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Electrician in starring role at Old Trafford Rugby League Grand Final!

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 5th October 2012

Not many people know this but Warrington Wolves team Captain Legend, Adrian Morley, was once an Electrician! Even though he has surpassed a career dealing with cables, he completed his electrical apprenticeship with NG Baileys as a young man.

Adrian also happens to be a friend of ours here at Tradeskills4U. For those who know a bit about our brand, Tradeskills4u owners, Carl & Tracey Bennett, are lifelong supporters of the Wolves spending many weekends and many hours on the road travelling to see their heroes play.

“Adrian is a superb role model at Warrington and a genuinely nice bloke” says Carl, “We had chance to spend some time with Adrian and the team in recent months and the professionalism we witnessed is extraordinary”

“Tomorrow we’ll be a bag of nerves until the final whistle, whatever happens we’ve had a great year, but a win would top it off. I’ll be wearing my lucky primrose and blue socks too!” added Carl.

Photograph: Adrian Morley with TS4U owners, Carl & Tracey Bennett celebrating Warrington's Challenge Cup Win 2012.


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Combining the best to deliver better

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 25th September 2012

This week begins with an announcement confirming the beginning of an exciting partnership formed between TradeSkills4U and building services software company, Amtech. This brand new relationship, created to add value to each company’s current services, will provide both companies existing customers with a range of discounts on first class electrician training and a range of specialist software.


Yes software and exciting software at that. Amtech produces a real range of purpose built programmes aimed contracting companies who want to take the stress out of the everyday running of their businesses. From today, all Tradeskills4u customers will be able to receive discounts on a range of software which is guaranteed to start saving you time and money.

The best tool out there for TradeSkills4U customers has to be the ‘WorkSmart’ programme. Specifically aimed at smaller contracting companies, this programme is an easy to use tool which helps you produce correct estimates, price jobs and write up invoices. Powered by LUCKINS, WorkSmart houses thousands of products at their current listed trade price and will be automatically calculated using your preferred supplier’s discounts. Within WorkSmart you can add labour rates, mark ups and price up materials accurately, taking the stress out of the admin side of the job which most contractors tend to dislike.

Sounds good doesn't it? Tradeskills4u customers will be able to access this software at a discounted rate once they have successfully booked and paid for their courses.

To find out more about the partnership, visit our Amtech partner’s page.

Why not take a look at our recent Press Release about our Amtech partnership by following this link.


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National Tradesmen's Day

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 21st September 2012

and finally our lovely Part P class, enjoying their cakes :)


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Back to School; Autumn Term Begins

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th September 2012

The month of September resonates the beginnings of a new academic year. The ‘back to school’ nostalgia, imbedded deep within like January’s ‘new year new start’ romanticism always leaves us with the desire to reinvest in our most prized possession; ourselves.

So as the joys of our last bank holiday are forgotten and we climb into the autumnal season, it is hardly surprising that education is front page news. With controversy over the latest GCSE results and government announcing reviews to course material and exams over the coming years, it seems change is at the forefront of the academic agenda.

Even though these expected changes have been brought about in a negative manner, they will no doubt help improve the relevancy of these qualifications and help ensure they are appropriately fulfilling for the future generations.

Standing knee deep in the digital era it is important that our educational routes are updated alongside the marvellous technology our world continues to develop. Proactive revision to course materials and examinations can only highlight the strategic commitment and dedication to the course subject itself and we too are introducing some changes for the new academic year.

City & Guilds, one of our main governing bodies, have recently launched a range of new courses of which we have begun to successfully deliver. The City & Guilds 2394, 2395 and 2396 are all new courses that are taking the place of the well-known 2391-10 and 2391-20 courses. These new quals are more rounded replacements and have additions such as ‘three phase.’ Having been updated and sculpted for  those looking to verify, test, inspect and certify; candidates taking these courses can be assured that they are taking the most up to date and relevant qualifications in their industry.

On a similar note the new City & Guilds 2365 (full commercial electricians course) is currently in full flow within our centre. This electrician’s course replaces the very successful City & Guilds 2330 courses which are due to expire in December 2012.

We have also introduced specialist NAPIT courses such as the  NAPIT Blueflame ISO 17024 Course and the 27 day NAPIT 17024 Electrical Installer Package which are exciting and unique courses in their own right and brand new for 2012. 

In line with these new courses (and our passion for digital) we have also updated our brochures online. Customers can now view our brochures both interactively online in Flash format or download them to keep and print as PDF’s.

To view our brochures online, visit our brochures page or contact one of our customer advisors who will be happy to send you one via email.

So whether it’s an update course or the means to a completely new career, September is the ideal time to take the leap to train. Visit our electricians courses page to view our entire range of qualifications or call us on 01293 529777 to speak to our experienced advisors. Either way be assured we’ll be on hand to guide you through the options we have available.


