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Available to TS4U customers only. Want to join the NICEIC or ELECSA but don't have a level 3 NVQ or a higher level inspection and testing qualification such as the 2394/95? You may want to take an Online Knowledge Assessment (OKA) to guarantee you can move forwards with your application.

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NICEIC / ELECSA Online Knowledge Assessment (OKA)

If you intend to apply and join the NICEIC or ELECSA then you may be required to take an Online Knowledge Assessment (OKA) before you can move forward with your application. It's a bit like a pre-MOT, MOT. We offer this assessment for any of our customers free of charge. Unfortunately if you are not an existing customer you will need to contact the NICEIC direct to take this assessment.

This Online Knowledge Assessment is taken under exam conditions and simply put will make sure you have the skills and knowledge required to pass the full assessment process. It is a way of making sure only those who have the right skills and knowledge move forward with the application process ensuring any gaps in your knowledge are addressed before you proceed.

Why Take The Online Knowledge Assessment (OKA)?

Essentially it can save you time and money by ensuring you have the required level of skills before proceeding with your application with the NICEIC or ELECSA. In essence once you have passed the assessment you will be given the green light to move ahead with the full assessment process. The assessment can also be used (by those with varied experience or part qualifications) to find out which other courses you may need to take in order to register with the NICEIC or ELECSA.

Who Should Take The OKA?

All students taking the assessment should have all the key skills and knowledge required to pass the assessment process. This means students must know how to inspect and test, know the Part P building regulations, know how to re-wire a house and have passed their 18th edition wiring regulations. So for example the following types of people will need to take this assessment:

Candidates who have completed a Bronze, Silver or Green Package with Trade Skills 4U

Candidates with hands on experience and have passed their 18th edition

Candidates who have completed a 2365 (or earlier equivalent) course but have not achieved a Level 3 NVQ or C&G 2394/2395

As a simple rule the only candidates who don't need to go forward for assessment are those who have a level 3 NVQ or C&G 2394/2395 (or Earlier 2391)  & a current 18th edition qualification (2382-10, 2382-12, 2382-15,2382-18)

What's involved?

The test itself is an online multiple choice assessment. It will test your knowledge mainly around inspection and testing, 18th edition, Part P regs and installation. The test itself should take less than 1 hour although there is no set time limit students taking the exam with Trade Skills 4U will need to complete it in 1.5 Hours. We know that this is plenty of time to complete the exam.

The exam will usually start at 9am on a Friday morning. Students must arrive at the centre no later than 12.45pm in order to be ready to start at 1pm. Please note due to exam conditions there is no late entry allowed. Please check the dates in the availability box above or call 01293 529777.

What Happens When You Pass?

Once you have passed you will be emailed a certificate which can be used to prove to the NICEIC that you are fine to move ahead with the assessment process. You will then move ahead with your application process with the NICEIC. Generally speaking this involves:

Ensuring you have all the relevant paperwork, insurance, calibration certificates etc

Assessment of 1 minor job (can be done in own home)

Assessment of 1 major notifiable job (on customer premises)

The inspector will quiz you on the regs, watch you inspect and test and make sure your installation meets the building and wiring regs

What if you fail?

If you were to fail you simply need to revise the area in which you did not pass. You can then return for another assessment when you feel ready. It is possible you will only need to re-sit the unit that you did not pass.

Remember if you do fail it means you would have been unlikely to pass the actual full assessment process. As such this initial Online Knowledge Assessment will save you time and money and ensure you only move forward with your full application when you are ready.


Usually you will just need to bring the same books as the Bronze course into your OKA assessment. However you are allowed to bring in any of the following books should you have them:

BS7671 – 18th edition book

IET Guidance Notes 1-8

IET On-site Guide

IET Electricians guide to the building regulations

NICEIC/ELECSA Domestic Site Guide

NIECIC/ELECSA Inspection & Testing Guide



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