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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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This 3 day PAT Testing electrical course is designed specifically for those with little or no electrical experience. The course content is identical to our 2377-22 & 32 PAT testing course but with an extra day to provide you with a foundation in the subject and increase your chances of passing first time.

£495Inc VAT & Fees
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If you have decided to study PAT Testing but do not have an electrical background, taking our 3 day PAT testing course will increase your overall understanding of how electrics works and is installed. This in turn ensures you have the best chance of success. 

We also offer  2 day PAT Testing Courses for those with some electrical knowledge:

City & Guilds 2377-22 & 2377-32 PAT Testing course

City & Guilds 2377-22 PAT Testing Course


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Who’s it for?

This 3 Day PAT Testing course is designed specifically for those with little or no electrical experience. PAT testing courses are open to all (over the age of 18) from office managers to maintenance people. However, if you are completely new to electrics and feel you may benefit from more time to understand PAT Testing then this is the course for you.

By booking this 3 Day course you will take both the 2377-22 and 2377-32 PAT testing exams. If for any reason you do not wish to book both exams please contact us to book this course rather than booking online.

For more information on both qualifications please see our 2 day 2377-22 / 32 course.

Why take this PAT Testing course?

Trade Skills 4U lead the way in electrical training in the UK. Although PAT testing courses are open to all, we have recognised and developed a three day course including an initial days training specifically designed to give you a grounding in the basics of electrics in relation to the PAT testing qualification. This extra day is offered at an exceptionally low cost compared to the rest of the course.

By taking this 3 day course you will have the greatest chance of success on the PAT testing exams. You will also learn both the skills to carry out PAT Testing as well as the management qualification.

Once qualified you will be able to offer PAT Testing services to a variety of customers. This can be a very lucrative service.

Kewtech PAT testers are used on this course and are available to purchase at Reception in our main centres (Leeds, Gatwick and Warrington) at a discounted price.


Course Content:

Day 1

This course covers all of the same content as our City & Guilds 2377-22 & 2377-32 PAT Testing course but with the addition of a 1 day foundation to give you more of a grounding in the technical aspects of PAT Testing. On the first day you will learn:

What is electricity?

The SI units of measurement used when working with electricity.

Simple ohms law.

Simple power calculations

The nature and effects of electric shock.

Over current protection (fuses and circuit  breakers)

Earthing as a means of protection.

Use and operation of RCD’s

How conductor resistance effects disconnection times.

Terminology used in relation to PAT testing.

On Days 2 and 3

We take you through the practical disciplines and formal recording processes, as well as preparing you for the online City and Guilds 2377 exams.

Electrical Safety

Regulations role and responsibilities

Insulation and earthing

Classification of appliances

Preliminary Inspection, test precautions

Using a Portable Appliance Tester

Essential tests

Optional tests

Labelling tests

Reporting and recording results

Implementing a test programme

Practical Assessment

Law and scope of relevant legislation

Types, use and testing of electrical equipment.

Categories, frequency and practicalities of PAT testing

Procedures, documentation and user responsibility

Identify training required for PAT testing

Appropriate test instruments and how they are used.


Short Practical Assessment

The 2377-22 PAT Testing exam consists of 50 questions with a time limit of 1 hour 45 minutes. This exam will be conducted at our centre in a comfortable environment.

Exam 2377-32 PAT Testing exam consists of 40 questions with a time limit of 1 hour 20 minutes. It follows completion of the 2377-22 exam.

At the end of your training in centre you will be required to complete a log book of evidence showing when skills have been implemented in a working environment.

Please note that you must bring photographic ID such as a passport or driving license with you in order to sit the assessments on this course.


“You guys are fantastic! Made the world of electrical gibberish easy to comprehend, all the best I will be back for sure” Steven Bagshaw 2377  13/09/13

“ I will be back for more training” Eleyas 2377 05/12/13

“Excellent course, Great instruction- good pace ,pitch and delivery. Excellent knowledge” Ray West 2377 5/12/13

“ Good training, good instructor, good experience” Bryan Latham 2377 5/12/13



We recommend if you have no electrical knowledge that you familiarise yourself with the book before you come on the course. Ideally if you read the contents page, glossary and the index and find out what the book covers overall this will help you when you start the course.  We stock books in our Gatwick, Leeds & Warrington centres. We can also supply books for central London courses if you call us in advance to purchase them. To buy books please call 01293 529777 or 0800 856 4448 or alternatively you can visit the links below and purchase directly from Amazon:

Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition ISBN 978-1849196260


Why do you run the course with an additional day?

This extra day is for a little introduction to electrical science which will help you will with your PAT testing qualification, however this extra day is for beginners or people not working in the electrical trade.

Do I need any experience ?

There are no formal entry requirements however if you are a complete beginner we recommend the 3 day PAT course.

Where can I carry out PAT testing with the 2377?

Anywhere it is required (domestic, commercial)

Is it a good money earner?

PAT testing is a good additional revenue stream for in between bigger jobs.



London Gatwick, South East

Our head office centres redefine standards in training provision with 7,500 square metres of bright and spacious teaching areas. It’s a world away from the drafty warehouses that some competitors use! It is perfectly placed to deliver electrical course to students from Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and all over the South East.

Central London, Euston House

Our Euston training facility in central London is easily accessible by train. Located at directly opposite Euston station surrounded by numerous cafes, bars, banks and much more.

Leeds, Yorkshire

Our brand new state of the art centre on the outskirts of Leeds is really quite special. It boasts huge classrooms and workshops and some great communal areas for break times. The facility is just East of Leeds. It offers a full range of courses for those based in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and all over Yorkshire.

M62 / M6 Warrington

Our Northern training facility is based just off the M62 at Birchwood Park. This facility is brand new for 2016. As such it offers brand new classrooms and state of the art technology in order to deliver the best possible training experience. As per our other training centres we offer bright airy classrooms with comfortable seating and even a lake across the road. This new centre means we now offer a full range of electrical courses for students from Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and all over the North West.

On site or In House at Your Premises

We can can come to you for certain courses. If you have suitable facilities why not take the stress out of training a group of students by arranging for us to train at your own premises. You will still receive the absolute best training possible. For more information call 01293 529777 now to see if we can help.

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