We have recently received a number of enquiries from people who thought they were contacting a company called Train 4 Trade Skills. We have also received some reviews from Train 4 Trade Skills customers.

Whilst the name appears to be similar we are not related in any way to this company. It appears that this confusion has arisen as the website www.train4tradeskills.com is no longer active. As a result Google appears to be ranking us instead because it thinks the names are similar. This is very hard for us to resolve as Google has done this of it’s own accord and we are not able to change our company name to resolve this.

As such we just want to ask that any customers looking to speak with or review Train 4 Trade Skills do make sure they are contacting the right company and if posting reviews please ensure you post your reviews on the correct account.

We can understand that the names do sound similar but we are a completely different company and have never been associated with Train 4 Trade Skills.

Trade Skills 4U was established in 2005 by Carl Bennett a former firearms specialist in the Met Police. Since then we have become the UK’s No1 specialist electrical training company. Last year we trained 10,000 people from our state of the art centres based in Gatwick, Warrington, Leeds and Coventry in a range of courses for beginners and experienced electricians. We have worked very hard to ensure we listen to our customers and deliver on our promises. We want to ensure that our brand is not confused with that of Train 4 Trade Skills and that people make sure they know who they are contacting or reviewing.

If you are unsure who you have trained with please check your paperwork or email communications and make sure you have got the right company.