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Government rolls up their sleeves to create 140,000 jobs

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 6th September 2012

In a statement released today, David Cameron has released details of his plans to help revitalise the construction industry. His statement highlighted details of how the cabinet are pursuing the removal of some of the restrictions that currently surround measures to gain planning permission.

This announcement comes at a time where the construction industry has received a slight dip in growth due to the amount of hurdles homeowners have to overcome in order to begin works on their homes. According to the independent “almost 200,000 households apply each year for permission to make improvements such as conservatories, rear extensions and garage conversions;” however the process of gaining planning permission can take years. By temporarily removing the bureaucracy surrounding planning permission, homeowners will be able to expand with no need to ask their local authority. This rule will apply to shops, offices and industrial units during this time.

The current rules stipulate that single-storey extensions can be construction freely without the need for planning permission providing they do not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by a set distance. The limit for semidetached properties is 3 meters whilst an extra meter is given to detached properties looking to extend in this way. Under the new rules, set to be enforced next month, these limits will be doubled however these changes are not currently set to apply to loft extensions.

“The measures announced today show this government is serious about rolling its sleeves up and doing all it can to kick-start the economy,” Cameron said.

“Some of the proposals are controversial; others have been a long time in coming,” he said. “But along with our housing strategy, they provide a comprehensive plan to unleash one of the biggest homebuilding programmes this country has seen in a generation. That means more investment around the county; more jobs for our people; and more young families able to realize their dreams and get on the housing ladder.”

George Osborne’s ‘£60 billion’ investment into the infrastructure is also set to help first-time buyers who will be offered equity loans of up to 20% of the property value that can be used as a deposit.


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TradeSkills4U highlight importance of modern apprenticeships

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 28th August 2012

Help reach success with the modern apprenticeship & choose a career choice that pays off.

As the late weeks of August provide the youth of today with their hard earned grades, education is a hot topic for the month ahead. But when presented with limited options of this double-dip recession, how can this fresh-faced generation ensure their next steps are ones into well-paid jobs? Chloe Bennett speaks to industry & government experts to help outline why the modern route to success maybe in the traditional apprenticeship and what can be done to help encourage others to take this worthwhile route.

“Whether you are interested in working in nursing, engineering or for a large company like the BBC, apprenticeships are a sure fire way to equip yourself with the right skills and experience for the job in hand,” begins Carl Bennett, managing director of Britain’s Premier Electrical Training Company Trade Skills 4U. “As apprenticeship schemes come in all shapes and sizes there is one bound to suit everyone’s needs,” he continues. Carl Bennett’s comments come at the perfect time as this summer alone has seen apprenticeship vacancies rise to a staggering 15,000. “There really has never been a better time to apply for these worthwhile schemes.”

“Apprenticeships are open to all age groups and work on the basis where an individual gains on the job experience and works towards a nationally recognised qualification in the process. By implementing a blend of practical & theory training, individuals can be assured they are achieving the two vital skillsets that are required for anyone applying for work in the current job market,” Mr Bennett adds. “In addition, although age permitting, funding is available to cover the costs of training and the employer can be offered up to £1,500 for taking you on.”

On his visit to Tradeskills4u’s training facility near Gatwick Barry Sheerman, Labour MP for Huddersfield and Former Chairman of the Education and Skills Select Committee echoes Mr Bennett’s support for apprenticeships and explains that his goals are clear in bettering education and employment opportunities for the youth of tomorrow. “Together we are working for a more sustainable future and this begins with providing impending generations with the right opportunities to progress. I have always been in great support of the apprenticeship and the impact of small businesses and their importance of the future,” said Mr Sheerman. “My own view is that there should be no such thing as unemployment for anyone under 25 years of age. Until 25, everyone should be in education, training, high quality work experience, or a job so at local level it is my job to help encourage every community in every town in every constituency to forge a new partnership of employers, educators, and trainers to tackle the local challenge. The mission is simple; we need more young people to have jobs and companies like Trade Skills 4U have my full support as they are being proactive in this area.”

“With government help, businesses like ourselves can continue doing what we can to ensure young people are getting the right skills they need to begin fruitful lucrative careers,” says Mr Bennett.

“Modern apprenticeships are becoming attractive options for school leavers as recent reports outline that the manufacturing and engineering have enjoyed an increase in take up of more than 70% over the past three years. Figures like this help highlight that we are slowly getting to where we want to be but more needs to be done so that young people realise what a great opportunities are on offer through apprenticeships and in our case particularly, how beneficial the electrical sector is,” adds Mr Bennett.

“Opportunities are endless in the world of electrics and most people forget that this is an industry that is simply continuing to grow. Wherever you see a socket or a switch, an electrician has been there to install it so a job in this sector can take you places you might not realise. From roles in television and film as ‘gaffers’ and ‘best boy grips’ to designing and installing wiring systems on airplanes, cruise boats and houses the possibilities for a rewarding and varied career are endless,” he adds.

