw it pulled him off balance and he belly flopped onto the ceiling grid bringing down 20% of it!

I was laughing until the ceiling lads calmed down!

We found this story was the funniest, but was not our winner.

When I was an electrician I had a naive apprentice. I told him to go to the wholesaler and gave him a list. In the middle of the list I wrote "1 set of fallopian tubes" after a plumber mate of mine had done the same thing to his apprentice.

Off he went to the wholesaler, meanwhile I had told pretty much everyone on the building site we were working at what I had written.

About 30 minutes later he came back with two bags full of gear and him shaking his head. Most of the building site had stopped to see what he had to say.

I said "what’s wrong?" He replied: "well I asked for the F&*%ing fallopian tubes, didn’t I"

I said "Yeah did they have any?"

He says "The guy behind the counter said they had none in stock, but a lady upstairs may have some but he was unsure if they were for sale!"


We hoped you liked the stories, if you have any you would like to share visit our Facebook page

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Warrington Apprenticeship Taster Week

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 2nd August 2016

Are you looking to start out as an electricians mate or apprentice? Not sure if it is the right career for you? Well to help we are hosting our first free apprenticeship taster event at the brand new Warrington training centre. The training week will take place between the 10th and 14th October. For more information visit this page.

We understand that choosing the right career path can be difficult and committing to a 3 year apprenticeship can be daunting if you’re not 100% sure. That’s why we are giving 16 – 19 year olds the opportunity to get a real feel for the electrical industry and the training to expect on an apprenticeship or electrical training course.

The course will run from Monday 10th – Friday 14th October. 

Throughout the week you will learn:

• Background to electrical contracting

• Different career paths

• The basics to electrical science

• Basic health and safety regulations

• Basic wiring regulations

• Hands on electrical installation skills on a domestic level

• Take part in a practical workshop

Our tutors will provide theory work as well as give individuals the chance to try their hand at some basic installation. You will also be given background information to electrical contracting, advised on the different ways into the industry and given a brief overview of electrical science. At the end of the week individuals should have a clearer idea of whether or not a career in electrics is for them.

For more information on the taster week contact a course advisor on 01293 529 777. Places are available to those aged between 16 – 21 years old. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.  

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Parents urged to be proud of apprenticeships as university places.

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 23rd January 2012

Since Education Minister, David Willets announced an increase in university tuition fees in 2010, students considering further education have been forced to contemplate cheaper alternative routes. In a new push for apprenticeships in 2012, Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg is calling to parents to be more supportive over these alternatives. “Apprenticeships are the gold standard of post-16 vocational education" and "parents should be as proud of their children for securing a top apprenticeship as they are if they go to university.”

Whilst degrees will always be a very valuable qualification, the annual £9,000 tuition fees, the battle with rising living costs and the very possible outcome of unemployment lurking at the end of it all has begun to steer students away from this educational route. This year has already seen an 8% decrease in university applications as UCAS, ‘Universities and Colleges Admissions Service,’ recently reported that 283,680 people that have applied to university from within UK compared to the 306,908 who applied last year.

Since the costly tuition fee increase, alternative education options such as ‘apprenticeships’ are being thoroughly explored by prospective students looking to further their learning. Such terms have seen over a 100% increase in online searches since the initial announcement concerning university tuition fees from Willets back in November 2010.

Please see Google Insight research on term 'apprenticeship' below:

Whereas online search activity for the term 'University' has suffered a slow decrease in search. See below:

“Apprenticeships have always been a big part of Britain and it’s great that the idea of taking an apprenticeship still has such great appeal,” says Carl Bennett, Director of Trade Skills 4U. “Apprenticeships can be excellent routes into an industry as they combine the theory elements of a course with the important practical side; it is this key ingredient that degrees generally miss.” Mr Bennett is the Director of Britain’s Premier Electrical Training Company who currently hold three apprenticeship courses from two of the UK’s Leading qualification bodies; City & Guilds and EAL.

“Many still regard the apprenticeship as the best route into work combining technical education with practical experience helping to enable business and industries to acquire skilled labour. It has added appeal today because it soaks up the growing fears of entrenched youth unemployment as the effects of the recession continue to be felt and the unskilled are left further behind.”

“We’re holding FREE taster days during National Apprenticeship week for young people aged between 16 – 19 years old. We’ve almost sold out on these free places, so young people who are interested need to give us a call if their interested on 01293 529777. These electrical taster days aim to give young people a sample of the industry by detailing what is involved in an electrical career plus some practical training to help you decide if this is right career for you - It’s a great way of test driving a potential new career.

Click here to book your spaces or you can call our team to find our more on 01293 529777. 



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Consider A Career In The Electrical Industry

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 3rd January 2012

New Year’s Eve is always a time to reflect on the past years events whilst creating new resolutions to implement in the New Year ahead.

The New Year always seems the perfect time to enforce change and embrace it so if you’re considering a career change in 2012, why not consider a career in electrics? It’s a lucrative career which can lead you to all sorts of jobs.



I was once told by a customer that he was so glad he was taking electrical courses as everything these days is electric; your phone, your laptop, your TV and so on and he’s right. They’re not making oil fired TV’s last time I looked and wherever you find a light switch, a power point, or a light bulb whether this be at work, at home or whilst you’re watching Coldplay on their stadium tour, an electrician was required to install them. There is so many opportunities open to the practising electrician it just depends where your interest may lie as to what path is right for you.

