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Trade Skills 4U To Open New Coventry Electrical Training Centre

Posted by Elaine Hammond on 29th January 2019

We are excited to announce a new expansion into the Midlands delivering courses to aspiring electricians in the region.

The new state-of-the-art training facility will be based in Coventry and will open at the end of July 2019. This new location will act as a midlands base from which we can deliver industry leading courses. However, all course advice, management and administration will still be covered by our head office just by London Gatwick.

As specialists in electrical training we offer the largest range of electrician courses in the UK for new entrants, existing electricians and companies from our main centres based in Gatwick, Warrington, London and a recently opened facility in Leeds. You can choose from a huge range of courses including; 18th Edition, Domestic Installer Packages, City & Guilds Diplomas, Inspection and Testing, EV Charging Point, plus much more.

In order to satisfy the high demand for the new 18th Edition of the electrical regulations, in July 2018 we introduced 4 new pop up centres based in Newcastle, Cardiff, Hatfield and Coventry.

Our brand new Coventry centre will be situated in Westwood Business Park right next to Warwick University with excellent facilities and transport links right on its doorstep.

Exec Chairman, Carl Bennett said: “With the ongoing success of the business we have made the decision to open our forth fully fledged training centre in Coventry. The new facility will be situated close to major road links, M6, M1, M42 and M69 and will open up opportunities for aspiring electricians from the West and East Midlands.”

Carl continued: “Our students can rest assure that they will receive first class training delivered by skilled tutors who have experience both on the tools and in teaching. The new facility will offer a fresh and bright learning environment built to the very highest of specifications, equipped with the latest technology in keeping with Trade Skills 4U’s usual high standards.”

Every year more people pass City & Guilds electrical courses with us than with any other UK provider and we are the first electrical training company to be accepted into the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Centre of Excellence.

Enquiries are now being taken for courses delivered in Coventry, please call 0800 856 4448 to speak to a Course Advisor who will be happy to help. Alternatively you can visit our Coventry facilities page.

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Back to School; Autumn Term Begins

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th September 2012

The month of September resonates the beginnings of a new academic year. The ‘back to school’ nostalgia, imbedded deep within like January’s ‘new year new start’ romanticism always leaves us with the desire to reinvest in our most prized possession; ourselves.

So as the joys of our last bank holiday are forgotten and we climb into the autumnal season, it is hardly surprising that education is front page news. With controversy over the latest GCSE results and government announcing reviews to course material and exams over the coming years, it seems change is at the forefront of the academic agenda.

Even though these expected changes have been brought about in a negative manner, they will no doubt help improve the relevancy of these qualifications and help ensure they are appropriately fulfilling for the future generations.

Standing knee deep in the digital era it is important that our educational routes are updated alongside the marvellous technology our world continues to develop. Proactive revision to course materials and examinations can only highlight the strategic commitment and dedication to the course subject itself and we too are introducing some changes for the new academic year.

City & Guilds, one of our main governing bodies, have recently launched a range of new courses of which we have begun to successfully deliver. The City & Guilds 2394, 2395 and 2396 are all new courses that are taking the place of the well-known 2391-10 and 2391-20 courses. These new quals are more rounded replacements and have additions such as ‘three phase.’ Having been updated and sculpted for  those looking to verify, test, inspect and certify; candidates taking these courses can be assured that they are taking the most up to date and relevant qualifications in their industry.

On a similar note the new City & Guilds 2365 (full commercial electricians course) is currently in full flow within our centre. This electrician’s course replaces the very successful City & Guilds 2330 courses which are due to expire in December 2012.

We have also introduced specialist NAPIT courses such as the  NAPIT Blueflame ISO 17024 Course and the 27 day NAPIT 17024 Electrical Installer Package which are exciting and unique courses in their own right and brand new for 2012. 

In line with these new courses (and our passion for digital) we have also updated our brochures online. Customers can now view our brochures both interactively online in Flash format or download them to keep and print as PDF’s.

To view our brochures online, visit our brochures page or contact one of our customer advisors who will be happy to send you one via email.

So whether it’s an update course or the means to a completely new career, September is the ideal time to take the leap to train. Visit our electricians courses page to view our entire range of qualifications or call us on 01293 529777 to speak to our experienced advisors. Either way be assured we’ll be on hand to guide you through the options we have available.


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Case Study: The Electrician's Apprentice

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 23rd August 2012

Name: Tom Ward

Age: 19

Live: Nunshead, Dulwich

Company: EDES Ltd (East Devon Electrical Services LTD)

Started apprenticeship: 18 months ago

Stated training with TradeSkills4U: April 2012


Photo: Tom Ward speaking to Mr Barry Sheerman MP of Hudderfield

I started training with TradeSkills4U in April this year and so far its’ going great. I thought it was going to a be a little bit tough at first as I’m taking time out to train 2 weeks of the month so missing out on work, but my employer enables me to work evenings and weekends if I want to catch up on missed pay. I chose TradeSkills4U because they helped me get the vital funding I needed to pay for the course, I’m lucky enough to be in the bracket where my training is fully funded.”

