If you are looking to start a new career as an electrician, now is the best time to consider it! The UK is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of electricians and demand for skilled workers is at an all-time high. Newspapers are reporting this current shortage to be the worst since 1997.

The main reasons for the current skills shortage are as follows;

Which include the ban on all new diesels and petrol cars by 2030, the Gas Boilers Ban coming in place next year which will see the introduction of Heat Pumps for all new builds and the evolution of greener technology.

The increase demand for EV charging point installers means that existing electricians will benefit from up-skilling by completing the EV Charging Point Installer Course. Read more about re-skilling and up-skilling in the electrical industry by reading this blog.

  • Increase demand for skilled workers & construction project

Skilled workers are ageing, returning to the EU and/or rethinking after furlough creating a skills vacuum. Demand for general electrical maintenance work is at an all time high. 

Train to become an Electrician with us!

We currently offer 4 key routes to become an electrician to allow everyone to train and up-skill as an electrician in the UK.

This is a self-funded route which includes NVQ and AM2 at the end of the programme.


This programme is open to all UK Residents aged 16 and over. This funded route also includes the AM2S.

For more information about the courses, dates and availability please call our team on 0800 8564448.

Courses for existing electricians 

This course is open for experienced worker with over 5 years’ experience in the electrical industry. This course also includes the AM2E.


We also provide NVQ courses for learners with less than 5 years’ experience in the electrical industry. You can join at Step 4 to complete your NVQ if you have already completed your Diploma Level 3 either with us or at another training centre/provider.

Including C&G 2391 Inspection & Testing, Solar PV Courses, EV Charging Point Installer Courses, 18th Edition Courses and PAT Testing Courses.

Find out more by calling our call centre on 0800 856 4448 – you can also leave an enquiry via the website and a member of our team will get back to you (contact us here).