On the other side of the training, apprentices like Tom Ward, currently on Trade Skills 4U’s City & Guilds 2357 apprenticeship course outlines his experiences with the programme and urges that more needs to be done to encourage and financially support hose looking to enter the schemes.

Tom Ward, currently on Tradeskills4u's electrician's apprenticeship course, speaking with Barry Sheerman MP.

“I started my apprenticeship knowledge training with Trade Skills 4U in April this year and am really enjoying it. I’m currently working with EDES Ltd in London and have a goal of completing the entire scheme by this time next year.”  When asked about his thoughts on apprenticeship awareness he confirmed “as someone who has always wanted to be an electrician, it seemed the only way to get into the industry. However I wasn’t completely aware of my funding options and the incentives available for employers which would have really helped me in the job seeking process. I’m lucky enough to be in the bracket where my training is fully funded but more could be done to financially support and encourage those who aren’t and come to discover that this career would be suitable for them.”

Apprenticeships, despite having junior connotations, aren’t just for school leavers as “a lot of the guys on my course after a lot older than me. We have a 45 year old, 38 year old and 39 year old amongst a range of twenty-something’s all taking the course to better themselves and their knowledge in the industry,” adds Tom. “I think it’s just me and one other lad that are able to receive funding and out of a class of 12 that means 10 are funding it from their own back pocket.”

“Tom makes a great point in addressing support,” says Carl Bennett. “I think if more could be done to help support everyone taking an apprenticeship, irrespective of age, we might find that the national shortage of electricians begins to decrease! Oh and one more thing if I may” adds Carl Bennett, “We have 15 young people on our waiting list, desperate to get an employer to sponsor them on an apprenticeship. If you’re interested in helping them, get on the phone and give us a call on 01293 529777!”

For more information on apprenticeship courses visit www.apprenticeships.org . Those interested in taking electrical apprenticeships should contact Trade Skills 4U on 01293 529777 or by visiting www.tradeskills4u.co.uk.


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Case Study: The Electrician's Apprentice

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 23rd August 2012

Name: Tom Ward

Age: 19

Live: Nunshead, Dulwich

Company: EDES Ltd (East Devon Electrical Services LTD)

Started apprenticeship: 18 months ago

Stated training with TradeSkills4U: April 2012


Photo: Tom Ward speaking to Mr Barry Sheerman MP of Hudderfield

I started training with TradeSkills4U in April this year and so far its’ going great. I thought it was going to a be a little bit tough at first as I’m taking time out to train 2 weeks of the month so missing out on work, but my employer enables me to work evenings and weekends if I want to catch up on missed pay. I chose TradeSkills4U because they helped me get the vital funding I needed to pay for the course, I’m lucky enough to be in the bracket where my training is fully funded.”

Currently my training is all going really well; I’m finishing my electrician apprenticeship training on November 13th this year and hope to finish the full apprenticeship 8 months after that. My current employer is East Devon Electrical Services LTD which is actually based in London and through them I have been able to tick off various competences having demonstrated that I am able to work in specific areas and complete certain installations. We normally work in hospitals which I really enjoy and as the company is a large contractor firm, variety is a huge bonus. We are always working with different people and on different jobs which is great fun.”

“The best bit about training with TradeSkills4U is the facilities which are pretty spot on to life onsite but above all the knowledge! Sometimes, and I think it’s safe to say that other electricians feel this too, there are certain jobs or practices that I carry out without really knowing why. For example, the other day I asked some of the guys I work with why there isn’t such thing as an ‘A type breaker,’ only B’s, C’s and D’s. Funnily enough no one on site knew the answer, but James my instructor at TradeSkills4u said they don’t exist  due to the possible confusion over the measurement of ‘Amps’ if an A breaker were to exist. It sounds silly but that really stayed with me. It’s great to go out and practise the work but have the technical support here so I can learn exactly what I’m doing and why. This helps to fill in any gaps that come about on site which is vital for me in these early learning stages.”

On another note, a great bit about the training is how I’m able to carry it out. I’ve chosen to train 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off which is ideal for me as I’m getting a real steady flow of information which I’m constantly building on. Where most of my friends are on day release, they struggle with school holidays and other term-breaks like Christmas which can really delay their training and elongate the apprenticeship. By working in intense chunks I’m getting a lot of it done in a smaller time frame which suits me down to the ground.”

“I’m really excited about qualifying, and I’m so glad me and my employer chose TradeSkills4U t help me get there. I would recommend Trade Skills 4U, 100%, especially my tutor James as he’s teaching method is great. He is always going the extra mile to make sure we’re all on the same page and he offers some great advice on site too as he used to work on the tools. A career as an electrician is certainly one I’d choose all over again if I could turn the clocks back. As I say I can’t wait to get out there when I’m fully qualified and would urge others to do the same.”