Currently my training is all going really well; I’m finishing my electrician apprenticeship training on November 13th this year and hope to finish the full apprenticeship 8 months after that. My current employer is East Devon Electrical Services LTD which is actually based in London and through them I have been able to tick off various competences having demonstrated that I am able to work in specific areas and complete certain installations. We normally work in hospitals which I really enjoy and as the company is a large contractor firm, variety is a huge bonus. We are always working with different people and on different jobs which is great fun.”

“The best bit about training with TradeSkills4U is the facilities which are pretty spot on to life onsite but above all the knowledge! Sometimes, and I think it’s safe to say that other electricians feel this too, there are certain jobs or practices that I carry out without really knowing why. For example, the other day I asked some of the guys I work with why there isn’t such thing as an ‘A type breaker,’ only B’s, C’s and D’s. Funnily enough no one on site knew the answer, but James my instructor at TradeSkills4u said they don’t exist  due to the possible confusion over the measurement of ‘Amps’ if an A breaker were to exist. It sounds silly but that really stayed with me. It’s great to go out and practise the work but have the technical support here so I can learn exactly what I’m doing and why. This helps to fill in any gaps that come about on site which is vital for me in these early learning stages.”

On another note, a great bit about the training is how I’m able to carry it out. I’ve chosen to train 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off which is ideal for me as I’m getting a real steady flow of information which I’m constantly building on. Where most of my friends are on day release, they struggle with school holidays and other term-breaks like Christmas which can really delay their training and elongate the apprenticeship. By working in intense chunks I’m getting a lot of it done in a smaller time frame which suits me down to the ground.”

“I’m really excited about qualifying, and I’m so glad me and my employer chose TradeSkills4U t help me get there. I would recommend Trade Skills 4U, 100%, especially my tutor James as he’s teaching method is great. He is always going the extra mile to make sure we’re all on the same page and he offers some great advice on site too as he used to work on the tools. A career as an electrician is certainly one I’d choose all over again if I could turn the clocks back. As I say I can’t wait to get out there when I’m fully qualified and would urge others to do the same.”

Interview by Chloe Bennett for Trade Skills 4U.

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Educational diversity gone mad? Crackdown on courses as students begin qualifying in skills that won’t pay the bills.

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 20th August 2012

Conservative MP Chris Skidmore calls for revision on ‘Mickey Mouse’ subjects as nearly nine out of ten 16-year-olds took courses this year which are to be purged from school league tables. Courses like ‘sugar confection’ and ‘pastry craft,’ originally billed equal to GCSE Maths and Physics qualifications by the Labour party, are now being removed from league tables as they are too ‘flimsy’ and will not provide young people with a suitable academic foundation.

Qualifications such as ‘Make-Up’ and ‘Salon Reception,’ although popular with  youngsters having seen 202 and 2,180 students enrol respectively  last year, clearly highlight that students are choosing these subjects over core academic subjects such as history, geography and chemistry which will allow them to have a wider scope of options later in life.

“In tough economic times, we must make every effort to ensure that our children are learning the subjects that employers and universities value most so they can compete for jobs once they leave education,” said Tory MP, Chris Skidmore.

In a recent employer’s survey, research showed that experience combined with a good working knowledge of the subject area was preferred over candidates simply having theory level course certification. As such, routes like the modern apprenticeship may just be able to save those who have chosen to take these ‘soft courses’ as arguably some of them loosely transfer to a particular trade themselves.

The modern apprenticeship, which is considered the most relevant route for students to take, has just introduced 14 new frameworks ranging in subjects from nursing to horticulture and electrics so students will have plenty of choice to enrol on a programme that is best suitable to them. There has never been a better time to become an apprenticeship too with news that up to 15,000 Apprenticeships vacancies in over 1,400 job roles will be available to students getting their exam results this summer, according to new data from the National Apprenticeship Service.

Students considering apprenticeships should visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk for full details and benefits of these modern educational routes.

Trade Skills 4U offer a variety of electrical apprenticeships and a full list of our courses can be seen by viewing our electrical courses page on our website.


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Extra PAT on the back

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 16th August 2012

You know we’re always at the forefront of offering you specialist and bespoke courses; well we’ve just launched another. Meet our 3 Day PAT Testing Course! This course is designed for those who have little or no experience in the electrical industry but would like to add this lucrative service to their offering and begin earning that little extra.

Whether you are an office manager looking to score some points with the boss and help save him some extra dosh per year or you are a landlord looking to PAT test your own properties to ease financial and time restraints in between tenants, this 3 day course has been sculpted perfectly for you.

Normally a 2 day course, this brand new and first of its kind our 3 day pat testing courses give you the extra day to learn the fundamentals of electric installation so that you are fully up to speed with the basics and have the best chance of excelling at the course when you come around to the exams on the final day.

Sound good? Of course it does, what’s more this extra day is offered at a low price compared to the rest of the course!