Electricians mainly specialise in the wiring of building structures both domestic and commercial however may also specialise to wire ships, airplanes and other mobile platforms. Electricians can also find work in the film industry as they are required for safety and to help produce lists of required equipment and configure and design installations for the lighting & production directors. Electricians are also required on music tours as they need to assist and commission set designs and lighting configurations as well as making sure that amount of light is both safe for the audience as well as the artist. So which ever route you’d like to take a job like this, you’re bound to find the correct role for you.

The true diversity of these job roles is also a major benefit to the career; once you qualify you will find that your skills are transferable across all of the aforementioned platforms. There is also an added benefit of having your qualifications recognised internationally should you choose to take a City & Guilds course. City & Guilds electrical courses are widely respected and undertaken by all industry professionals and you will find that most if not all electrical trainers, such as Trade Skills 4U, host a wide range for you to choose from. Wherever there is electricity you will find an electrician which is why is makes for such a great career choice in times like these as they have an added bonus of being recession proof.

Whatever your chosen New Year’s resolutions are, whether are encompass losing weight, getting fit, being better with money, seeing family & friends more or learning something new. The latter is where we come in. We are the UK’s number 1 City & Guilds electrical qualification provider which is an achievement we’ve fought hard to get and maintain. Last year we delivered just fewer than 15,000 exams to over 4000 candidates who were looking to simply learn something new by up-skilling or retraining.


So if being an electrician, domestic installer or electrical apprentice sounds good to you, pick up the phone and give us a call. We can help give you advice about some of the qualifications we offer and help you decide whether this is the right career choice for you. Call us today on 01293 529777.

Be proud of what you do, consider a career in electrics and train with Trade Skills 4U.


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Christmas Safety Measures

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 6th December 2011

Light up your Christmas Tree, not your home.

Hidden away in the corner of your loft lies your beautiful Christmas tree. Tightly wrapped up and accompanied with boxes of protected decorations, it’s literally waiting to stand proud once more. When December finally comes around, you can almost feel the rush in the air. The shops are filled with brightly coloured baubles, the town lights turn on and sparkle, illuminating sensation as Christmas is on its way.

However there are a few very important things, besides the turkey, to remember every time the festive season begins. According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, (ROSPA), ‘around 80,000 people suffer accidents and injuries in their homes during the Christmas holidays every year’. Many of those happen in the kitchen during food preparation, while putting up decorations – or worse, as a result of faulty fairy lights or unattended candles.

Making sure your old Christmas lights are safe:

Times have been a little tight over the past two years so who can blame you if you don’t want to update your set of Christmas fairy lights right? Wrong! Faulty Christmas lights cause unnecessary accidents over the festive period if poorly stored, damaged or faulty appliances can lead to accidents in the home or worse – electrical fires. Retrieving your lights from damp, dusty storage spaces can lead to unnecessary hazards, so always see a purchase like this as an investment not a cost.

Most sets of lights are based on the Edison incandescent bulb which is an ordinary light bulb which requires electrical energy to heat up a tiny metal filament so that it glows. The heat itself makes the filament emit light, and frankly the hotter the filament, the greater the light. However the whiter the light – the shorter the lamp life, which is why when the lights are finally unravelled it’s not unusual to find that a couple fail to work. Our advice is to check your lights are up to modern safety standards or if their looking past their sell by date it’s time to get some more – and no before you ask we’re not working on commission.

So what’s our top ten safety tips this Christmas? Keep you and your family safe by reading our advice below:

So starting with the obvious: if you have old Christmas lights, consider buying new ones, which will meet much higher safety standards, keep the lights switched off until the Christmas tree is decorated, don’t let children play with lights (some have swallowed the bulbs), and remember to switch off the lights when going out of the house or going to bed.

Christmas novelties are not toys, even if they resemble them, and they do not have to comply with toy safety regulations. Think carefully where you display them by making sure their out of reach from young (and old) hands.

 Always make sure you buy batteries over Christmas – chances are you or aunty jean will buy dear little Jonny a battery powered toy that he’ll want to play with immediately. Being organised helps prevents temper tantrums as well as the temptation to remove batteries from smoke alarms.

 Children’s gifts are age marked for a reason; make sure you buy your children gifts for the correct age group from reputable courses that comply with safety standards e.g. The Toys (safety) Regulations 1995.

 In the rush to open presents and scoff Christmas dinner, you may find that decorations become damaged or small items like burst balloons or party popper cases get strewn over the floor. Make sure these are promptly spotted and cleared to avoid choking hazards.

 A nice open fire is fuelled by poorly placed Christmas cards and real trees. Keep a fire guard on at all times and keep decorations and other flammables away from fires and other heat sources such as light fittings. Don’t leave burning candles unattended, make sure you put them out before going to bed and do not put candles on Christmas trees.

Give yourself enough time to prepare and cook Christmas dinner to avoid hot fat, boiling water and sharp knife accidents that come from rushing, and keep anyone not helping with dinner out of the kitchen. Wipe up (or drink) any spills quickly.

Have scissors handy to open packaging, so you’re not tempted to use a knife, and have screwdrivers at the ready to assemble toys.

Plan New Year fireworks parties well in advance and follow the Firework Safety Code.

Do not drink and drive, and plan long journeys so you won’t be driving tired.

But most importantly enjoy yourself. Christmas is the time to be surrounded by family members and loved ones so enjoy your time off and be merry.



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