Funding your Electrical Training

If you are self employed or an employer looking to upskill your staff in domestic electrics or Green skills we have funding opportunities which can vastly reduce the cost of training with us and in some cases fully fund it. Bootcamps are provided in partnership with Intertrain (a C&G Business).

Skills bootcamp funding

Who can claim funding?

If you are an employer or self employed looking to upskill your staff in domestic electrics or Green Skills we have funding opportunities available. In partnership with Intertrain (a C&G Business) we are able to fully fund or reduce the cost of the following courses:



Skills bootcamp funding

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The key thing is that the training must have a positive impact on you or your staff’s job role. This is usually in the form of one of the following:

  • Offer of a new job or an apprenticeship
  • A new or enhanced role
  • The company obtaining new opportunities/contracts
  • New responsibilities
  • Increased pay as a result of the training

What if you are self employed?

If you are self employed you could still be eligible funding if you can show that you will be able to take on new work or offer a new service once trained. If in doubt please fill out an application form and we will call you to discuss the options.

I am an individual am eligible for funding?

Simply put Individuals can not book these skills bootcamps. they can only be booked by self employed people or employers. If you are currently employed are able to show improved job prospects or an improved career as a result of the training ask your employer if they would be willing to support your application. Individuals should benefit from bootcamps but will not be charged for them. Contributions and charges are only applicable to partially funded employers.

In order to access this funding you must be:

  • Be aged 19 or over before the 31st August 2022
  • Be employed
  • Live in England
  • Place of work in England
  • Have the right to work in the UK

Funded by the Department of Education