Interested? Check out our PAT Testing Courses online now by click either one of these links; City & Guilds 3 Day PAT Testing Courses, City & Guilds 2377-22 Day PAT Testing Courses and City & Guilds 2377-22 & 2377-32 PAT Testing Courses now or call 01293 529777.


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New Employer survey highlights apprenticeships are more favourable than degrees

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 9th August 2012

In a brand new survey, which polled over 300 employers in the UK’s construction industry, statistics highlights what some of us might state as the obvious – education combined with practical training is preferred over theory and a degree certificate. But are they more favourable and does this depend on the industry you are going into, Chloe Bennett shares her thoughts on the topic.

On average the employers polled, rated their experience employing qualified apprentices a reasonable 7/10 for providing ready-to-work young people compared with an average of 5.5/10 for those who arrived with a degree under their belt. These figures highlight that those who have a combined knowledge and practical ability are better prepared for the working world over those that have gained an arguably ‘higher level’ of education in a degree programme. Employers furthered their comments on the poll stating that degree students required extra support and training when carrying out the practical elements of the job.

Apprenticeships provide an incredibly valuable education to a student and a well-qualified apprentice is equally valuable to an employer. Apprenticeships not only provide you with the on hands knowledge you need for the job but equip you with a stable skill which enables you to move into a variety of job roles within the industry concerned. Apprenticeships are very well rounded courses so candidates are able to gain valuable insights into what can be expected of them in the working world.

So what is better for an apprenticeship or a degree?

Certainly where the construction industry is concerned, my personal opinion would be that the apprenticeship route is better suited to those seeking a career in this industry. As a twenty-something holding a 2:1 BA HONS degree myself, I feel that I am able to say this based on my own personal experiences upon stumbling into the professional world.  My lack of experience gained in addition to my degree really held me back.  Every job required me to have experience in my area of expertise and quite frankly employers were looking the other way when my CV detailed I ‘only’ had a degree to offer. Obviously this wall allows any newly qualified graduate to become frustrated, but experience is so valuable and in some areas like trades some would argue, essential. It might be the difference in gaining that job of your dreams and walking away empty handed.

If you look at it from the view of an employer; what would you prefer? To hire an employee that is able to carry out all the work or has a basic understanding of the work required or to hire an employee that require assistance/support or further training in order to carry out these tasks?

You could look at it like this; one day you decide you need a table for your kitchen, so you pop out and come home with a flat packed kit hoping it will end your past troubles of not having anywhere to eat dinner like a sensible adult. However on opening the box you find that the screws aren’t included. Nipping out and having to spend more money and time than you first anticipated is not quite what you signed up for when initially buying the table was it? Similarly, employers that have to seek further training for their new employees is a cost I’m sure most would strive to avoid. It certainly pays to get the right training for your career.

Obviously I would express that apprenticeships aren’t the be all and end all of education and I am certainly very proud of my honours degree, however you should always make that your educational route strongly relates to your career of choice. For most, if not all careers, it is fair to say a level of practical knowledge and experience is extremely valuable. Even in my experience having gained a reputable degree I still needed the vital experience to back up my knowledge of the industry I specialised in. In this day and age, where job opportunities are hard to come by any level of experience it essential to the employer and beneficial to you the employee. It provides you with that all important practical know-how for the job (which may set you apart from the competition) and helps you to uncover whether you are stepping into a career that you like too.

If you would like any information about the apprenticeships that Trade Skills 4U offers, visit our Electrician Apprentices page which has a guide on all our electrician courses and electrical apprenticeship courses.


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Electrician's hold the power during the double dip recession

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 26th April 2012

Yesterday, economists confirmed what we already know. Britain’s figures outline that our economy is enduring its longest slump and that we are in a double dip recession.

For realists, this expected news has only confirmed that it has taken ‘longer than anyone hope to recover from the biggest debt crisis of our lifetime,’ stated Chancellor, George Osborne during a meeting in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

However as Mr Clegg stated in the commons, the ‘basic building blocks’ of recovery are in place and business leaders shouldn’t worry and to ‘step back from the panicked reaction.’

As electricians, domestic installers and renewable energy installers you needn’t worry as your jobs always make the top 100 recession proof job lists. We live in a modern world where the bug push if for energy efficiency and renewable energy and everything we ‘need’ is powered by electricity. You only need to switch your consumer unit off or endure a power cut to realise how important electricity is in all of our lives - you my friends are the beholders of this power.

Obviously it is natural to guess that during these difficult times, homeowners will not have extensions and outdoor lighting on their list of priorities at the moment but it’s important to remember the jobs that are required to happen by law such as annual PAT testing.

In quiet times, up-skilling is always a good idea so you can offer a lot more to your customers and begin to reap the rewards of being multi-skilled. Plus as work might have slowed down, you may be able to afford to take a day or two out?

If you’re interested in spreading your wings it might be worth checking out our specialist electrician courses, PAT testing courses and Inspection and Testing Courses.

Get Qualified and make sure the next job that calls is yours!


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