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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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Warrington Apprenticeship Taster Week

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 2nd August 2016

Are you looking to start out as an electricians mate or apprentice? Not sure if it is the right career for you? Well to help we are hosting our first free apprenticeship taster event at the brand new Warrington training centre. The training week will take place between the 10th and 14th October. For more information visit this page.

We understand that choosing the right career path can be difficult and committing to a 3 year apprenticeship can be daunting if you’re not 100% sure. That’s why we are giving 16 – 19 year olds the opportunity to get a real feel for the electrical industry and the training to expect on an apprenticeship or electrical training course.

The course will run from Monday 10th – Friday 14th October. 

Throughout the week you will learn:

• Background to electrical contracting

• Different career paths

• The basics to electrical science

• Basic health and safety regulations

• Basic wiring regulations

• Hands on electrical installation skills on a domestic level

• Take part in a practical workshop

Our tutors will provide theory work as well as give individuals the chance to try their hand at some basic installation. You will also be given background information to electrical contracting, advised on the different ways into the industry and given a brief overview of electrical science. At the end of the week individuals should have a clearer idea of whether or not a career in electrics is for them.

For more information on the taster week contact a course advisor on 01293 529 777. Places are available to those aged between 16 – 21 years old. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.  

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National Apprenticeship Week – Take on a Trade Buddy?

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 13th March 2013

So its national apprenticeship week so there has never been a better time to take on an apprentice and give something back to others trying to start out in your industry.  A recent survey by ConstructionSkills showed that the construction industry is going to need 50,000 more workers every year over the next few years. These workers will need to come into the industry and work their way up via apprenticeships.

However there is still a massive shortfall in the number of apprenticeship places with up to 70 applicants for each place. We get calls all the time from guys looking to do our 2357 course, however they need a job to complete the NVQ units. As such the majority of the students who train with us tend to take our City & Guilds 2365 Course. This course covers the same content as the 2357 and allows the trainees to get certified for the training they do. Most will then use this training to gain employment either during or after the course.

These students are prime candidates for an apprenticeship as essentially the come ready trained and have shown the drive and desire to make it in the industry. They have all taken a huge leap of faith investing much time and money to get qualified with no guarantees that they will find a job at the end of it. However this investment usually pays off and the majority of guys that complete the 2365 course find employment shortly after or during the course in a wide variety of industries. As well as the obvious construction companies we have had students also find work in film and stage productions as well as the growing renewable energy market.

So we are trying to do our bit. We have set up www.trade-buddy.co.uk. The idea behind this website is for students to advertise themselves for apprenticeships, work placements or even low paid jobs that will allow them to put into practice what they have learnt. Remember all of these guys have been trained by us to the highest standards and have again invested a lot of time and effort into making a step on the path of a new career. So why not take a look at Trade Buddy and see if you can help any of these guys out.

At the end of the day you will get an extra pair of hands which will cost very little if not work for free just to get some experience. You never know, you may end up finding them so useful you could start to take on more work and earn more money, you may even end up working with them full time. Who knows?

I recently heard a saying “The future belongs to the few of us willing to get our hands dirty” and these guys are more than willing to do that!


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Do's and Don't for Electrical Apprentices

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 18th May 2012

These days getting an apprenticeship can be hard. Demand has never been higher for apprenticeship places as more and more people decide that univerisity education isn't for them whilst realising the benefits of working in the skilled trades.

Taking on an electrical apprentice means an extra set of hands for many electricians and the best thing is apprentices usually get trained for free and don’t cost the earth in wages. However, in reality many electricians are not keen on taking on an apprentice. Much of this is due to the incorrect perception that 'apprentices are unmotivated teenagers who don’t really want to work, but have been pushed into it by mum and dad.'

However times have changed and the calibre of apprentices is on the up. In fact, many of the country’s top students are turning away from the academic route and looking at apprenticeships as a real option to achieve their goals.

We have done our research and compiled our top do’s and don’ts for electrical apprentices to help new apprentices keep their employers happy. These are taken directly from electricians themselves and give you an understanding of the perception of apprentices by employers:


Show interest in everything. Look keen and make sure you engage whenever possible.

Listen carefully to all instructions.

If you do have your own tools - use them and if you borrow tools make sure you put them back!

If you have nothing to do ask for something or show some initiative and find something that needs doing.

Ask lots of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure of something as long as you are able to listen and implement the answer.

Practice in your spare time. The quicker you learn the quicker you will be of use to your employer securing your position.

Read as much as you can in your spare time. Keep up to date with you training materials and if possible read ahead.

Be diligent and punctual.

If you make a mistake admit it and correct it.


Keep checking your mobile phone, texting friends and receiving calls during working hours. In fact this is listed as one of the most annoying things an apprentice can do and came up more than anything else on this list.

Borrow tools and then leave them around where they can be easily lost or damaged.

Don’t stand around with your hands in your pockets.

Continue doing something even though you are not sure what you are doing. Electricity is dangerous, don’t guess how to do something, simply ask someone for help.

Run out the door the second the clock hits five.

Don’t try to hide or cover up your mistakes.

Of all these do’s and don’ts the top ones come up time and time again. So if you keep you phone off and show a keen interest in everything you can’t go far wrong.

If you are looking for an electrical apprenticeship be sure to check out our City & Guilds 2357 course. If you are already training with us be sure to take on board this advice.


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