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Even the Electron has bad days.

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 19th April 2012

Researchers have just uncovered an additional characteristic of the electron by revealing that it can undergo a personality crisis.

Electrons, one of the Universes few fundamental particles,  can divide into what’s called ‘quasi-particles’ which means that their core properties can split up and move around like independent particles.

Experts have been able to distinguish two such ‘quasi-particles’ but this accomplishment of technical mastery has allowed physicists to identify the elusive third component of an electron – its ‘orbiton.’

These oribitons are now thought to carry the energy of an electron’s orbit around the nucleus. Generally speaking as the properties of an electron are not free, each electron maintains its properties as it moves around but can split and move independently to ‘jump on’ nearby electrons.

To ease understanding, just imagine if a traffic jam on a one-lane road –‘ it is as if one blue car, pointed west and running at 1,000 RPM, passes on its blueness, its engine speed and its direction to adjacent cars.’**

Magnificent isn’t it? For more details on this discovery visit www.nature.com

*Data source – Wikipedia for ‘electron’

**Data source – BBC Website

Image source@nature.com


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BREAKING NEWS: IET confirms delay for Domestic Installer Qualification

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 13th December 2011

This decision was agreed at the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification Management Committee meeting on 1st December 2011 where they announced ‘the new level 3 domestic installer qualification is expected to become available by June 2012, with the first candidates completing some two month later.’ The new requirements will come into effect on 6th April 2013 still leaving five different routes satisfying the requirement for registration as a Qualified Supervisor. These include on-site assessment, off-site assessment a                                                        mixture of both and the gaining of appropriate qualifications.

How does this affect me?

Essentially if you are already an existing qualified supervisor this will not affect you. When the new requirements come in in April 2013, they will not apply retrospectively to existing qualified supervisors nor will they need to complete the new qualification to complete works after April 2013.

Those looking to register under the existing requirements should do so aptly before the new revisions come in as it is likely that an entrant after April 2013 would have to hold the full electrical NVQ in order to register for the domestic installer scheme – however this notion is yet to be confirmed.

You can download your copy of the IET’s Press Release here.

Trade Skills 4U have various course packages on offer which contain all the qualifications a new entrant or existing contractor would require in order to train as a domestic installer and/or fully qualified electrician.


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No longer the light of our lives: The 60 Watt bulb sees production ban.

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 1st September 2011

Today the production of the old-style clear tungsten bulb has been banned in an effort to encourage people to buy more energy efficient light bulbs.

Although the suggested energy efficiency bulbs could help you save some penny’s on your electricity bill, the majority of those affected have been describing their mad dashed to the store to stock up on the traditional 60 W bulb.

The impact of the ban on has said to be the equivalent of ‘taking seven million cars off the road’ commented Gunther Oettinger, the EU’s Energy Commissioner as the light consumes too much energy for the light they produce. ‘The average family can ‘easily’ save EURO50 a year on their electricity bill.’

Others aren’t so convinced; “Although it won't solve my problem forever, I have been bulk buying the 'old style' bulbs,” one blogger called Morglin wrote online this week.

The ban has been introduced in a bid to meet the government’s carbon targets in a reduction of carbon emission of 20% by 2020.

What do you think? Will you miss the traditional bulb or are you in favour of the modern energy efficient light?


Categories: electrical news