This year we were approached by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Grenfell Community to deliver a PAT Testing Course. Sadly, the Grenfell fire was caused by faulty electrical appliances. Together with our help, the Grenfell Community wanted to raise electrical safety awareness by training and qualifying members of its community to PAT test equipment in domestic properties.

Delivering PAT Testing Course for the Grenfell Community

Following meetings with community project leaders, we recommended our 3 Day PAT Testing Course, designed specifically for those with little to no electrical knowledge or experience.

To maximise attendance,  we ran the theory and practical training over 2 days during a weekend. At some point in the near future, we will go back to facilitate and coordinate the exam, this will allow everyone who attended the PAT testing course to gain some practical real-life experience which we believe will provide the essential foundations to pass their exam.

All the standard parts of the PAT testing course were delivered including testing 110v equipment, PAT testing using multi-meters, and standard PAT testing equipment.

We are pleased to say all attendees passed their practical assessment.

Grenfell Community Feedback

Following the delivery of the PAT testing course, the feedback was excellent. One of the attendees sent this feedback after he completed his course:

The training has been a fabulous experience. Sam the trainer is very good and establishes her credentials from the get-go. You had a full turnout and everyone was punctual (…) Sam maintained her cheerful approach throughout which was just what we needed. It was a good mix of attendees including a few older people like myself plus 4 women and one young man of apprenticeship age. Everyone was completely engrossed in the training from start to finish though, which shows that, unsurprisingly, there is a deep interest in such electrical safety matters within the local community. Once again, our grateful thanks for arranging this start-up course and also to Sam for her brilliant delivery.”

Plans for the future

Following the successful completion of the PAT testing course, the Grenfell Community has expressed an interest to attend further PAT testing training and the possibility to work with local businesses to provide Electrical Apprenticeships course.

Need more information?

We offer a number of electrical course options, for beginners as well as experienced electricians. For more help and advice, our sales team are available every weekday on 0800 8564448. Alternatively please get in touch via the website.