Why take the Domestic Burglar Alarm Course?

This one day course covers the theory and design of domestic burglar alarm systems, allowing you to confidently install and commission the correct equipment and minimise faults and false alarms.

By taking this course you will be able to expand your range of services or even specialise in this one industry.

Course overview

Why take this Burglar Alarm course?

Obviously there are many burglar alarm systems on the market and we can't show you them all, but there are many disciplines and practices that are relevant for every alarm system, and that's the point of this course.

Whatever system you choose for your customer, your ability to install and commission it correctly will be much improved and less reliant on complicated and contradicting instruction manuals.

Is this course right for me?

This short course for those with electrical installation experience is designed to give you the ability and skills to design and install a domestic burglar alarm, knowledge of the current regulations, then testing and commissioning of the installation.

Course Content

Domestic Burglar Alarm Course Content:

  • Burglar alarm system, theory, including design
  • Practical workshop constructing a simple domestic burglar alarm system.
  • Commissioning and testing the burglar alarm system.

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