Interview by Chloe Bennett for Trade Skills 4U.

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Extra PAT on the back

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 16th August 2012

You know we’re always at the forefront of offering you specialist and bespoke courses; well we’ve just launched another. Meet our 3 Day PAT Testing Course! This course is designed for those who have little or no experience in the electrical industry but would like to add this lucrative service to their offering and begin earning that little extra.

Whether you are an office manager looking to score some points with the boss and help save him some extra dosh per year or you are a landlord looking to PAT test your own properties to ease financial and time restraints in between tenants, this 3 day course has been sculpted perfectly for you.

Normally a 2 day course, this brand new and first of its kind our 3 day pat testing courses give you the extra day to learn the fundamentals of electric installation so that you are fully up to speed with the basics and have the best chance of excelling at the course when you come around to the exams on the final day.

Sound good? Of course it does, what’s more this extra day is offered at a low price compared to the rest of the course!

Interested? Check out our PAT Testing Courses online now by click either one of these links; City & Guilds 3 Day PAT Testing Courses, City & Guilds 2377-22 Day PAT Testing Courses and City & Guilds 2377-22 & 2377-32 PAT Testing Courses now or call 01293 529777.


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Olympic round up 2

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 6th August 2012

After a terrific weekend of relentless success our Olympic arenas, Team GB are up to 3rd place in the medal tables with 16 Gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze medals.

9th medal won by Michael Jamieson in the pool. Awarded silver medal for his race in the Men’s 200m Breaststroke final.

10th medal won by Britain’s lightweight men’s rowing four; awarded silver.

11th medal is gold, won by Time Baillie and Etienne Stott in the Canoe Slalom.

12th medal is silver also won by Team Gb’s canoe slalom team consisting of David Florence and Richard Hounslow.

13th medal is gold for GB shooting legend Peter Wilson who wins the medal in the Men’s Double Trap.

14th medal won by Gemma Gibbons who takes a fabulous Silver medal in the Judo.

15th medal is an incredible team effort in the Britain’s team sprint who takes home the gold to give Sir Chris Hoy his fifth Olympic gold.

16th medal is gold for Women’s rowing pair Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins.

17th medal is bronze for Men’s rowing pair, George Nash and Will Satch.

18th medal is bronze for Alan Campbell in the Men’s single sculls.

19th medal is gold, awarded to Men’s team pursuit in the cycling. Well done to Steven Burke, Ed Clancy, Peter Kennaugh and Geraint Thomas.

20th medal is gold for our girl Victoria Pendleton as she finishes first in the Women’s Keirin.

21st medal is bronze for Judo competitor Katrina Bryant.

22nd medal is bronze for swimmer Rebecca Adlington in the 800m freestyle.

23rd medal is won by the Britain men’s four who claim the gold and defend their title of Olympic champions. Won by Gregory, Reed, James and Triggs-Hodge.

24th medal is another gold for Women’s lightweight double sculls team Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking.

25th medal is silver for lightweight duo Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter.

26th medal is a marvellously won gold by GB team Dani King, Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott in the Women’s Team Pursuit.

27th medal is awarded to the stunning Jessica Ennis in the Heptathlon as she takes home the gold.

28th medal is for Greg Rutherford as he takes home the gold in the long jump.

29th medal is claimed by Mo Farah who takes home the gold in the Men’s 10,000m.

30th medal is a well-deserved gold for tennis legend Andy Murray and he beats Rodger Federer at Wimbledon in the Men’s singles.

31st medal is for Ben Ainslie as he seals his fourth Olympic title by winning gold in the sailing.

32nd medal is silver and won by sailing Men’s Star team Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson.

33rd medal is for the tennis mixed pair that was Andy Murray and Laura robson as they take home a silver.

34th medal is silver for gymnast Louis smith as he narrowly misses out on gold, won by Krisztian Berki.

35th medal is a bronze, won by Max Whitlock in the same event, pommel horse final.

36th medal won by Ed Clancy in the Men’s Cycling Omnium.

37th medal is silver for Christine Ohuruogu in the Women’s 400m final.

Click the following links to see various medal winners. 1st - 8th medal winners, 38th - 48th medal winners and 49th - 65th medal winners.


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The Olympic torch comes to Crawley!

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 17th July 2012

Over the 70 days in the run up to the Olympics, the torch will travel 8,000 miles via the 8,000 torch bearers that have shown to be a real inspiration to their family and friends. Today at day 60 of the Olympic torch route, the torch is run through Crawley, West Sussex – the home of Crawley FC and Britain’s Premier Electrical and Renewable Energy Training Company – Trade Skills 4U!


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