Have you ever taken a moment to imagine a world without electricity? The lights in our homes, the appliances we rely on, the devices we can’t live without—all are powered by the invisible force of electricity. Behind the scenes, a dedicated group of professionals ensures that our lives continue to run smoothly – electricians. If you’re wondering what the benefits are of being an electrician and if it’s a good career option in the UK, this article is for you! Here are the top ten reasons why now, more than ever, is the best time to start your career as an electrician.


Exceptional earnings

So, the first benefit of being an electrician is the salary! The world of electrical work opens doors to a realm of impressive financial rewards – and the highest average salary in the trades. In the year 2023, the average salary for an employed electrician hovers around £32,000 annually—a testament to the exceptional earning potential within the profession. To put this in perspective, electricians outshine many other trades in terms of income, surpassing plumbers by a significant margin, making being an electrician one of the best careers in the country. 

What accounts for this substantial paycheque? The answer lies in a combination of factors. First, the demand for skilled electricians has been steadily rising over the years, which naturally drives up the cost of their services. This high demand stems from a multitude of sources: our increasing reliance on technology, the construction boom, and the need for constant maintenance and upgrades to electrical systems in homes and businesses.

However, there’s more to the financial allure of becoming an electrician. The ability to augment your income through various means is a significant advantage. Electricians can choose to operate as independent contractors, take on overtime work, earn approvals such as the coveted JIB Card, or undergo specialised training like inspection and testing courses. 

Moreover, those who complete the 2396 Electrical Design course open doors to management positions or office roles within the industry. This multifaceted career offers avenues for steady income growth and financial stability.

So, is being an electrician worth it? Definitely!


Interesting and diverse work

Picture a profession where monotony is a foreign concept—a career that demands problem-solving skills, versatility, and adaptability. This is the essence of being an electrician. The daily tasks of an electrician encompass a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from straightforward installations to intricate troubleshooting missions and comprehensive inspections and testing.

One day, you might find yourself wiring a new home, ensuring every outlet and switch is in perfect working order. The next, you could be called upon to unravel a complex electrical puzzle in an industrial setting, identifying, and resolving issues that keep production lines running. The following day, your expertise may be required for a meticulous inspection, certifying that all electrical systems adhere to the UK’s stringent wiring and building regulations.

The electrifying challenge and constant variety in the work of an electrician ensure that no two days are ever the same. This perpetual learning curve keeps your skills razor-sharp and your professional journey endlessly engaging.


Skills for a lifetime

Imagine acquiring a skill that serves you well throughout your life. As an electrician, you gain exactly that—a timeless craft that extends far beyond the boundaries of your career. The proficiency you develop as an electrician makes you a sought-after resource among friends, family, and colleagues.

When electrical issues arise in their homes or workplaces, they will look to you for guidance and assistance. Your knowledge will not only benefit your immediate community but also enhance your personal and professional relationships. This career path isn’t just about a job; it’s about acquiring a valuable lifelong skill, which is one of the great advantages of being an electrician.


Opportunities in the property industry

Many skilled tradespeople forge valuable connections within their respective industries. Electricians are no exception. These networks often lead to opportunities to participate in property-related projects. Whether it’s renovating homes or engaging in property development, your expertise as an electrician can be a valuable asset.

By leveraging your knowledge and connections, you can engage in these property ventures, potentially providing an avenue for supplementing your income and diversifying your professional experiences.



Picture having your own mobile office—a personalised space where you can conduct business meetings, store snacks, keep newspapers for leisure reading, and safely house your work equipment. As an electrician, this dream becomes a reality through your trusty work van – and it’s definitely one of the best advantages of being an electrician!

Your van is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s your private domain. It offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, serving as your sanctuary on wheels. Here, you can maintain a sense of privacy and independence, and create an organised workspace that caters to your unique needs.


A dynamic working environment

For those who relish the thought of escaping the confines of an office, the life of an electrician is particularly appealing. Electricians aren’t tethered to desks or chained to computers; instead, they operate in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Every day brings the prospect of working in different homes, businesses, and locations. Even if you work within a single company, you’ll find yourself constantly on the move, ensuring that electrical systems run smoothly and safely. Bid farewell to the monotony of four office walls and the same familiar faces. Embrace a career that promises a huge range of great experiences across a diverse range of settings.


Be your own boss

The entrepreneurial is another great benefit of being an electrician. A significant number of electricians choose the path of self-employment, giving them the autonomy to own and manage their own businesses, which is one very good reason why being an electrician in the UK is worth it!

This journey into entrepreneurship can be both exciting and fulfilling. As a seasoned electrician, you possess a wealth of knowledge and skills that surpass those of the average do-it-yourself enthusiast. This expertise equips you to navigate complex projects, ensuring safety, quality, and reliability. In essence, you become a guardian against potential electrical hazards, a role that sets you apart in the world of DIY.


Affordable training

While higher education often accompanies a hefty price tag, the path to becoming an electrician is considerably more budget friendly. Unlike university courses that can leave you burdened with substantial student debt, electrician training offers a cost-effective alternative.

For example, Trade Skills 4U provides training programs that enable aspiring electricians to continue earning an income while honing their skills. This approach ensures that financial constraints do not deter individuals from pursuing a career that promises substantial returns.


So many different career opportunities

Embarking on a career as an electrician is just the beginning of an exciting journey filled with opportunities for advancement. Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence can propel electricians to new heights within their chosen field.

From starting as an electrician, the path to career progression unfolds in various directions.  Some individuals climb to the position of Electrical Engineer, where they oversee the design and implementation of complex electrical systems. Others assume roles such as Contract Manager, responsible for coordinating and managing electrical projects, or renewable energy specialists and solar PV installers, helping to drive green goals. For those who aspire to shape the future of electrical systems, the title of Electrical Design Engineer beckons.


High demand in an industry with a skills shortage

One of the most compelling reasons to consider a career as an electrician is the huge demand for skilled professionals. Over the next decade, the industry is set to witness an explosion of job opportunities, with more than 130,000 positions expected to become available. This robust demand for electricians underscores the essential nature of their work in our increasingly electrified world.

Moreover, the allure of being an electrician extends far beyond the United Kingdom. Countries such as Australia actively seek qualified electricians to address their own skills shortages, making this profession a valuable asset on a global scale.

So, if you seek financial stability, relish hands-on work, and desire a profession that promises personal and professional growth, the path of an electrician is a great opportunity!

It’s a journey defined by a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and a dedication to ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems. Remember that the world of electrical work holds the power to transform your life and the lives of countless others. Embrace it and illuminate the world—one connection at a time.


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